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MP3 Kenny Butterill - Just A Songwriter

Rootsy, Bluesy, Folksy, Alt-Country, Americana, and Country Rock.

16 MP3 Songs
COUNTRY: Country Rock, FOLK: Folk Blues

Kenny Butterill''s latest album "Just A Songwriter" was officially released to an enthusiastic welcome at MIDEM in Cannes, France in 2003 and quickly generated two Top 10 hits in the European charts.

Since being released in North America in April 2003, the CD has generated a wealth of positive buzz with glowing reviews (see below) and spent several weeks in the USA Top 40 Americana Chart and other leading Alt-Country/Folk/Roots Music Charts around the world. The end of 2003 found Butterill''s song "Is There More?" at #1 becoming the all-time leader of the European Independent (EMS) singles chart.

The CD has received many accolades and awards including "Best Alt-Country/Americana CD for 2003" by True West Magazine in its 50th Anniversary Round up of the Best of the West. (Other category winners included Johnny Cash, Steve Earle, Lucinda Williams, Slaid Cleaves, Tom Russell and others).

There are 16 stellar musicial guests on Kenny''s album including Norton Buffalo, Ray Bonneville, Willie P. Bennett, John Lee Sanders, Bill Laymon, Steve Palazzo, Larry Hosford, Joe Weed, among others.

The "Just A Songwriter" CD/Album comes complete with an 18 panel foldout color poster, 14 page booklet, a beautiful CD Cover collector magnet and a hour of great music! Thanks for listening!

A Sampling of USA and International Reviews of the new Kenny Butterill "Just A Songwriter" CD


"... the best Americana artists are sometimes tough to pigeonhole. That''s the case here .... there are still singers and songwriters who avoid the formulas, mathematical and otherwise. Kenny Butterill is one".
(Full feature review at https://www.tradebit.com)
-- AL Kunz, RockzillaWorld

".... Butterill delivers mesmerizing https://www.tradebit.comntry/Roots magic on this album. Definitely in my Top 10 for 2003!" -- Dallas Dobro, KPIG Radio & Strawberry Music Festival (California)

"The coyote howls lonely and long, sagebrush rolls, dust devils twist, the evening air is perfumed with white sage and an old Indian on horseback is silhouetted against a new risen moon. Butterill is a songwriter set for these vistas. He has a soft Mark Knopfler-esque voice with an evocative and expressive delivery. The songs of Just A Songwriter are bluesy, drifting on currents of air like dust motes and throwing out sparks of inspiration. Softly country with restraint and introspection, each song is a visuality. Kenny lets us in as he dips "paintbrushes into my soul, just me and my guitar." Visitations from Norton Buffalo''s high lonesome harmonica and Ken''s friends like Joe Weed and Ray Bonneville fill in smoothness like a satin sheet, rumpled with the night''s exertions. There are loving nights and empty days, road trips and trying to move on. Visions of being "on the right track, ain''t no looking back, partners in the game, riding destiny''s train" smoothly flow from lover''s games and hard stares into a cold mirror. Butterill takes the heart on a journey, his band is a partner in a Dire Straits kind of way and the world is just outside. Fine like warm candle light reflected through crystal and the crimson of Cabernet suffusing excellently moving alt country folk poetry."
-Mark Gresser, Music Matters Review

"Kenny Butterill is one of those songwriter types who don''t seem to be around much anymore. He writes songs with great stories, and delivers them with a no-frills attitude and singing voice. It''s all laid out there for you to see and hear and a close listen will have most people agreeing he''s good at what he does. Kenny''s songs can be reflective, like the wonderful "My Austin Angel" and "Is There More?". He can tickle your funny bone too, with stuff like "Vegetarian Dead Cow Blues" and the clever title cut. Fans of the late Townes Van Zandt will know immediately what "The Townes You Left Behind" is about. Kenny''s voice has a laid-back charm that is often overlooked in this day and age of the shouter. The music matches that mood. I''m reminded of the acoustic work of Mark Knopfler, with and without Dire Straits. There''s also killer lead guitar throughout. Ray Bonneville shines on the title cut with very percussive work that supplies the song with its killer feel. The acoustic solo on "My Austin Angel" is marvelous, almost reminding one of the work on Marty Robbins "El Paso". There''s nice work on guitar on almost every cut here. And the feel of most is a perfect match for Butterill''s songwriting and singing. This is a fine one if you''re one of those who miss good songwriters just doing their thing. Kenny obviously has been at his trade for a while and knows what he''s doing.
-- John Heidt, Vintage Guitar

