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MP3 dj facemachine - luscious

Oscillating synths and crunchy beats drive the body to slide while the mind is preoccupied by the cacaphony of ever-building then dying soundwaves. The soundtrack to a futuristic porn.

12 MP3 Songs

It''s pretty hard for me to try to lump all my songs together and describe them as being one specific genre or sound. Each song is my baby. I get to name them, nurture them, watch them grow, and finally blossom into something I envisioned them to be. I can''t say I love any one more than another or claim "this song right here-this one exemplifies what I''m all about". I just can''t. It wouldn''t make any sense at all. Each song has parts that I like. Every track embodies an emotion or feeling. When combined in compact disk form, you have me at my most naked state. My songs show my vulnerabilities and fears; they are my attempts at taking some of my most twisted emotions and explaining them to myself. I only hope that others can appreciate my songs for what they are: me.

"Like an enigma in a plastic baggie; you can see inside but still aren''t sure what you''re going to be eating for lunch."

I am Facemachine. I''m 20, I''m a girl, and I live in Virginia. I''m currently studying electrical engineering at the University of Virginia and will be graduating in 2006. To pay for ramen noodles I work at a private investigations firm in Charlottesville, Virginia where I focus on white collar crime, fraud, and computer crime. Hopefully, one day I will have my own show: Facemachine, P.I. (it''ll have an awesome soundtrack, really).

"This will take a portion of my cunning. NO... all my cunning."

When I''m not in class or "PI-ing", I spend my time making music using my computer and a bunch of programs. The melodies I''m hearing in my head all day finally get to come out at night. Depending on my mood, the final result can range anywhere from very dark and moody to upbeat and bouncy. However, no matter what happens, the beat is sure to be crunchy, the melody driving, and the energy intense.

"the slogan is ''love and dance''! not ''hate and don''t dance!''"

When I started making music in October of 2002 my tracks were hilarious at best. My feeble attempts at using new software resulted in messy songs that weren''t at all what I''d envisioned. Since then, my confidence has grown tremendously. I''ve learned to use my programs and can manipulate them to create the sound that I desire. Regardless if my goal is something dreamy, dark, harmonious, or just something quick and dirty, I now know how to create what I desire.

"hello, memory lover. You are mine."

I started posting my works on DMusic in December of 2002, just for fun and to see what people thought of what I was doing. The site turned out to be greater than anything I could have ever imagined. The members showered me with praise and were always there to offer support and encouragement. DMusic has been a great way to get feedback on my songs and the members have provided me with endless tips on how I could improve my overall sound. If not for DMusic I highly doubt my songs could have ever come the distance which they have. I''ve worked my way from the bottom of the site all the way up to the number one spot in the electronic genre. I also managed to gain a spot on the site''s top 20 list; definitely something to be proud of considering nearly 16,000 artists post there songs there.

I think a good way to gauge what you can expect from my songs is to see what some of the people on DMusic have said about them. Here are a some of many, many, many comments that I have received:

"Drum n bass, dark sounds, structured beat, yep liked this"

"very darkwave of you."

"This was very different indeed...those deep anx dark synth noises n fx layered on top of the fairly minimal drum n bass perc was a funny combo indeed!"

"really like the synths you used in this, good tune"

"very nice https://www.tradebit.come the synth sounds definitely"

"This song is GREAT your production level is very professional. I am going to review more of you songs!"

"almost drum and bass, but not quite...its something else..."

"dopeness... what more can you say, that someone else hasn''t said, good work man."

"Holy Shit GREAT song....I love it...Talking about mad skills....I''d love to do a song with you.."

"wowee, nice track!"


"Thats so hot. Im over hear dancing around to it too, im serious. Keep up the good work shortey."

"this is pretty darkish.. i like it."

This makes me think of the jungle i use to dance too in the mid-nineties with a vibe so much more mod !!!!!!!!!! VERY NICE"

"Funny thing, this... I just left it playing for about twenty minutes or so, and wound up really sinking into it... something here works really well, or I wouldn''t have gotten tranced out..."

