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Weight Loss Black Book

"Melt Off Up To 28 Pounds in 4 Weeks And Keep it off By Eating 5-6 Times a Day and Exercising For Only 1-2 Hours a WEEK. Feel Great, Look Sexy and Make Heads Turn. Finally a SIMPLE, Step-by-Step, A-Z Weight Loss Program That Works for REAL People...

Dear friend,
If you want to lose weight quickly and naturally, then this will be the most important letter you will read in your entire life. Read on to see why:
Weight Loss Facts That Can Make You Or Break You...
Fact: First of all, the human body is not just "weight". It has both fatty tissue and lean tissue (muscles, internal organs, bones etc). What you really want to do, is NOT to lose "weight". It's to lose FAT. Otherwise, if you currently look like a "pear" and end up losing "weight", you will just end up looking like a smaller pear. But, if you lose fat and preserve or even increase your muscle tissue, you will look like a "bannana". (Hope this makes sense).
Fact: The less food you eat, the more your body thinks that food is not available. Then it goes into "survival mode" and actually tries to SLOW DOWN YOUR METABOLISM and hold on to AS MUCH FAT AS POSSIBLE.
Fact: Skipping meals will just cause you to put on more fat. Bears are so fat because their bodies need to be able to survive during long periods of not eating (like a hibernation). Deer on the other hand graze and they eat small amounts of food many times a day. Thet are lean and mean because their body doesn't have to hold on to too much fat since it appears that food is available.
Fact: Non-fat or extremely low-fat diets can actually cause ytou to GAIN weight. Americans eat all the latest "low fat" foods and they become fatter and fatter. Fat is not your enemy - if you know how to "handle" it.
Fact: Low carb diets DON'T work. Even if you do lose weight on them, you will gain it back and more! How many people do you know who lost weight on a low carb diet and kept it off? (I don't know of anyone - although you could argue that I don't know all that many people).
Fact: Aerobic exercise is actually NOT the best type of exercise to lose weight (fat) and keep it off. More and more men and women take up "Aerobic classes" and yet the American population becomes fatter and fatter. There are better ways to exercise that take less time and actually work better!

Download The Weight Loss Black Book today (ebook format) and start losing weight instantly!

Frequently Asked Questions:
What Exactly Will I learn?
Here's Exactly What You Will Discover:
How do the people who lose weight and keep it off, REALLY do it? Forget about following crazy fad diets that don't work. Just see what works for real people just like YOU and copy it for your benefit! (page 5)

Why you should never take weight loss advice from "special reports" in newspapers or lifestyle magazines (page 5)

Why 99 of people who say they want to "lose weight" are doomed right from the start - and what to do so you belong to the 1 that lose pounds and keep them off for good (page 5)

Which nutrients are important when trying to lose weight - and how to use them to your advantage so you lose weight quickly and easily (don't worry, this is much simpler than what "experts" want you to think) (page 6)

What a typical "bad diet" looks like and what quick fixes to apply to it so you melt the pounds like fire melts butter (page 7)

Why keeping things simple is better. Forget about "counting calories" or any of that jazz. That's too much work (page 9)

How it's possible to lose weight without eating less calories (and without increasing your activity level) (page 8)
Why doing aerobics can be a waste of time and energy. The truth is that there are many people who never perform any aerobics but they look phenomenal (and no, it's not because they have good genetics - see why this happens).

The absolute best type of exercise you can do in order to lose fat and keep it off (hint: exercising for hours on end is just not the answer)- (page 10)

The number one type of exercise doctors have been recommending for years - and why they are dead wrong (just look how out of shape doctors are) (page 11)

The myth that a certain type of exercise that can help you lose fat like nothing else "is difficult". In reality, even 5-year olds can do it! Learn what it is (page 11)

Simple exercise that can be performed at your home and that give the maximum fat loss results in minimum time and with not much effort. Watch them being performed in online video (page 13)

Why most women (and men) will never reach their weight loss goals. There's a common misconception that you need to get out of your head. Discover what it is (page 15)

Why weight loss is NOT an "all or nothing" game. There's absolutely no reason to do everything "perfectly". You can indulge in several "sins" practically every day and still lose weight like crazy.

When is REALLY the best time of the day to exercise in order to insure maximum fat loss (without working proportionately harder) (page 16)

The one thing you need to do BEFORE you start your weight loss program. This will ensure that you are always "pumped" and motivated to stick to your program... (page 17)

Why saying "I want to lose as much weight as possible" is a recipe for failure and what to do instead so you lose a lot of fat and keep it off for good (page 18)

What I answer people when they ask me: "Give me a great weight loss program in 30 seconds". If you keep this short list of things to do in your mind, you'll never have to wonder again about how to lose weight and keep it off (page 18)

Three exercises you can do anytime, anywhere, with no equipment that will allow you to lose weight faster (page 19)

Have you ever wondered why you start weight loss program after weight loss program only to stop three days later? It's not your fault! Here's what to do to make sure that you keep on track. (page 24)

How to feed your family when you are the only one on a weight loss program and they are not (page 21)

3 types of foods you can focus on that will lead to faster fat loss (page 22)

How can you make your thighs and midsection smaller faster? Also learn the number one misconception on the subject (page 24)

How to make sure that you never feel hungry again for the rest of your life - and yet, you will continue losing fat like crazy! (page 25)
What "failing in slow motion" is and how to make sure that it doesn't sabotage your weight loss results (page 47)
How to eat your favorite sweets and foods every day and still continue to lose fat every single day. It's amazing what you can get away with when you know how (page 26)

Why there's no reason for you to eat a specific "healthy food" if you don't like it. Only eat foods you enjoy from now on and still lose weight!(page 20)

How to become and stay motivated when you are obese and your ideal weight seems so far away (page 27)

Why you should never compare yourself with supermodels or "superstars" (page 27)

How to get up and move when you are obese and your knees and joints hurt from the exercise programs you hear about (hint: you don't need to do anything that makes you hurt) (page 27)

The best type of exercise an obese person can do to make sure they lose weight without having a heart attack (page 28)

How to stick to your diet when you are pressed for time (page 28)

How to make sure you eat all the foods that will help you lose weight without going broke. Great for people on a budget (page 29)

Do you need any pills to help you lose weight? The REAL answer finally revealed (it's NOT what you think) (page 31)

What's my opinion on blood type diets: Should you worry about them? (page 46)

How to break through a plateau when you have lost weight initially but suddenly all progress stops (page 46)

And much, much more!
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