Kenny Butterill''s music insinuates itself into your being in such a warmly pleasant, hypnotic way. His songs evoke the feeling of being tucked in a lower berth as the Sunset Limited lances through the darkness, clickety-clacking its way across America. One listen to his JUST A SONGWRITER CD and you''ll fall under his spell."
-- John Lomax III

"Kenny Butterill''s ( "Just A Songwriter") title is a bit misleading. Kenny is not just a songwriter, but also an excellent vocalist. This album has it all, Blues, Country and Roots Rock. What a gifted performer Kenny Butterill is. Radio has no reason not to play this record. There is a song on this CD for every genre and music fan. Plus every cut is in the pocket."
-- Robert Bartosh Roots Music Report

"... Songs are solid in a Townes and Mickey Newbury sort of way and while Butterill''s voice is on the plain side, it brings an everyman quality to his songs making them much more easy to relate to. There is a lot of emotional ground covered here and Butterill does a fine job of conveying deep heart-rending emotions in his songs. An excellent album. Butterill may feel he''s just a songwriter, but in my world, there''s no occupation more
deserving of praise."
-- Scott Homewood, https://www.tradebit.com

"Kenny Butterill is a sincere, hard-working songwriter whose work deserves wider recognition. I especially like his recordings with Ray Bonneville."
-- Holger Peterson, Stony Plain Records, Edmonton,AB, Canada

Juno-Worthy, January, 2004
Over the past year, Sisyphus Tracks - the community-style web radio operation for which I serve as Program Director - has played many outstanding 2003 roots/folk releases from some of Canada''s biggest names, including Neil Young, Fred Eaglesmith, Kathleen Edwards, and the Be Good Tanyas, as well as the excellent Gordon Lightfoot tribute from Borealis/Northern Blues that includes covers by the Cowboy Junkies, Jesse Winchester, Bruce Cockburn and Ron Sexsmith. However, a lesser-known artist from the Great White North - Kenny Butterill - picked up a lot of new fans in 2003 with his Just A Songwriter CD, and deserves consideration along with his more famous countrymen when awards time rolls around.

In the title track of Butterill''s second release, the roots/alt-country/folk songwriter/producer eschews the "Nashville machine" that chews up artists and spits out "product." "I like being just a songwriter," he sings, "Don''t fit the showbiz scene." The tone is thus set for the rest of the record, a musically diverse collection of unpretentious, honest and laid-back tunes from an unpretentious, honest and laid-back songwriter.

Just A Songwriter has substantive virtues beyond just an anti-Nashville/showbiz stance, of course. There are, first of all, the songs - 14 of them plus two extended tracks. As a group, they demonstrate Butterill''s skill penning insightful lyrics that understate rather than bang you over the head; the music does much the same, anchored by gently rocking hybrid grooves that coax rather than hammer. Standout tunes include a tribute to the late, great songwriter Townes Van Zandt, "The Townes You Left Behind," the existential "Is There More?", the seductive "My Austin Angel" and the infectious boogie-blues of "Canadian Road Trip."

Perhaps the most surprising thing about Just A Songwriter, however, is how good it sounds. Despite Butterill''s limited range as a singer, there''s a relaxed charm and sweetness that comes through in his vocals. Also noteworthy is the stellar cast of 16 musicians that Butterill, wearing his producer''s hat, carefully assembled for the project, among them fellow Canadians Ray Bonneville and Willie P. Bennett, and ex-Commander Cody harmonica wizard Norton Buffalo.

