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MP3 Blue Nouveaux - 10 Years After

The rose amongst the thorns from a label known mostly for Scumrock. The Blue Nouveaux you remember from "Darkness In Me" might be present on the opening track "When You Lie" but a whole new American band to compliment the singer.

18 MP3 Songs in this album (70:56) !
Related styles: AVANT GARDE: Sound Collage, ROCK: Post-Rock/Experimental

People who are interested in Skunk Anansie PJ Harvey should consider this download.

I could write a book but, let me point out that this album was over 10 years in the making. The initial producer of the album passed away, assigning that responsibility to me. There were artistic differences, falling outs, a whole lot of great soap opera material. All of a sudden 9 years had passed. In the last 12 months I worked at bringing this together and the list of people to thank is way too long. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the outstanding music packaged on this CD.
Can I have my Grammy now?
Peter Yarmouth April 2008

When You Lie
Train Track Children
All I Want
Tomorrow Never Comes
Wolves 2
You and I
Don''t Go
Sons of The Desert
The Bigot
Wide Open Spaces
Barbie''s Dead
Temple (Breaking Away Mix)

Cover Art: Kitty Harte Cover drawing: Celia Hemken

Tomorrow Never Comes
Playing games again I wondered if you''d grown Thought I''d never see your face again And so you brought a friend Someone you''d like me to know For emergencies of just for show
In future let me know tomorrow never comes I''ll let it go
I know it''s a shame
And there''s no one to blame I''m all dressed up though with nowhere to go I''m happy in my room I''m suffocating in my room all alone with the things you don''t care to own
In future let me know tomorrow never comes I''ll let it go
How nice of you to call You''d like to leave your card It''s bad for your health to live in the past Elegance and taste I let nothing go to waste Too much on my plate and you would know
In future let me know tomorrow never comes I''ll let it go

Sons Of The Desert

In quiet deserts there’s a storm people band together even when we’re alone The waves are high on the sea people fight together It’s a mutiny Wild Please talk to me I’m going mad Please I’m lonely now I’m so lonely when I look out of my window I’m so lonely with all these houses around me with only my television I’m so lonely with only my microwave and my ammunition Please I’m lonely now Please I’m lonely now

Don’t know how to meet some people might as well be in a desert sleeping on sand dying of thirst dying of thirst And my camel by my side My trusty camel by my side

This is the sunset of my life This is the sunset of my life There is a star I need to find but the sand has made me blind

In Winter it’s brewing up a storm In Summer don’t step out the door In Springtime I feel so good In Springtime there’s picnics on the sand But in Winter it’s brewing up a storm In Summer I don’t step out the door

Don''t leave him in the forest where the wolves are
Don''t let him dream alone with nowhere there
He''s all by himself and he''s eaten all the bread
He''s left his clothes somewhere and he is walking naked
Don''t forget to write when you''ve gone
Eyes too blind to see the wood for the trees
But I''m never alone
There''s always someone at my door
Look out for yourself
I think of you sometimes
Stumbling out there naked
You can only learn through pain
So don''t complain if you don''t die on the way
Without the friends you always thought you had

There are car lights in the forest
They light you up by mistake
I put you in the boot of the car
And I left you nowhere
You still stumbling on with your troubled mind
You still stumbling on with your troubled mind
Unable to speak, unable to find me
And the wolves bear down on you with scum on their tongues
But don''t tell me you didn''t love every minute
Don''t tell me you didn''t love every minute

Safe, remote and hard to find
Precious little hidden from my eyes
Invasions of privacy
Intrusions on your mind
I took it for granted a fortress and a boy
I''d wilt and die
You''re too bad you''re too good you''re unkind
You''re my sweetheart you play the part
Still we''re having a good time so far
Don''t know why I didn''t ask
To busy dreaming in the past
Slept too long to notice you''d arrived
Kissed you instead of helping out
I let my drawbridge down
To be perfectly frank this is my story of america
Took your gun and took your car
Thought I''d find my way out
After all I came here for the ride
Blew my brains out just outside a little town for those who like to live the simple life
And survive

