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MP3 soulremedy/dubfunksoul - Lucky 13

PJ Pappas/VOX/lyrix presents SOULREMEDY - featuring a permanently funky rotation of players kicking out booming rhythms, kaleidoscopic guitars, keyboard & turntable.

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SOULREMEDY-the Lucky 13 Album

A heady cross-pollenization of funk-laced rock, hiphop/reggae, and other styles—SOULREMEDY takes audiences into a hybred sound experience across musical influences, cultural demographix, and wildest expectations—cultivating an originality against the odds of sometimes jaded contemporary popular music.
SOULREMEDY—headed by the VOX/lyrics of PJ Pappas features a permanently funky rotation of players kicking out booming rhythms, kaleidoscopic guitars, keyboard & turn-table alchemy, hornlines, and strictly conscious melodies, taking audiences into a h ybred sound experience. Get a Full-strength dose!

In-It from the first rumblings of the 2005 East Bay Eclectric Soundwave movement of new&trend-bucking musical stylings, SOULREMEDY lets everything you ever heard —funk, rock, reggae, hip-hop, dub, classical, jazz—flow into an original sound that rocks your body and your mind. Uncompromising revolutionary lyrical content&melodic vox riding a thick funk of EastCoast Gotham/Brooklyn dub & Caribbean bass riddims, Bay Area rock&soul, and sweet melodic vox . The ”Lucky 13” SOULREMEDY album claims the ensemble’s place in the newest generation of socially relevant and sonically ground-breaking music coming out of the Bay Area; and stands poised to inject crucial vitality into the international music landscape. Forget the old paradigm: glitzty videos, celebrity status, etc. SOULREMEDY hits on a whole new level, back to true, organic culture, music that means something, seeds of togetherness for our humanity in desperate need.
Feel the vibe— inoculation is inspiration!



PJ Pappas has produced, assembled and fronted funky, eclectric music ensembles on both US coasts. Live shows and recording projects began in the mid-90s in NYC and Boston with his group Rhythmystic and the WORDSOUND collective; collaborations incl. The Jungle Bros., Rob Swift, Bill Laswell, The Last Poets, and dubstars Oku Onura and https://www.tradebit.comael, and the ROIR label. 2000 brought PJ to the West Coast to form the smokin’ reggaefunk outfit SWAMPKOOLER, which toured California; before Pappas arrived in Oakland in 2005 with the express purpose of bringing SOULREMEDY, his most powerful project yet, to Bay Area clubs and listeners.

Will “White Cheddar” Mandell is a multi-instrument specialist, sitting in on jazz sets, all over the Bay area, while producing in and engineering for his own label, Brokenhorn Productions. He will be playing the Montreux Jazz Festival this summer; in addition to releasing new recordings late in 2007. Mandell’s expertise and musical vision takes SOULREMEDY to the highest level of competence, creating a “universal sound for current audiences.”

Tony Shibumi has been playing bass your entire lifetime & is excited to have found the new sound and vibe of SOULREMEDY—a slammin’ project made even better by his involvement—here in the Bay Area. Formerly based in Los Angeles, Tony has worked with many high-profile, quality acts contributing instrumental and production work, including Vivid, Fused, Sly Stone, Natalie Cole, Michael Bolton, Buddy Guy, Drajexed, Kathryn Grimm Band, Dave Helwig, Shatazia, World''s Edge, Leon Randolph, Sideshow Rubies). A natural performer, Tony Shibumi adds presence on the bass which makes SOULREMEDY a multi-dimensional act.

Mission Statement

The global music industry has changed in the last two decades. To a large degree, the widespread production, promotion, and distribution of highly-diversified, quality music is a thing of the past. Particularly with the perfection of sound-copying technologies, music industry points-of-purchase have been significantly reduced. Artists and music business ventures must now operate on a macro-media scale in order to generate high profitability. This is to say, the music industry product has changed: the central commodity of entertainment is now image. An example: Britney Spears has not produced a great CD for public consumption, as much as an entire line of products, from music videos, to fashion styles, to music documentaries, to product endorsements, etc. It is no longer good enough for great musicians to make great music and have the entertainment industry nurture that process and enable the wide distribution and exposure of quality art—this past model entailed minimal up-front recording and production costs, followed by low-budget performance tours. Instead, artists must win in a high-stakes, multi-million dollar venture-capital lottery in which they are chosen by virtue of criterion satisfying music companies’ necessary recuperation of huge mass-media promotion campaigns—millions of dollars spent on creating a media sensation to be capitalized on in diverse image-driven markets.

Q: What the fuck does that have to do with good music?

Answer: nothing. Good music is the peoples’ right; it is not supposed to be pimped-out and turned into a consumerist fashion-orgy bent on selling hairstyles, bubblegum, and an American celebrity pipedream. It is no surprise that formulaic re-presentation of the same shit is the norm: the entertainment industry seeks at all costs to stick with what works, NOT take risks in presenting new, eclectic artforms to broaden the listening public’s cultural experiences. Such revolutionary, liberating experimentation comprised the great classic music of the past, formed cultural identity, provided spiritual inspiration, and was a powerful voice in the world community: 60’s classic rock and roll, The Rolling Stones, Led Zepellin, the Who, Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Bob Marley, The Grateful Dead, The Clash, Alabama, etcetc. These artists’ great music was food for the world’s soul—now consumer dollars embody food for overpaid image-celebrities and entertainment industry profiteering.