Kenny Butterill is something of an internet phenomenon, an "outsider" who has used the power and relative democracy of the Web to market his music in North America and Europe. Without showbiz hype or even the obligatory tour, he''s enjoyed some significant success with this new approach, landing in the Americana Top 40 and charting globally, including two #1 hits in Europe. How appropriate it would be if this outsider were invited in from the Canadian cold, so to speak, by receiving further validation of his work via the prestigious Juno route.
-- Mike Westerfield/Sisyphus Tracks from Nashville, TN USA

Well-Produced With A Cool Feel
"Apologies to the artist and my publisher, but this CD has been in my truck for a month and will probably end up back there. This is the first Kenny Butterill disc that this reviewer has heard so I went back and checked out his debut release, the aptly titled No One You Know from 2000. Butterill had shopped his songs with little luck until he self-released that album which caught attention, particularly in his native Canada and in Europe where his song "How Far Can We Go?" was the first Americana release to hit #1 on the Country charts. With his new album, Just A Songwriter, Butterill has clearly expanded his range of the Americana/Country base with influences of Blues, Jazz, Rock and even Caribbean music. There is also clearly an influence of his currenty home in California.
This well-produced CD (by Butterill) has the cool feel of a J.J. Cale album and a couple of the cuts clearly bring Cale to mind ("Felton''s Place" for one). Along with Butterill and his songwriting, two of the several guest artists really make this album work. The first is one of the best Canadian Bluesmen, Ray Bonneville. Bonneville''s guitar playing stands out and he blows some nice harp on "Canadian Road Trip." The second is the great harp playing of Norton Buffalo. Buffalo is one the best in the business and does some fine studio work here on four of the fourteen regular tracks. Butterill is no slacker in the strings either and there are some other fine studio players here and the personnel rotate with each song.

Butterill crafts interesting songs with lyrics that keep you interested and melodies that stay with you. There is nothing complex going on here, just solid songwriting and a well organized production, there is enough diversity of styles and musicians and wit to keep things fun throughout.

The album opens with the title song, a sort of mission statement from Butterill about how he sees himself in the music business. "I don''t fit the Showbiz scene, I don''t deal well with the road (and) I''d die in the Nashville machine." Buffalo and Bonneville help to define this song. There is also an extended bonus version of this song at the end of the disc.

One of my favorites on the disc is "The Email Song" which offers a unique look at the reblooming of an old romance via the Internet. The guitars are credited to Butterill, Joe Weed and Steve Palazzo. Whoever takes the acoustic solo (I am guessing the latter) does a fine job and I admit publicly to stealing one of his licks.

I also like the haunting Blues of "Gotta Find A Woman" which features some more fine guitar from Peter Morrison and interesting background vocals from the John Lee Sanders 4.1 Choir. Sanders also painted the great album cover which is one of my favorites of recent times.

The regular album ends with fine tribute to the late Townes Van Zandt entitled "The Townes You Left Behind." Backed by two acoustic guitars and his own, Butterill sings, "A life of soul searching, of pain and hurting filled with danger and surprise. He let us inside, his stormy ride with no pity or alibis.."

There are bonus tracks of extended versions of two of the albums songs, the title song and "Are You Surprised?," both featuring Bonneville and Buffalo adding a little to the originals in a bit of a jam.

Kenny Butterill has put together a good sophomore album that shows what he learned from his debut. It deserves a good rating of an "8." Most listeners will find something here that they like. I suspect that this guy has a "10" in him somewhere and I plan to keep watching for it.
-- Jason Wesley, a founding editor of FolkWax.

"... A Canadian living in the U.S., Butterill is all the things a songwriter should be: original, sensitive, perceptive, warm, slyly humorous, and above all, memorable. He''s also an outstanding producer, adding enough other musical touches (besides his own fine acoustic guitar), from backing musicians with solid feel, to sell the song without overdoing it. The soulful Gotta Find a Woman, with its backing choir, and the bluesy sax
on Making Love In L.A. are classic examples, though the title track is a winner, too.... check out Kenny Buterrill''s repertoire. He''s got the stuff".
-- Barry Hammond, Penguin Eggs, Edmonton, ALberta Canada

"Canadian Kenny Butterill''s second release Just A Songwriter is a no-nonsense collection of well-written and smoothly delivered songs. Kenny has a laid-back voice a la Mark Knopfler and a down home bluesy writing style. The album features some of Canada''s best musicians, including Willie P. Bennett on mandolin, and some spectacular harmonica playing by Norton Buffalo. Of particular note is the last cut on the CD, "The Townes You Left Behind," a ode to Townes Van Zandt. Haunting lyrics and clean guitar playing are reminiscent of Townes'' style and explore the art and impact of songwriting."
-- Janet Humphrey, Victory Music Review