Don''t Go
There is a lot of power in being helpless
A lot of control in being controlled
Maybe no love in equality
If you realised that you wouldn''t go
Well, that''s right, don''t listen
Don''t tell me you didn''t want to know
When I found you out there happy, not sad
And definitely not on your own
Maybe if I cry you''ll stay
Can''t bear to think of you having fun without me
When I''m not having fun on my own
Don''t worry I''ll think of a way to make you pay
You dreamy eyed boy, caught you laughing in the garden
I''ll put you in a box for that
Then I''ll keep you in my wardrobe
I''ll look out the window and hear you thumping on the door
Or is it me
Do you want me to go crawling to you
Do you want me to creep to you
I''m not your messenger boy
I don''t fetch for you
I''m the rose, I''m the rose from England

You Owe Me Money
I was waiting down the hall
You walked past me
Didn''t recognise you at all
Take your coat off and step inside
Take your coat off, don''t try to hide
You know, you know that''s the way we''re meant to be
Polite and sociable, catering for every need
Did I really know you, surely that was long ago
You took your time to answer the door
You owe me money
Well that''s what friends are for
Step inside and find me waiting in the bath
Walk right in and take your clothes off
Mmm it''s nice and warm in here
And the soap smells sweet
You know that''s my idea of a treat
So lie lie down, lie down under the water and hold your breath
Lie down, lie down under the water
While I stand on your head.
You took your time to answer the door
You owe me money
Well, that''s what friends are for
Ah, the kitchen is full of people and it''s time to go
Like refuse I''ll throw you out and drag you along the floor
They won''t notice a body
And then I think I''ll pass the cheese
You know, you know I aim to please

When You Lie
When you lie you don''t look at me
You twist your hair about it''s easy to see
You think I don''t remember when you said to me
I hold you back when all you want to be is free
How did you think I knew when all the time I watched you
But I will never ask you where you''ve been or who you''ve seen
And maybe I don''t want to know what you do
That after all this time you don''t even think of me
When you came home too loving last night
I knew where you had been I tried not to fight you
That other people know our business is a shame
When I sit here for hours wondering what her name is

I''m thinking of something you can''t see could be me
It''s clear and crystal while you''re hazy maybe it''s the sea
Oh, I wish you''d go home and leave me here where there''s air to breathe
The wind has blown you empty like a shell while I feel full and light and free
Like the wind you moan well being free weighs heavy don''t you realise
On an island there''s no crowd to hide don''t you realise
Like the whirlpool you pull me down beneath the surface of the water
You with arms as smooth as marble and eyes as fixed as coral
Your mind needs a lift needs a lift back home if you ask me

It''s time you found out what you''ve been missing
My best decision to put the distance in
But I''m not afraid of heights or my own grave
Maybe it''s true
I''m choking in ether
A laboratory you can keep there
Any specimen you please
But now I''m free and it''s too late to say sorry
Another hotel no washing powder
Meat molders in the shower
You''re tanned not like me
I''m too pale for you to see
But I''m red in my love life
Morality rots inside
Decays in bed with you and me
Don''t moan at me
You could have had me for free
I''m on a cloud, I got rid of that old crowd
Can''t remember your name
Sold my soul in a blackjack game
Too late I''d found that there''s no cheaper way out
But I don''t care to stay the same

The Bigot
We knew a man who liked things tidy
A tidy end and a tidy bit stashed away
Nothing he treasured more than a clean carpet which was the earth
But now he seems to us he hoovers people and sits with tea
Well, we wish him the best but not to sweep the dirt under the carpet

Your eyes are green, the lights are green, your eyes are green so go
You''re wandering, you''re aimless and you''re over-educated

This is my house, these are my keys and if you don''t like it - get out
This is my country, these are my rules and if you don''t like it - get out


Somebody''s looking at me
Thought I knew them it''s their symmetry it unnerves me
It''s a house I''ve been to once before where they changed the front door or a hill with no footpaths anymore
Treasure me treasure mine
Treasure what you have in your mind
I''ve seen you, I''ve heard you once before
Can''t see you, can''t hear you anymore
The surgeon is sweet, he stands at my feet
With his clean knife he slices the meat
He''s immaculate
His clean white sheets
Treasure me, treasure mine what you have in your mind
Can''t see you, can''t hear you, can''t hear you, can''t see you anymore
You''re my precious
Quiet inside and red, people praying, unthinking, donating
This place is falling apart, cracks and mortar flaking
Think I''ll walk down the hall
No going back
Walk down the blue vein can you hear my heart beating
Walk round the artery temple pulsating
Breaking part
Don''t get lost
This temptation to pick up the pieces
Paint over the cracks
No air to breathe, breeds disease
Seal it up, let it rot inside