"that not too fast trippy beat got me moving."

"nice growly snarly bassline you got here,complimented by that arpegged synth line"

"Trippn and a dippin cool"

"very atmospheric, i dig"

"good soundtrack tune."

"nice track ...love the synth sounds yur https://www.tradebit.comler bass and drums"

"Love the piano sound your using in this. Nice Work."

"I really dig this tune. Funky beats, good harmony, just the right amount of complexity."

"Hot. I like the use of panning. The pause at 1:20 is perfect, I thought the song was over... about to listen to more of your songs."

"interesting... I hope you listen to some Aphex Twin, Squarepusher, cause this could easily be one of the masters The beat was awesome, harmonies really cool.. good job..."

"Good track...It kind of reminds me of Super Mario Brothers on acid for some reason"

"Great track. I havent heard not one bad song from u.. U have mad skills.."

"Definitely has a psychedelic-soundrack vibe. Love that one distorted instrument--the lines it''s playing almost have speech content. Really cool."

"These sounds are pretty sweet, to these ears... rich, twisted and swirly, against that mechanical techno clock..."

"could be a soundtrack alice in worderland drum & bass version."

"sounds abit like jungle techno which aint no bad thing in my book"

"could be a very cool game soundtrack song."

"ohhhh yes speedy beat but very mellow.... this is cool!"

"This song is grrrreat man !!!!"

"The drums in this one are unbelievable! Plenty of variation. Quality tunage once more"

"Yeah, I like the way it''s quick yet mellow. Some jazzy stuff in there, too, nice."

"You just have one kewl track after the next..I love your stuff."

"I really do like the types of sounds you come up with... they pull me right in..."

"is on my favourites now cool music djface!"

"You can produce well, and you really know what you''re doing"

"Action movie music. our hero is breaking into a highly guarded military complex."

"coool tune funky and sticky.."

"mmmm, dnb with bass done proper nice changeup there in the beginning with the faster rhythm overlay, didn''t even see it coming."

"Thats beats sexy yo , like the effects on that one noise, i cant put my finger on the noise"

"Another great track.."

"This is the second track of yours that I wrote lyrics for. The Last one would be Florid, wich is sick also. I love your riffs, they are so intelligent. Nothing, for the truth is what I feel, is as smooth as these."

"This has wonderful, and I mean WONDERFUL percussion... mechanical, yet still somehow free... the choice of sounds, once again, is right on the mark... it rips & crackles in all the right places. Like the flanging a lot, too..."

"Wow... I love the beat, indeed... It has a fiery attitude about it! Very nice!"

"real https://www.tradebit.comthms and bass get under my skin....very cool"

"cool low bass at first, trippy beat."

"Hmm...very laid back tune. I like it. It''s short enough that it could be taken in quite a few different directions. This tune is in fact perfect for doing something cool."

"There''s something really, really trippy about your stuff. The strange backwards-sounding riffs behind the solo in the middle provide a perfect example. Very nice."

"Nice fucking beats!"

"Very cool. Very nice. Very Matrix. Me rikey."

"wow this is some good stuff right hur. Did you make all those beats yourself? I am impressed. I love the tempo changes in there too."

"What do you mean "if I get time to listen" I''ve always got time to listen to the sick ass beats coming out of your PC. Nice work once again."

"wow!!!! i LOVE the darkness in this... the last part around 3:20 was incredible. it was a great suprise. the tempo change and melody of that section were just really amazing."

"dats some bad ass make sista"

"Very nice beats, I really dig the synth hyptnotizig m through the whole tune, the outro kicks a$$"

"excellent beats, and that synth all the way thru works well."

"ovin the beat and modulation on the synth, awesome stuff, very hypnotic especially that final coda at the end, makes the listener crave for an extension, overall nicely done"

"good lord almighty...these beats are silly good. the flute that enters at the very end is muy cool. very, very good stuff."

"damn nice drums too! hypnotic indeed!"

"Yet another great track...fantastic percussion as always."

"Dark and wild!!"

"This is excellent! What more can I say?"