"The new CD from Kenny Butterill takes you on a trip though the wonderland of Americana. It features incredible songwriting with tasty guest appearances from Norton Buffalo, Willie P. Bennett, Ray Bonneville and old FAT favorites Joe Weed and Larry Hosford. It''s a delightful Canadian take on the Americana experience. Enjoy!"
-- Felton Pruitt, XM Satellite Radio/Host of the FAT Music Show (Global)

"Here''s another reason why some of us will remember April 2003 as one of the sweetest months ever in Texas music: ''Just A Songwriter'' is oh so easy on the ears and has multiple pleasant associations for me. Overall sweet, straight, .... a bunch of catchy tunes that keep me reaching for the ''replay'' button."
-- Marquetta Herring, https://www.tradebit.com (Dallas, TX)

"You know how good it feels when you find some really cool music - but the masses don''t know about it? It''s almost like your own secret stash. THIS ALBUM is your secret stash! For those who like very hip alt-country/roots music, Kenny Butterill''s ''Just A Songwriter'' CD will deliver a potent, increasingly delightful, mindbender buzz, many times over, for a long time to come!"
-- Greg Simpson, Mindbenders Music, London, Ontario, Canada

"This is Kenny''s follow-up to his knockout debut "No One You Know." He''s got a way with words and his easy going style practically puts him on your living room sofa. Nothing intricate or flashy, he doesn''t have to be, just no nonsense great songs. He''s from Canada, but his songs are universal. Love, loss, more love, a small victory, more loss and redemption out of the ashes. A great way for your CD player to spend an evening.
-- Village Records (Shawnee, KS)

"Kenny is back! His talent as a songwriter is well known in the industry and his ability to deliver a strong musical performance has been clearly established with his past CD, "No One You Know". His new CD entitled "Just a Songwriter" is a further progression and highly enjoyable! Kenny has the charming ability to create songs that are first pure fun - very easy to listen to - yet some how quite compelling - and then perform them masterfully. His songs are learning experiences not dissimilar to enjoying fine wine. Like developing an admiration of fine wine, as you listen more and more - your appreciation for Kenny''s work will grow and grow. So pop the cork by spinning up his new CD and start enjoying fine listening today. You will not be disappointed."
-- Steve Ekblad, https://www.tradebit.com (Chicago, IL)

"Even with musicians like Norton Buffalo and Willie P Bennett behind his relaxed vocals, this has to have come out better than he dared hope. Though he takes his craft seriously, Butterill, as the album titled suggests, doesn''t take himself too seriously and his songs, including tributes to Townes Van Zandt and Felton Pruitt, are finely balanced, substantial but easy to listen to, in styles ranging from folk to folk-rock via alt country and acoustic blues ... he blends his laid back delivery in with the musicians and his only real problem is that the album sounds so good that his words almost have to sneak across subliminally."
-- John Conquest, Editor, 3rd Coast Music (San Antonio, TX)

"The follow-up to his European hit country record "No One You Know", "Just A Songwriter" seems to be on the same path. His blend of alt.-country, Americana/folk and blues exposes this songwriter''s feeling through strong imagery. Soothing and melodic, his music wears well like a familiar coat."
-- Miles of Music (Los Angeles, CA)


".... 60 minutes of class material ! The title ''Just A Songwriter'' should be understood only as total Understatement - this is laid back Americana at its very best!! Brilliant."
- Glitterhouse, Germany

"Another great album from one of today''s most gifted songwriters. Americana will go from strength to strength with the likes of Kenny Butterill."
-- Lee Williams, Music Choice, CMR/Pulse 202 (throughout Europe)

"Just A Songwriter" is really a gem, and it is destined to become one of the best efforts released by a contemporary songwriter from North America in recent times.