The new, real-deal socio-revolutionary music must overcome these entrenched, monopolizing, and increasingly boring/money-obsessed forces in the world of entertainment. This is the mission of SOULREMEDY: to think outside the current entertainment industry box, create and distribute new and exciting music directly to the public. Multi-million dollar budgets are not necessary—true belief and love for the culture and freedom of expression IS!


You had me beat down on the floor from your body blows~I was broken hearted but I’m comin back for more~Giving me the impression you just want it to end~But where we ended up is right where we begin again~All them hugz and kisses gotta mean what they supposed to me~I’m into love when I can taste it, not wake up to find itz a dream

I was left to find God and knowledge of self in front of the TV~Seems like anyone who could have cared lost track of me~No glimpse of the bright side to fill my black hole identity
In school I was a name and a number another mental casualty
Goodbye, Young Blood Goodbye, with Love
Better find your vision and get your scrap on
~ you don’t have infinte dayz

Try to chew me up like your big steak but I’m not here to feed your ego jones~And if you never learned how to respect, nowz the time you get told~Don’t think enuf about the outcome, big fat capitalist boss~Think you gonna rule the world but don’t know how to tally the human cost
He’s addicted!! Addicted to fantasy…
Conscience is back, ready to take a stand
The conscious attack to shut down the oppressors plan
No time for apathy or your capitalist lobotomy
Need education if we’re gonna stay afloat
Can’t attain greatness if you just sit around and gloat
We need a healthy culture Freedom ain’t supposed to be a dream~Liberation belongs to the mainstream

Everybody knows the truth and keeps it hidden up the sleeve~Show up in the media-spot and believe what you wanna believe~Allegations and rumors spreading, hi-jacked beatz in the trunk~Who’z on the bubble, on the hot tip… someone just blew up ~Vibes shot as ammunition—
Rhythmystic MC with the propaganda demolition
Bribes passing hand 2 hand, back-stabbed up in the jam,…oh no~Gotta a feeling I’m a victim of bamboozle, and now my brainz infected, b they …Konspiracy, uh-oh

Studentz get some educationTime 2 learn some self-controlEnuf sarcasm about the classroomStudentz learn what U don’t know Think U were born with all the answers
There iz nothing U can B told

Yo!Lissen 2 tha Rhythmysitc comin with the stlye ballistic~Never was afraid to sing the conscious knowledge when we swing No way! So check what we say… this ain’t no May-Day (“Mayday-Maday!”)Itz a brand new day—everything iz OK!
Oppressor-program never endz
Minisformation on the airwaves again
Assassination of the righteous again
(…and again, and again…)
Provocation of the Innocent Strangulation of the voice of dissent, again…
So what should we do? Salvation in our own handz, again
Determine my reality—Free Mind Mentality
I know whatz best 4 me
Tweak the Syztem Break the Cycle
…Thatz whatchu DO!!


The Remedy (2006 HybredSoundz)

Good, new music is hard too find, but inevitably surprises us with its perennial re-emergence. In a musical world that these days can seem unvaried, Soulremedy, and its self-titled debut release, not only comes original, but, simply put, does it well and with authentic sincerity—solid reasons for which the group deserves highest marks. The Remedy contributes its unique sound to contemporary music with a funkified concoction landing somewhere between the eclectic likes of Beck, Fishbone, Mr. Bungle, Gnarles Barkley while combining penetrating social commentary relevant to American society with the same insight and uncompromising consciousness and conscience of the soulful reggae and revolutionary music of the 60s & 70s. In another sense, this Bay Area quartet picks up where Bradley Nowell and Sublime left off—layered funky grooves, hook-laden melody-lines, and diverse breaks within songs referencing the entirety of popular music, from rock to rap to reggae, jazz and funk, offering audiences of all stripes access to new, innovative song styles, while connecting to the greater musical universe. Additionally, the live show takes the energy of these artists to an even higher level, staying true to Soulremedy’s uplifting and reality-based message, enhanced by soulshaking, danceable grooves, all with refreshing humor and openness. For those who like good music of all kinds and believe in its powers to influence positively, a taste of Soulremedy is highly recommended.
Mac Garrison (November 2006) for https://www.tradebit.com

Riddims to rock your body: lyrics to move your soul. Truly a unique sound with great influences. Big ups to you and your works!
DJ Spleece—Reality Sounds International

I just wanted to say how much I liked the show … like a cross of Sublime and Soul Coughing/Mike Doughty. Very cool. Thanks again for playing …see you again soon!
Jeffrey Jordan—Giordano Bros.

“Finally, original music with great sound and some meaning behind the lyrics. Thank God! And the live show does the album justice. Much respect to SOULREMEDY”.
“So glad to see the Remedy in a small venue, I don’t think that will be possible in the future. Awesome!
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