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WP Sales Funnel System Blueprint

Stop Running Around Like Wiley Coyote Trying Every New Acme Product That Comes Along

”REVEALED: How To Turn Your WordPress Blogs Into A List Building, Product Sales Funnel, And Traffic Machine In 3 Days Or Less…”

If you have ever tried to outsmart Google (Road runner) by buying every acme product under the sun….. then this letter is the most important letter you will ever read…

Here’s What I’ve Got For You After A Few Years Of Struggling…

But First Let Me Introduce Myself…And Share Where I’m Coming From

Larry Williams and Bob Proctor

Larry Williams with Bob Proctor (Yep..a woo woo Secret guy)

FROM: Larry Williams,

MDiv.,M.S.W., C.L.C.

S.O.H.K : Graduated With Honors From the School of HARD KNOCKS… and Grandfather of 8…

SUBJECT: A Nothing Left Out WP Blogging Solution For Those Still Struggling With Technical HTML Geek Language Just Trying To Create A Squeeze Page, Thank You Page, OTO Page, or A Sales Page, Without a B.S. in BS Guru Course Bankruptcy. (Yep..Traffic and Sales Too)

Here is the typical experience of Newbie and Intermediate https://www.tradebit.comy buy everything they can get their hands on and end up confused, overwhelmed, and then often get HOSED by those Push Button ClickBank make money online products…not to mention buying too many WSO products!!!! (maybe your not as dumb as I WAS)

Studying Every Internet Marketing Course and WordPress Tutorials

That’s Me In Both Pictures Above…and It’s Probably Some of You In The Last Picture Too!

Here Is A Screen Capture Of The Way My Desktop Use To Look! Please Don’t Laugh at Me...

Yep!!!…I know I am Pretty Dumb, But I Kept On Buying Everything That Came Along, Including

Over 50 WSO’s, 5 Coaching Programs, and A Ton Of Other Stuff That’s Now In My Documents Folder!!

OK…So after all of that money buying those IM products, I finally learned how to create a Squeeze Page and a Thank You Page to deliver all of my Free Gifts to the hordes of subscribers that signed up to my Aweber List..(A Whopping 350 people were smart enough to find my page!). Needless to say, I was pretty pissed off and disgusted. Let me introduce myself and tell you little bit about my journey.

Hello, my name is Larry “dumb ass” Williams! I grew up in the South (Home of The Blues and Elvis Presley’s Home Town), and I have 8 Grand-kids and counting. I am a Seminary Grad and an Ex Clinical Social Worker. I am now a Life and Business Coach and work with both private clients and online coaching clients as well as Local Business owners.

And after over 4 years of frustration, a lot of Money, and trial and error (mostly error), I became an expert at using WordPress Blogs to not only create Squeeze Pages and Thank You Pages…..and of course all of the other pages, but I also found a secret way to get Ranked in serps, and get a ton of FREE TRAFFIC to my Blogs. Yes, even to my Squeeze Page and Sales page Automagically!

This is not a “LOOP HOLE.”

You see, just finally getting up a Squeeze Page and the other pages doesn’t mean Jack Squat!! Here’s https://www.tradebit.com!! (They Forgot to Tell Me…..????)

Man was I PROUD when I Finally Saw My First Squeeze Page Go Live…You Know What Happened Next, Right? Nada. Zilch, Nothin….

OK, So I Tried Some Ad Swaps (After I Realized That Nothing Was Happening and Did Some further Research) … and At The End Of My First Month I had 350 People On My List!

Next I Was Directed To Try Giveaway Events… Added Another 300 To My List..

Then, I Discovered That These New Subscribers Were Unresponsive To Offers That Cost Any Money…In Short, My New List Were “FREEBIE SEEKERS“….just like I was at the beginning…go figure!! (I’m still duped and dumb)

Then They Told me To Try PPC. CPA, CPV. By Now I’m Growing Weary And Start With The Push Button Software Scams…You Know…Those $37 Red Button Ones? Just 7 Clicks and You Are RICH!!!????

Yeah, I Know..I Told You I Was A Dumb Ass!

Oh Yeah, I Forgot To Tell https://www.tradebit.comtter….then Facebook, etc.,etc.,…Well, To Make A Very Long SAD Story Short, Before I Knew It I Had Wasted Another Year.

Did I Mention Blog Farms, and Link Wheels? Result….Loss of Focus and Lots Of Cash. Almost Broke Now…

OK, So While I was Blog Farming, I Actually Feel In Love With Self Hosted WordPress Blogs. So I Started Focusing On Learning Everything Possible To Know About WordPress. I Was On A Mission, and Finally having Some Pretty Good Success.

Then, I Accidentally Stumbled Onto Something Very Incredible. Almost Like Magic, I Discovered A Very White Hat System of Blogging That Worked Wonders. I Tweaked It For Months. Beautiful. The System Worked Because It Was A Natural Flowing Legit System, that wasn’t focused on trying to fool Google into ranking my pages and blogs.