Kenny is a very impressive artist, an artist that proudly perpetuates the glorious school of the Canadian songwriting, he has in fact a beautiful and warm voice that suits perfectly his charming bluesy style; but in his music there are also some slight echoes of country, jazz and even reggae giving his work a fresh and highly individual mark! The arrangements then are always interesting and different, even thank to the always superb harp playing of that great man, Mr. Norton Buffalo; and please let me say it''s been a great pleasure to find the legendary Willie P. Bennett among the players contributing to this stunning album of Kenny!!!"
-- Massimo Ferro, Radio Voce Spazio, Italy

"....You have to be a certain type of character to want to devote yourself to the art of songwriting and to achieve an impact. (With this CD) Butterill succeeds in building an atmosphere of tension, that produces a feeling of well-being. Before we even have chance to look round, Butterill has "monopolized" his listeners. Sometimes he is more acoustically oriented, sometimes drifting more into jazz, but there is an unobtrusive acoustic scenario flowing over the listener, and new images are constantly appearing in our mind''s eye. It''s a far cry from the perfectly mass-produced uniformity of sound that has dominated the "big" charts for quite a long time now.

What was a hobby in his youth has now long become a passion - namely to record his impressions and feelings in his songs. Over the years he has been able to refine his passion to such an extent that other singers have now become interested in his songs. Of course, he has nothing against seeing others being successful with his songs, but I like his own interpretations just as much.

Butterill sings with a naturalness that takes you aback. Free from all constraints and commercial guidelines. He has already had some successes in Europe. Perhaps because it''s not so easy to categorize him and his music - and one shouldn''t really try."

Manfred Vogel, https://www.tradebit.com, Germany

"Simply put, this album is a tempered and insightful delight. This is pure Americana with splashes of blues, jazzy riffs, and alt-country fusions for equal measure. There is no Nashville bravado here. No big hats and oversized belt buckles, no glamour shots holding the promise of a CMT special from a cowboy clothes horse. No. What is on offer is a tuneful palette of blended artistry ..."
--George Peden, https://www.tradebit.com (Australia)

" ... bluesy feel is ideal for his intelligent story songs and sublime melodies that are presented with a ''lived-in'' integrity that states ''I have been there on the inside now I am looking to tell the clear story my way''. Kenny is one of those all too rare breeds of believable storytellers who makes you think, rather than pushing it in your face. I am a fan! (Included is) "The Townes You Left Behind", a splendid tribute to Townes Van Zandt. One of my songwriting heroes. Tell you what! Kenny Butterill is on my list especially after this album." - Brian Ahern, Country Music & More (United Kingdom)

Kenny Butterill is, as he sings in the first track of his second cd, in the first place a songwriter. But he is blessed with a warm, what deep voice, a voice that can''t go unused of course. And he uses it with nice results. After the title track we are melted away with the lovely ballad about an old love "My Austin Angel", and with "The E-mail Song", in which by a brief email old feelings of passion flame up again. Also nicely laid back is "Felton''s Place" with the beautiful harmonies of Larry Hosford. And wait till you hear "The Townes You Left Behind" - Butterills tribute to late Townes Van Zandt. "Now it''s us that have the blues", sings the man and he does that in such a convincing manner, you cannot disagree with him. A must for every music lover of folk, americana and quiet blues - this is a successful combination of the three.
-- Benny Metten, https://www.tradebit.comntry, Belgium

"... well crafted songs, all written by Kenny are one of the main features of the new CD. The other most distinctive feature is undoubtedly his voice, quality with a softness and sureness at times it''s almost a loud whisper and with the subtle backing of acoustic instruments his voice is never overshadowed. Norton Buffalo on harmonica is outstanding on his tracks, a perfect foil to Kenny''s voice. The acoustic guitars, harmonica, bass, occasional piano, mandolin, and electric guitars all have a laid back feel giving the overall album a late night, candlelight martini-time feel, and bound to be another winner for Kenny. The bluesy, folksy, rootsy sound gives this fine collection of Americana music the right to stand alongside the Guy Clarks/JJ Cales and Tony Joe Whites and others." -- Gerry Ford, CMD Magazine (Scotland)

"... a great CD by Kenny Butterill, he is really something special. His relaxed way of singing puts the listener in the right mood and the recording quality is just top notch. I like Kenny''s "close up" vocals, he is never strangled by the music or drowned out by the equipment. I can only say this rhythmical music, whatever style it''s in, is just superb. Such a CD makes it worthwhile to be a DJ, and know each track is perfect. Now I don''t say all the tracks are in a style as I like, but it''s not for me to judge the tracks, but my listeners. My hat is off for a perfect recording that all can be proud of."
-- Dann Hansen, Roskilde Dampradio (Denmark)

"The second album for this authentic songwriter, authentic because every song and harmony on this album has been written and played by Kenny, with the collaboration of a long list of guest artists like Willie P. Bennett, Ray Bonneville, Jim Lewin, Mary McCaslin, Peter Morrison.