"The beats are excellent! The flutey part towards the end rules! There''s some nice low end in this one, too"

"Somewhat Indian flavour, can almost hear the zitars ... nice rolling beat ... reminds me for some reason of a tv show called "here comes the seventy''s" ... nice fade off with the different ending"

"going back to school was never this nice.. love how the beat romps and stomps.. the sythy things just silky and smooth ... love hte beat towards the end.. awesome"

"Great Track! awesome drum beat n bass"

"This is a very hypnotik song. Love the jungle (drum n'' base) hooks."

"yaiks!!!! love the beat!!! wuuuuuu!!!"

"What a ride! Great beat. If this is what going back to school is like, I want to go to yours!"

"when i heard the dark synth at start i already guess that this song will go the right way. you choose a perfect tempo for this song. and you combine the drum n bass loop smoothly not to crashy. nice ending."

"You def. have the beats figured out."

"perfect. Dont change a thing."

"Hell yes. Solid track."

"Oh man, I''m really digging the drums in this (especially at about 1 minute into the track), that pitch bend adds a nice subtle twang to the main synth sound as well, thumbs up!"

"Beautiful... Quite driving and hard... Very electric... Like dancing on the sun... ^_^ This would be great for a role-play story I''m a part of..."

"tasty little groove. I like the progression and the hot little beat.
I feel a pumping factory with an intense grinding firestorm. just like your Electric Starlight... excellent composition."

"wow! this really made me sit up & listen! love that mournful lead synth...very middle-eastern sound. I can see those credits scrolling down on that movie screen. Another great soundtrack!"

"This would be perfect for a video game. Like a car racing one where you''re hauling @ss down the speedway"

"Very "industrial". I get visions of a ROBOT factory. Robots making Robots. Very different. I like different. I vote"

"this is kickin! def could hear this in a video game or movie."

"Plenty of great sounds in there, you have such a knack for putting together beats with particular vibes to create a mood/space. Impressive. Most impressive"

"I love that sound! Awsome power! The riff is great--menacing, but interesting. You can really work that program!"

"WooHoo cool tune"

"This is cool! Good sound and that riffs gone to minor note, my favorite. The beat is really great thought, my taste. Mellow, just like the title "Electric Starlight", that''s a perfect title for this song, great..."

"very nice and yet somewhat haunting at the same time...it''s somehow still playing in my head."

"Very nice! I dig the really distorted stuff in here. Nice beats, a bit of NIN-ish ambience on them. The part that sounds kinda like an electric guitar is a bit too sustained IMO. I really, *really* dig the howling synth sound."

"cool tune... love the main melody of it.. very distorty and electric.. love the aahh''s.. thumbs up.."

"I''d love to hear some narration of sorts dubbed into this! It''s soaring, and kinda spooky at the same time, and that makes for good drama... As usual, the sounds themselves are solid, and my favorite parts, are when the bass kicks in, to drive the chording home! Very cool..."

"It would make a great soundtrack, maybe even something James Bond-ish, because if the exotic quality to it. Very Good indeed."

"I agree, The title fits the tune I like it, cool sounds, very intense. good production. the eastern sound is there but not too much of it and I think thats good"

"Send this to the music editor for Alias, it fits in great with what they use during on your seat scenes Love how the sound is dirty and distorted it just rocks"

"that is really one disturbing piece of music.....felt like I was being mezmerized in a war zone....rhythms are slamming and melody in the background locked me in...the guitar/synth on the top has me on the edge...very nice mix"

"nice tune, dont really know to much about this type of music, but i can say it sounds awsome."

"remind me of perfect dark. great tune. . . my favorite"

"this track is very good for a dark theme soundtrack."

"Nice and distory just how I like it. I''m a sucker for hard driving industrial, so this is my cup of tea. and it tastes good too!"

"oo er dark ,eerie distorty stuff this be ..great combination of dark ambience with a softshoe sorta trippy/jungly beaty thingy ,topped by that wicked screaming guitar lead layered with a pitch bend off kilter synth lead ,,hmmm___ve ve nice!"