All I Want
I am afraid to be alone
I know there''s no one out there
I cannot face my universe without you on my own
When all I want is to fall into your arms
So tell me and I won''t come to any harm
I feel your body I break your bread
I play our memories in my head
I drink your wine dream of another time
When I gave nothing in return
They hung you in the strangest places
They painted you with so many faces
I know my granma knew you cos I saw you in her home
So hold me, squeeze me so I can''t breathe, so close that you won''t leave
Pinch me bruise me so I may tell I live the way you do
I''m going to heaven
With these wings
I''m going to fly as high as I can go

Train Track Children
Play my games down by the fields
At the bottom my garden to see what
There is something strange and difficult
Down on the ground I don''t see it''s metal
So I pick it up and play with it
Feel the vibrations of a monster coming
Everyone I know lie down on the train tracks cos that''s what is good fun
I tie myself down and I cannot move it''s so scary but I like it
Don''t you think that I could never leave cos I can
Feel the buzzing of a monster coming
Oh it''s coming now
Oh, what is it, it''s a train
Cannibal I cannot get away
There are people lying there, there all our children
Better find out how they''re tied to the train tracks together.
And then the train comes and it breaks all our bodies up
Body parts flying all over the place and there''s lots of blood
But it''s OK, cos I managed to roll away in time just all the other children got it
Please don''t punish me cos I don''t know what I have done
Please don''t give me up to the police, cos I''m not the guilty one
Please don''t punish me cos I don''t know what I have done

Barbie''s Dead
Barbie''s dead, I''ve laid her to rest
Nothing against her I''m sure she did her best
Now Midge hates Skipper and all her children
Ken didn''t care he slept with Ted now he''s dead too
She was perfect and we thought we should be that way
But behind the scenes, broken dreams
It had to come out one day
Scream at home and ski on the weekends
If you draw the curtains then they won''t see you and me
Now we''re dead too

In my dreams you were trying to wake me into yours
And there your twisted smile was straighter than I''ve ever seen before
I noticed that you glanced at me
And your eyes for the first time in your life held reality
I''m telling you doctor
In my dreams, I hate to see you drown
Playing with water, playing with water endlessly
I hate to see you drown
Your knickers by your knees baby
We''re trying to see you pleased baby
Your red hair, chubby face
What a disgrace to have you placed in another home
There you''ll be, playing with water, playing with water, playing with water endlessly
My heart goes out to you
Cos we feel good, we feel glad to know you''re getting better

Musician credits

Celia Hemken: Vocals, Flute
Mario Tremaine: Guitars, Bass, Keys, Backing Vocals
Tom D''Agostino - Guitar.
Steve Viens - Bass.
Jim Olson - Bass
Rob Boo-Drums
Celia Hemken – Vocals
Ricky Sticks Paquain - Drums
Natalie Garrotto – Vocals, “Barbie''s Dead”
Matz Westman – Drums, “Drown,” “Barbie''s Dead,” “Train Track Children“
Boyd Brand – Bass, “Drown,” “Barbie''s Dead,” “Train Track Children“

After recording her debut album in the UK Celia Hemken could not convince her band to tour so she left London''s Finsbury Park and headed to the USA. There she met producer Peter Yarmouth who introduced her to the tour band. After much support of "Darkness in Me" Celia began writing new material with her new songwriting partner guitarist Mario Middleton. Finally after 10 years of recording and writing comes the second album with an all new Blue Nouveaux!
Dark, Witty Lyrics and a grungy emotional rocking sound that is truly musical artwork!
The 10 year saga included a lot of drama including the death of producer Larry Evilelf who oversaw some of the recordings. When he died one of the hold ups was Yarmouth taking over as producer and the band choosing Boris Ofterhaul and proposed buying existing recordings from Yarmouth. When the band heard the Ofterhaul master Yarmouth got the opening and kept this release on Black and Blue Records.
From the light "When You Lie" to the heavy crunch of "Drown" or the chaotic vibes of "Visions Of The Desert" the cohesive variety of sound keeps you sucked in on all 18 tracks. The darkest track is "Train Track Children" with a new twist on playing on the tracks. Celia and Mario harmonies on the title track remind me of Sky Cries Mary.
Blue Nouveaux also has released Temple which features remixes of songs on this CD.

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