NO, It’s Not Using Sub-Domains like the farmers do, and nothing to to with Link Wheels or Backlinking Mania.

Then Came The Google Panda and Google Penguin Changes.

Guess What Happened Next? I Was Getting Almost Double The Traffic And Subscribers!!! Freakin Awesome.

Still Going Strong. So I Decided To Share The System and The Formula With you Today. Here Is The FORMULA:
1+3 = More Subscribers, More Traffic, More Sales With Less Work

“If You Build THIS, They WILL COME……”
Introducing WP Sales Funnel System Blueprint

How To Create A WordPress Sales Funnel System

Here’s What I’ve Got For You Inside Of WP Sales Funnel

50 Page PDF Manual That Details The Blueprint Step By Step

WP Sales Funnel 50 Page PDF

The Secret Formula 1+3= More Subscribers, More Traffic, More Sales
Screen Shots Showing Exactly What To Do In Detail…Trust me, I Don’t Leave Anything Out…
Exactly How To Create Squeeze Pages, TY Pages, OTO Pages, Sales Pages and Download Pages Quickly and Easily without leaving your Blog Dashboard except to get a domain name, Hosting, and a Autoresponder account
You Get The Sales Funnel Blueprint that graphically depicts The Sales Funnel you will be creating
How To Create An Optin Web Form Using Aweber for your Squeeze Page in https://www.tradebit.com more confusion. It’s drop dead Granddaddy friendly.:)
How To Install A New User Friendly Editor Plugin for your WP Blog…And a whole bunch of other KOOL stuff
How To Set Up A PayPal Button…
Why and How This System Works…When You See This, You Will Intuitively Know This Is The Real Deal…Yet Very SIMPLE.

You Also Get A Detailed Step by Step QUICK START GUIDE

WP Sales Funnel Quick Start Guide

I created this Step by Step Quick Start Guide because I know how it feels to get overwhelmed by reading a 50 page Manual…

My feeling is, that If A Grandfather or a Regular person with little skills can’t figure out what it is that I’m trying to show them, then the product they are buying to solve their confusion, get past their obstacles and problems is WORTHLESS, and ends up cluttering their hard drive with useless garbage. I care too much about people to leave them hanging in the dark.

All you have to do is to print this, and do this, then do that, in a logical sequence…and BAM…before you know it, your up and ready to go!!!

LISTEN UP! If You Can Use Microsoft Word or Open Office, this Quick Start Guide Makes this look like a walk in the park.

Just To Make SURE That You Can Really Apply Everything In The 50 Page Manual and The Quick Start Guide, You Also Get A Set Of 8 Video Tutorials

Watch Over My Shoulder As I Show You How To Set Everything Up

VIDEO # 1: Introduction And Overview Of The System Blueprint
VIDEO # 2: Installing And Configuring Your Sales Funnel Blog
VIDEO # 3: Creating Your Aweber Web Form For Your Squeeze Page
VIDEO # 4: Configure Your Advanced Editor and Media Library
VIDEO # 5: How To Install Your WP Sales Funnel BONUS Plugin
VIDEO # 6: How To Create Your Squeeze Page, Thank You Page, and OTO Page
VIDEO # 7: This Is The Secret Sauce Set Up and Walk Through Part I
VIDEO # 8: This Is The Secret Sauce Set Up and Walk Through Part II

Just Follow The Easy Step By Step Videos Without Overwhelm. I Created This System For Regular Folks Just Like Me..A Non Techi and Non Gekkie Baby Boomer….If It Works For Me, You Can Do It!
I Did A Recent Survey Where I Asked What Is The #1 Thing Holding You Back?

Here Are The Results:

#1. Technical…Setting Up A System

#2. Getting Traffic To My Site

#3. Overwhelm and Information Overload

#4. Lack Of Focus and Time

WP Sales Funnel System and Blueprint Was Created To Solve All Of These Problems

OK… This Is Where I’m Supposed To HOSE YOU And Go Through The Value CRAP That Everyone Else Does…

I’m Not Going To Insult Your Intelligence…You Can Read What I Just Said Above…

If You Can’t Already See The Value…WELL????

Here Is What I Know For Real…I Have Paid $2,000 For Courses That Were Far Inferior To This..

Here is what a fellow student said That went through one of those high end courses:

“I have most of the theory down, but I need some extra help with some button pushing. I am trying to get my head around product delivery and list building, and I can’t come up with a system that I am totally happy with. So, how do others have their sales cycle set up? For instance, where is your download hosted? How are you getting people to opt into your Aweber list? What are your steps from them hitting the buy button all the way through to the time they download?”