"Great tune. very dirty beat, and i like all the distortion fx."

"This song is excellent and it is definetely more than electronic, this makes me think of the marriage of trip-hop and early nineties ebm/industrial. It has a nice gothic/electro feel to it as well. Excellent Work, Darling. My kitty''s a purrin to this one !"

"mmmm, quite a cool chillin yet dark undertoned tune, nice beat"

"very nice sounds like old cygnus x stuff which is cool"

"Cool sounds! As always, good use of effects. Cool beats. I like the distorted pad."

"great track! I like the continuity of the lead! good beat!"

"Very Darkwave-like. SWEET! Going on my playlist."

"like this song...very cool breakdown"

"Makes me wanna dress in black leather and smoke 10 thousand cigarettes while hanging out in a sweet underground club. And that''s a good thing"

"Cool beat ...Nice https://www.tradebit.commbs Up!!!"

"i like this "underground" sound you got goin on with this track"

"good levels.. first off. This track has a lot of "personality"... I dig your style man."

"nice oldschool beat, breakstyles. i think i''ll shake my ass"

"Very nice. Classic."

"i really like this.. reminds me of some older tangerine dream sorta.. good stuff!"

"Great song. I wish i could write like this......And from such a beautifull woman......U rock"

"nice cross over psy trance / breakbeat"

"This is a fun track with some nice breakbeat."

"great sense of visual rythm slamming thru this piece....very nice"

"Good Job! Beautiful..."

"almost trippy, then that beat really sends it up some! catches it between slow and fast - wicked fx too, sounds cool"

"https://www.tradebit.comt do you say....urbanly psychotic"

"Makes me want to go clubbing in ancient Egypt."

"its a wicked beat that you have supporting your melodies. nice use of delays and filters! :bow: sweet job man!"

"I liked this a lot...I have no idea where to place your influences... very original stuff"

"Very well done! Cool vibe, and I really enjoy the FX and textures in this piece.
Funky beats and bassline ... the tempo is really cool, as someone said, not too slow, not too fast."

"Great Balance of Rhythm and Sounds! *Thumbsup*"

"Great song......thats all i could https://www.tradebit.com rockx!!!"

"Wow! How original can you get??? This is an amazing piece! Love it!"

"weirdnessly freakysomeful addictable sonics"

"take me to your https://www.tradebit.comt was just an amazing trek.............I''m hooked..........."

"digging the mid east feel- love the loops. Good quality. I love the abstract."

"very techno trancy.. has astellar essence to it with those sounds.. bass beat is kickin it.. but the energy on this piece is fab I like the subtle melody that comes in towards the end hauntingly.."

"once again: Dark stuff kicks flucking ass."

"Yeah! It''s badass! Great phaser use. Killer bass. I like the way it''s hardcore but maintains atmosphere."

"indeed. nice track, fast and dark, wicked stuff"

"I like the intensity in this track! Nice groove! dancing to this one could put me into contraption though nice jam and good work."

"impressive track a very decent piece of DnB, dark too, which is nice."

"cool tune, really diggin it...to the playlist"

"nice and dark"

"Good bit of dark manic techno, as with all your trax you combine the elements of D''n''b well with techno to produce the face type of originality, nice one"

"i am LOVIN this https://www.tradebit.comhing to say that hasn''t already bin said so, yeah. absoluteley amazing as usual."

"Cool synths/bass/drums. Maintains continuity throughout. Good effects use and insertion/removal of elements."

"Has a nice crystal meth feel to it.. nice"

"cool... im getting acid guts just listening"

"Reminds me of some of the tracks they used in Robotron X. And that''s good."

"good basslines, nice cutoff fondling"

"nice mix........leaves me spinning...great voices.......very cool"

"Great track! Love the breaks, percussion, samples...bass is excellent. Very cool transitions...love it"

"That is some stomach-turning bass! Awsome!"

"this is cool.. like the drums .. and vocal samples in this one... whoa this real trippy i like it thumbs up.. Dplaylist for sure"

"im impressed with the drums"

"Excellent drums, nice dark track. definately worth a thumbs up."