The atmosphere in every song lends its shape to an alternative country sound, or maybe it is enough to define it by the term Americana Music. The mood on the tracks is so varied that you can even find gospel while listening to latest Willie Nelson-like sweet guitar riffs on harmonica melodies. Kenny could actually be the perfect third man in an hypothetical vocal trio with Willie Nelson and Mark Knopfler, as his voice and his sound stand right in between those of the two big stars.

The most interesting tracks on the CD I''d like to highlight are "Just A Songwriter", "If We Were Alone", and "A Couple of Lines", the latter starting with reggae reminiscences. "Vegetarian Dead Cow Blues" is the song where the country flavors and mood is more intense, with melodic duets between acoustic guitar and harmonica, while "Is There More?" is another country song that somehow brings to memories Texan outlaws.

I would recommend this album to whose who want to enjoy a relaxed and refreshing listening moment, and most of all to those who enjoy listening clearly to guitar string melodies, bassline, harmonicas and to all the feelings that this songwriter is able to transmit to us through his music."
--Andrea Aglio, Jamboree Magazine, Italy

"Kenny Butterill has certainly kicked down a few doors for the Americana acts. His # 1 hit (in 2002) ensured that acts like Chip Taylor and Billy Don Burns get exposure at Country Radio. While his new "Just A Songwriter" CD is not a full-blown country album, the quality is outstanding - I really loved the whole thing from start to finish."
- Stuart Cameron, Radio Caroline (throughout Europe)

" ... the new "Just A Songwriter" album from Kenny Butterill is a passionate listening album, not heavy or pushy but one that tells it''s own story. I said about his debut CD, No One You Know, that it was folky blues music. With his new album I want to add: Americana! It all just fits on "Just A Songwriter". Butterill is a master in making laidback music ..."
- Jan Janssen, Real Roots Cafe, The Netherlands

"60 minutes of Country Music from Kenny Butterill is like attending a concert by Bach for classical music lovers. You just have to love his music. The 2003 album is both timeless and incomparable. One can say this: The CD Offers a Great Bunch of Bluesy, Country Roots Music."
--Christian Lamistchka, https://www.tradebit.com (Germany)

"Just a songwriter, one whose songs touch your heart. This CD is difficult to catagorize precisely - it could be defined as folk music with influences blues and country, but that would be too restrictive since the music of Kenny Butterill touches all fields of what is known as Americana. Kenny Butterill is a poet, who like Guy Clark or Chuck Pyle, is able to effectively communicate true emotions across the musical spectrum with songs about the small delights and the large pains of real life that we can all relate to. Just a songwriter, but with a capital ''S''."
-- Gianluca Sitta, Lone Star Time, Italy

"... Kenny Butterill is the guy with a low profile, and a warm and relaxed voice whose music makes the cold winter easier. His "Just a Songwriter" title track is about how he believes he doesn''t belong in showbiz ... but artists like Butterill are exactly what Nashville needs as a counterbalance against all the mediocre pop country ..."
- Kenneth Lundstrom, Sodra Dalarnes Tidning ( Hedemora,Sweden)

"Kenny Butterill is a key part of the new talents of what is called Americana Music and Alternative Country Music. The world of Kenny, this Canadian born songwriter now living to the USA, is a quiet, calm world. A world that blends the blues, deep themes, folk, rock, and also the Jazz Country. To listen, try flying along in a beautiful car, on a long straight highway ...... "
-- Alain Mangenot, https://www.tradebit.com

"... Contrary to all the rules of the music business, a business that does not consider those nearing the middle years, but well grounded with common sense, Butterill is not an inexperienced novice. A songwriter/composer molded in the groove of the country/blues genre, with guitar production and soft, soulful singing like his eminent predecessors J.J. Cale and Mark Knopfler (whose influences affect the mood of the album with pleasant persistence), Butterill is a capable craftsman of songs that succeed by combining alternative and contemporary country at the same time. Comprehensive, solid and balanced, "Just A Songwriter" hides inside no small quality that will please a large cross section of country fans."
-- Mauro Eufrosini, JAM Magazine, Italy