My head hurts

Here Is What One Of My Students Said About My Course

Emmanuel wrote:

“I downloaded and read through your PDF’s and watched the Videos today. Cool stuff. My quick comment is that this course is a “natural” and brings list building into a plain newbie friendly manner.I am also downloading the video course Bonus you managed to get for us. Is (HE?) crazy?? Why is he giving them away free??Your resource page for tools for list building and traffic at the end of the course is very rich, thanks. I have got a lot of work to do there, especially checking out all the affiliate programmes mentioned there.”

Thanks Larry, I have never seen anything like this.

So What Can You Realistically Expect Traffic To Be To Your WordPress Blog With Minimal Effort?:

Example Of Blog Traffic using WP Sales Funnel

I Can’t Promise You That You Will Get The Same Results That I Have. Disclaimer: “Results Will Vary…blah blah..” What I Can Promise You Is That You Will Have Your Complete Sales Funnel System Set Up In Just A Few Short Days.

The Ball Is In Your Court…

Here’s Everything That You Get...

WordPress Sales Funnel System Multi Media Course

1. The WP Sales Funnel System PDF Manual With Screen Shot Instruction..50 Pages

WordPress Sales Funnel 50 Page PDF

2. The Detailed QUICK START https://www.tradebit.comt Print it And Take Action

WordPress Sales Funnel Quick Start Guide

3. A Set Of 8 Watch Me Do It Over My Shoulder VIDEO TUTORIALS

WordPress Sales Funnel How To Videos

OK, So If You Are Still Reading This, I Can Tell You Want To Set Up Your Own Sales Funnel System , start Making Money Online and Building Your List.

I Want To Prove To You That You Can Do This Quickly, and That I Really Want You To Be Successful…Plus I Want Your Success Story…Not Just Your Hard Earned Money. That’s Why I Kept The Price So Low. This Price Is Only Valid Here For A Limited Time.

I Have Locked This Price For Early Birds For The First 8 Hours. After 8 Hours, It Goes To Dime Sale Pricing With The Price Rising On Every Block Of Sales…Going Up To $27.00…So Click The Order Button Below NOW. You May Also Want To Also Check Out The Bonuses If You Are On The Fence…


BONUS # 1 …..WP Sales Funnel Plugin $47 Value

Even Though You Can Create Squeeze Pages With The Advanced Editor, This Plugin Has Built In Templates For You To Use …It Just Makes Everything Easier For You To Set Up. Plus, the newest update installs all of your Legal Pages, contact page, and support page. WP Sales Funnel v.1.3

WordPress Sales Funnel Plugin

BONUS #2…. My Private Ping List That Helps Boost Indexing and Traffic…Just Copy and Paste $17 Value

BONUS #3…. Private Access To 26 Videos “A Web Business Explained“… (The Link is In The PDF Manual) $97 Value

BONUS #4…. Access To A Customers Only Private Facebook Group Where You Can Interact, Network, Ask Questions, And Have Access to Updates $$ Value:$$ Priceless

BONUS #5…. A Private PDF List Of Super Powerful Plugins To Install On Your Blogs $$ Value: Save A Year

MYSTERY BONUS #6 You Are Going To Love This

BONUS # 7 Get My Sales Page Template In Word Format
Here Are Your Other Sales Funnel Options

Try The Duck Tape Do It Yourself Approach….Learn html, ftp, msql, learn cPanel secrets,buy a script, spend a lot of money and frustration. Go ahead, I did! Wasted Months. PRICE: $500 plus
Fall For The “Done For YOU..50 Sites“…Let us do all the work sales pitches out there…YEP, been there done that too!
Take Out A Bank Loan… and Buy Infusion Soft, Nana Cast (These are Great by the way), and the latest about to be released offers with site builders, and cookie cutter Niche Templates…You know, just select a niche and key word and push the RED Button!!! Come on guys???
There Are Many Other Options Out There….But I won’t name any names:) I am already in trouble now. Hate mail is coming!
You Could Also Use Those Fancy Themes right? They are suppose to be drop dead push button simple? I have them too! However, there is a large learning curve involved. Plus, with everything under the hood of those themes, there has to be some pretty heavy coding. Therefore load times are increased. Plus, this is just one Pillar of a true killer sales funnel.

Grab Your Copy Of The WP Sales Funnel System Blueprint

Extremely Easy and Fast To Set UP…Very Newbie https://www.tradebit.com up a Great Squeeze Page and Thank You Page in One Hour Flat!!
No Coding Needed…and It’s light weight
It’s Flexible. Even though there are a few Templates, You Can Create The Unique Pages You Want Easily
Do Less Work, In Less Time, For Less Money $$, With Less Stress..
It Is Scalable
With The Complete System Set Up, You Get More Traffic, More Subscribers, and make More Sales

Get Your Copy Today While It’s Still Available At The Discounted Price Below

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