"proper banging choon! im putting it on again.... and again...."

"wow...featured track indeed! Excellent drums, I almost can''t get that kind of beat, so I resort to using loops. I know, kinda cheap, but I''ll try to do something about it. anyway, this is also going on my playlist. Kick-Ass track."

"Yes! It''s got a similar feel to old school prodigy (you know that "cute" feel), but sounds nothing like them"

"drums are brilliant. like that descending bass line. i''m generally not a fan of high bpm songs, but this is excellent. dig the middle eastern-ish part - excellent."

"You excel at this type of sound, great opening with the wierd vox etc but breaks nice into a dark early techno vibe, nice one"

"nice offbeats in there, the synths are quality, high energy level - a really quality track. had to dl this one too..."

"Very cool track! The drums are badass! Not a huge fan of the vocal samples, but I like the effects you used on them. Very cool synths and bass, some compression could really make the bass pop though. Thumbs up!"

"this is great! especially like the way it builds up... hardcore."

"Crazy. That little bass line is trippy, and I really like the menacing vocals."

"great track....the drums just https://www.tradebit.come the way you arranged those vox...very evil...."

"Awesome with out even knowing it. Sick."

"Niiice! Drums are crazy! I can''t get enough of that descending bassline breaking into that LUSCIOUS beat! One of my favs of yours!"

"wow, this kicks ass!"

"Sweet track....Keep rockin''"

"I love industrial stuff, especially the slower moodier kind, just like this."

"Cool tune for sure, Like the industrial sound, very cool good job"

"really Dig this love the flowing/jumpy/step synth"

"This gave me an orgasm. This track is hard as fuck, much like my cock at all times. Can I not mention sex in each sentence? I think fucking not. Awesome track, it should be in a futuristic video game... like if they made Contra again."

"really dirty drums...the synths are fuckin phat! very bad ass track"

"deep track"

"Great depth, mood & emotion in this one! Although it''s a good track, I admit that I''m a fan of your more intricate arrangements. For example, just had a quick listen to a few of your "unfinished" tracks....they definitely have that special touch of yours. Be sure to finish them!"


"this dog barks loud and bites hard... love how it pulses and grinds against my brain.. is there anybody that wants to play for blood.. im your huckleberry"

"Cool track!"

"I kind of like the relentlessness of
it--it just never lets up. And I really like the dirty sounds. Very cool."

"I really like the edgy synth. It kinda ''grinds.'' I also like the beat, a little departure from the usual but still pertinent."


"it''s really cool to listen to your progression as a song writter, this is so damn unique - i especially really appreciate that you''ve gotten into dirtier sounds in your songs along with some sweeter tones as well. "I wanted to destroy something beautiful." ~ fight club. the contrast is cool this is a bad ass song. me likey mucho big time"

"I LOOOVE This!!"

"i like when the slow beat transitions into the double time drums... nice."

"this beat is hot, much movement here. The track is well layered. I want to get my james bond on, you know save the world, fornicate with some UK chick. me likes."

"nice trippy slides... and the beat too - dark tones indeed! is that some seriously effected vocal samples i hear in there? whatever madness lies beneath those layers, it fits real nice and oozes the electronic aura that has become a trademark of your awesome tunes!"

"Oh, dear... This is heavenly and -wicked- all at once... I like the sliding synth! Nice, nice, nice!!! :thumbs up:"

"this is nice ... i feel like i should be fucking on an altar or something.. love the distorted thingy.. vocals sample very cool.. thumbs up .. and on the DPlaylist."

"Dark dark dark DnB!!!! I always love that kinda piece of work!! Awesome!!! This track could be a vamp-movie soundtrack!"

"Totally disorienting--which is good. The vocally sounds really are out of this world. They *are* samples, aren''t they? Those little whispery sounds at about 2 minutes are great--and the rhythm track carries it all along really well."

"well done! just like manual pitching."