" ... and I consider it to be a masterpiece. The variety of music is great and there is something for each and all on this album. Lots of improvements over the first album, but the same red "Kenny string" floats all through the CD. I recon there will be many European DJs who will give this new CD 5 stars - I sure do."
--Lars G Lindberg - MCWC Radio (Sweden)

" ... songwriter,producer Kenny Butterill released his second progressive music scene album "Just A Songwriter" which included beautifuly rootsy, folksy, bluesy, Americana, alt-country songs. Kenny has a warm beautiful voice and knows how to write a good song. We know this guy from his debuut release "No One You Know" a great timeless album. His new offering "Just A Songwriter" proves his profesionality in music world. Hopefully now Kenny Butterill will be known as on of the so many good songwriters and artists. Everybody who likes good songwork will enjoy this one very much. When you listen to songs as "My Austin Angel", "Just A Songwriter", " The Email Song", "Joanne"(my favorite song), "Is There More?" The Townes You Left Behind" and more....................
Kenny is one of the guys I will give five stars because he''s damned good.
-- Raymond Swennen, Roots Revivial, (Belgium)

"...an album whose sound merges various influences that range from country music to folk, from rock to blues. The song that gives the album its title and the one that opens it is a {sapido} country veined with blues, very laid back, halfway between Waylon Jennings and J.J. Cale (from whom I recognize a certain vocal nature and the syncopated style of the guitar). The songs of Kenny Butterill have a timeless fascination with the music of the South even if they were conceived by a Canadian and recorded for the most part in California. The intense and nostalgic flavours of Texas music are alive and present in "My Austin Angel", with the presence of Billy Don Burns. "Canadian Road Trip" in which stand out the electric guitar, the harmonica, Ray Bonneville''s percussion and Willie P. Bennett, Canadian singer/songwriter who, in the seventies, was amid the ranks of such big names as Bruce Cockburn, Murray McLachlan and Dave Essig. Guest of honor on a good many of the songs is Norton Buffalo, harmonica virtuoso who was part of the band of Commander Cody in the seventies and in more recent times, a partner of the great bluesman Roy Rogers. "Gotta Find A Woman" is a gospel song of great merit which would make Ry Cooder of a few years ago happy, whereas "The Email Song" is ennobled by by the great guitar work of Steve Palazzo. "Felton''s Place" is more Californian and striking for the extreme finesse of the arrangement and for the harmonica of Norton Buffalo. "Are You Surprised?", "Making Love in L.A." and "Vegetarian Dead Cow Blues" represent the more blues side of Kenny Butterill, whereas "Joanne, Is There More?" and "The Townes You Left Behind" move with great delicacy between country and folk, in a style that is typical of the seventies, with an eye towards the ''old'' outlaws Billy Joe Shaver and Waylon Jennings. "Just A Songwriter" is a noteworthy step forward as regards a purely good opening and puts Kenny Butterill on a plane of absolute quality on the present independent scene.
--Remo Ricaldone, AmericanWest, Italy

I think the title Just A Songwriter sums up this album, not a showbiz person, just a songwriter wanting to be heard. Well, I''ve heard him, and I like what I hear. This is music on the borderlines of country, with story songs, very well performed by Kenny Butterill, who has a very nice voice, which is restful to listen to, and the most beautiful intertwingling of guitars as well as piano, bass and drums, with saxophone, not on every track, but drifting lazily through in "Making Love in LA". My favourite track is "My Austin Angel" with its lovely Tex Mex feel, and beautiful guitar work. The sleeve contains information and the song words, all written by Kenny Butterill. I very much enjoyed this album.
-- Sue McCarthy, Southern Country Magazine, UK