"Very moody. A great darkwave ambient thing for a movie ''track or a video game. It''s even sort of dark-industrial. Another VERY cool one."

"Great tune I see a alley wet with mist and a makeshift alter at the end, fog and darkness"

"sick fucking opening!!!! very fucking cool atmosphere set, lots of trippy distortion and make, the beat is tight as hell! damn. i do believe this is one of the best electronic songs ive heard on here"

"OoO I regret not listening to this one earlier! NICE JOB!! I love the beat. You are God. Thanks for another great track, God."

"this is just pure evil...that melody and those voices are just haunting...another excellent mix..."

"It almost sounds like aliens interpreting traditional Middle Eastern music... heck of a trip! Thanks for this..."

"Dark and a little dangerous"

"good tune, like the vocal elements quite a bit. This is pretty much the type of quality that I''ve come to expect from you."

"Nice and orgasmic. If I ever get to make any of my film ideas come to fruition, I think that I''d like to make you the music composer"

"Very dark, but very beautiful. Very well arranged."

"Soundtrack quality once again! Very dark & expressive...love the beat & effects...those whispery samples add a cool supernatural touch. Nice job!"

"very cool opening, love the atmosphere you created with this track. LOve the instruments you chose for this"

"digging the bass and this beat is wayyyy cool"

"Another very cool track."

"https://www.tradebit.comeone finally gave me a reason to have a subwoofer!!!"

"well it does rumble. I feel like I am playing a 1st person shooter video game. Or a club scene in a movie."

"Nice mix, sounds industrial. Reminds me of Skinny Puppy."

"pretty strange, whic is how i like ''em. some decent synth sounds comign out of this 1. nice."

"That''s very kool. GOt a little ATB in it with that synth break/bend (that''s a compliment, btw). Much more ambient than some of your other stuff, I dig it. The slow beat is killer, and the little tossed in sounds are tight. Like much of your music, its a transporter to another place. Could easily be a soundtrack for a video game, movie, or something like that."

"Cool track. Creepy whispering."

"this cool.. love the sound that sounds like heavy breathing... very sex for https://www.tradebit.comt is killer"

"evil, but i mean it in a good way"

"That first riff''s really got some spring in its step. Love the way the beats accumulate around it. The spooky interlude is nice, too. And I really, really like the howls that accompany the Middle Eastern riff the second time around. Very cool."

"I like the beat. I like the synthy make. Boombastic is probably the best word for this track."

"I like the beat. I like the synthy make. Boombastic is probably the best word for this track."

"beats are mad....love the little drone thing ya got going thru this mix......very middle east hypnotic"

"wow loving the melody around 1:00 ish thats fucking cool.. i can see my self out on the desert riding my camel. The moon is big and full, and tonight there is meteor shower so the stars seems to be falling... love this so much .."

"Mmm... I like the way you bring everything in here... The beat is really bumpin'' in my headphones and that''s a good, good thang... Mmmm... The melody is wicked... very, very good job here girly!!"

"cool soundtrack song! very evil."

"Hey...this is dramatic...kinda asian or middle eastern feel to it...very nice indeed!"

"wow this is really cool! had like an ancient feel, like a mystic vibe. Brilliant!"

"this is cool, some wicked beats thrown in there. kinda dark and eerie, sounds like a good club tune. yeah im liking this a lot"

"This is exactly the kind of tune that I have come to expect from you. Great crisp clean sound. Some interesting yet kind of creepy world rhythms and an overall good, steady pace set by interesting and complex percussion structure."

"Muy caliente!!!Smooth blending of different sounds, they come in at really nice intervals and lend a ton to the mix while not overpowering or jumbling it up at https://www.tradebit.coms is top shelf."

"love the feel to this... tis great stuff"

"I love the beat in this song, it''s just amazing, dark and dominating. The melody has that wonderful middle eastern sound. It rocks."

"excellent dark intro, the beat also is slow and hypnotic... really cool. Conjures up images of nightmares. nice stuff"

"Sounds awesome so far... dark, creeping... the drums are ass-kicking material as well."