"... his songs reflect his personality - that is of a calm, feet on the ground, artist of song. The title of his second CD "Just a Songwriter" is indicative of his personality. It is difficult to affix a "label" to him. The voice and the feeling oft the CD bring to mind composers such as Gordon Lightfoot, JJ Cale and sometimes of Mark Knopfler or Neil Young - some rather high powered references!! The CD includes musical guest harmonica player Norton Buffalo who brings a bluesy side to the CD - a very pleasant touch. This CD above all proves that things are starting to move on the Nashville side and that maybe we will soon see an end to the glitzy, bubblegum side to return to a more down to earth country."
-- Claude Vue, https://www.tradebit.com, France


Before 2000, songwriter/producer Kenny Butterill was a virtual unknown. The release of Butterill''s debut album, NO ONE YOU KNOW, changed all that and put him on the cutting edge of the progressive music scene. Indeed, Butterill''s brand of radio friendly "rootsy, folksy, bluesy, Americana, https://www.tradebit.comntry feel good music" has endeared him to markets all over the world.

With his career flourishing, Butterill''s latest album JUST A SONGWRITER has his popularity soaring even higher. Filled with inviting melodies, masterful songwriting and engaging, earthy vocals, the self-produced JUST A SONGWRITER album is Kenny Butterill personified: compassionate, sensitive and diverse, yet singularly individualistic.

Since being unveiled in Cannes, France at MIDEM 2003, JUST A SONGWRITER has caught the watchful eyes of the industry and reviewers who have sung its praises. Not surprising the CD has received many accolades including "Best Alt-Country/Americana CD for 2003" by True West Magazine in its 50th Anniversary Round up of the Best of the West.

Giving artistic expression to a poetic soul, you won''t find Butterill chasing the bright lights - he prefers to let his music stands on its own - hence the title - "JUST A SONGWRITER". And stand on its own it does! The CD spent many weeks in the Americana Top 40 Chart and in several other leading Roots/Country/Folk music charts around the world.

More importantly, Butterill, a quiet rebel of grace, has done what he set out to do -- to prove the accessibility of his song catalog on his own terms. In a world where everything seems mandatory or forbidden, his ''no-showbiz'' approach to the music business has made him somewhat of an industry ''outsider'', a badge of honour he wears proudly. That Butterill has avoided the trappings of showbiz while charting globally each of the last four years makes a clear-cut statement about how appealing and popular his music is.

Butterill began writing songs during his teens in Canada and his hobby soon became a challenging outlet for his inspirations. Early in the 1990s, Butterill began pitching his tunes and in the late 1990s his music received a very positive reception in the online world. Friends and fans encouraged him to do a CD. NO ONE YOU KNOW was the result and the rest, as they say, is history.

In 2002, his single, "How Far Can We Go?" became the first Americana-format song in almost two years to crossover and become a #1 Country hit in Europe after spending several months in the Canadian Country Charts. Sometimes compared to Dire Straits, Gordon Lightfoot and Tony Joe White, Butterill''s music has garnered airplay on hundreds of radio stations and programs throughout the world and on the Internet. Especially gratifying to Butterill has been the broad acceptance of his music at Public Radio in all markets.

While his songwriting and producer efforts now consume a large portion of his time, Butterill does continue to be involved with the other entrepreneurial ventures he''s long been associated with. He''s also a "serious student of the universe" with fascinations for Eastern mysticism, mythology, social justice, politics and red wine - not necessarily in that order. Currently residing high in the rugged outback of the Santa Cruz Mountains in Northern California, Butterill thrives on the isolation and solitude that the wilderness offers. Though isolated, he is always connected. Friends can usually find Butterill on his back porch - noodling with his notebook computer, writing songs, surfin'' the web, cutting deals or staying in touch with friends near and far.

The native Canadian who has lived in the USA since the 1980s has been praised as a songwriter of great substance and depth. His repertoire delivers on both counts. Richly textured but never overproduced, Butterill''s music has the warm ambience of an intimate setting with an up-close, personal vibe. This is due in no small part to the creative control that Butterill, the producer, exercises from recording to mixing, a role he takes very seriously.

With true emotion and empathy, Butterill''s music gives us a glimpse inside the man whose insightful, sometimes imaginative, perceptions about mankind bear the signature stamp of his personality. With a passionate, unwavering focus on creativity and quality, Butterill is more than JUST A SONGWRITER. He''s one who has forged his own path, delivering musical magic that truly connects with Alt-Country, Roots and Folk music fans around the world. (Winter 2004)

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