"As usuall, a totally awsome track."

"holy sh!t. that arp sorta reminds me of an egyptian typ ehting...i dunno, but this is awesome"

"wow. stunnin dark cool traxx! i heard from the begining and its very interesting, starting beat is gut as well. and then when comes the up-beat, it goes more interesting. basses and synth are the east influence and goth. love this....."

"beats indeed. good mix of textures. I''d like to hear a version with phat sweeping pads and more appr''d synth lines"

"nice...you''ve got a great feel going thru this"

"This would be the best porno soundtrack ever if it were longer"

"this my theme music for when i creep!!! im going from house to house ninja style in the pale moon light.. wish it was longer.. cause i can creep all night.. Dplaylist"

"This is really something. I like the spooky feeling to this. That beat fits in the picture more that perfect. Can''t find anything bad to say about it"

"Winter... hell around 2:35 that samples sounds like some my school teachers... was that a pleasure moan or pain moan.."

"Nicely done...very much on the dark side of love...synths and samples swirl beautifully around each other...great arrangement and production once again..."

"Mellow to moving to mellow... What a great tune! Very sublime and yet sassy."

"i like the middle eastern passages here and there, the flange pad is cool and is the vehicle that takes the listener to the song."

"Yep a very middle eastern arabian flavoured track, good sounds used and production"

"yes yes, i like!"

"Very cool melodies...Like the churning bass sounds in the back"

"i like that old school snare the trancy melody is kewl, yeah!"

"wow this is awesome... takes me on a journey .. am i hearing https://www.tradebit.commbs up.. Dplaylist for sure.."

"Like it much. Love the atmosphere within it. Keep it up."

"good harmonizing, and i like the bouncy, arpeggiated feel to the main synth line, and the subbass is really nice"

"Neat bassline, kewl ambience"

"Definately could be in a film... a dark cold suspenseful flick... in russia... post-world war 3. Yup."

"cool ass beat, i dig the effects and make, im with Dis, this is ripe for a soundtrack"

"a very interesting piece. it sounds like it has a purpose for it''s existence or something... i mean... it was made specifically for something in particular. very solid."

"never breaks into anything upbeat, just hangs there in the shadows like its biding its time... very cool"

"dark and spooky"

"another cool dark song!! excelent! I like your sound a lot!! scary ahhhh!"

"Oh yeah, I am digging this one. Very dark and brooding. I am glad it never gets really roaring. The drumline is great too."

"How do. This is quite creepy, and I think the drums are ace! Yee haaaiiieee"

"This tune makes me feel naughty."

"A Strange East European feel - nice form."

"nice sparse, open atmosphere; the slow synth melody above the lower drone carrying everything works really well. a lot of subtle touches throughout... and the drums are amazing - dig the changeups as the track progresses. everything just sounds so *big*. i guess size does matter"

"excellent movie soundtrack. great work with the drums"

"first song of yours i''ve ever listened to of yours. I must say it makes a good first impression."

"Deep and mysterious."

"Nice piece that takes me on a journey. This is the music that I love. Good job."

"I see legions and legions of Roman soldiers on horseback dotting the horizon while a motley crew of peasants led by a Mel Gibson-type plan an unconventional attack, resulting in the humiliating defeat of the arrogant Romans. If you wrote this track to evoke visions, you succeeded. Excellent!"

"wowowowoowwwowowowowowowowow!!!!!! p.s. WOW."

"Hmmm...evilly surreal. Very cool!"

"Damn! Super polished, rich, evocative piece. The breaks kick ass, without messing up the mood. I haven''t been this excited by dark trax since Xorcist... More please!"

"I like the effect created by the heavy dragging sound contrasting with the light tapping percussion. Nice track."

"very chill in a suspense kinda way"

"love the intro. and the rest of the track for that matter, lovely bass."

"Dirty track. I like. All your make should be the soundtrack for a film."

"WOW!!! you have a NEW fan.....That beat is ALL THAT"

"love how distorted everything sounds very cool.. dig the samples at the first of the song... very nice.."

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