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MP3 Midnight Sun - Without A Label

My album is a new style of hip hop with club flavor. I''m in the same zone as OutKast, Black Eyed Peas and Mindless Self Indulgence; but my album shifts more towards the techno side of the spectrum.

16 MP3 Songs
POP: with Electronic Production, HIP HOP/RAP: Alternative Hip Hop

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Artist Scientifically Creates Album That Will Get You High

By writing the lyrics and making the beats, as well as producing, recording, and mixing my own work, I, The Midnight Sun bring you a new form of Hip Hop music with club flavor that makes you experience the album instead of just listening to it. My emotional life encounters and own unique sound are infused with influences from techno, hip hop, reggae and rock. I bring my audience, your audience, every audience a high energy, easy to dance to album that balances intensity, fun, emotion and meaning into a package that takes you on a roller coaster ride of musical experience.

Right now I''m working on promoting the release of my new album ''Without A Label'' which I''ll talk more about in a moment. Currently I''m interested in getting in touch with all of you guys out there, most importantly the listeners and future listeners of my music. So far you guys have kept this dream alive and kept my ass off the street! LOL. Also I want to hear from DJ''s who would like to spin my club oriented music at their gigs and booking agents who are looking for something fresh and real to add to their bill of acts. Media, especially talk shows looking to do interviews about the music and of course radio interested in learning more and playing some of my tracks on their station. Right now I''m in the process of booking an independent tour and am looking forward to getting in touch with a booking agent so we can spread the word about this music faster and more effectively.

About the music:

If your personality only allows you to enjoy one type of music, not only does that make you pretty damn boring, but it also means you probably don''t belong here and won''t like the music.

But chances are if you''ve read this far then you are an open minded, intelligent, independent individual with high standards in search of something new to break the monotony of today''s crap music. So to you I say ''fasten your seat belts".

These beats are intense! With bass so heavy it''ll make your lungs shake, a reggae style thump that makes your body move while high energy techno style melodies excite you and cause that light feeling in your stomach like when you were a kid the night before Christmas. Edgy vocals that wake you up and help you to feel the experience more clearly combine with deep and meaningful lyrics to complete this intense musical experience. For the first time in a long time, maybe ever, you have the chance to experience a club oriented hip hop album that actually deals with subject matter you can relate to!

This meaningful connection, that feeling of "finally someone understands" amplifies this mix of intensity and excitement creating a stimulated release of adrenaline into your body. The adrenaline release causes a "rush" to go through your body which awakens your senses, and right when you are at the height of that rush just before it burns you, the music drops into something a little more smooth. This change in musical atmosphere causes the adrenaline to drop, which is then followed by a deep feeling of release.

This feeling of release is actually thanks to a gland in your brain that creates endorphins (endogenous morphine) and releases them into your body after an increase followed by a drop in adrenaline occurs. The sensations that follow are identical to the refreshing and relaxing, warm feeling you experience after sex. You feel like a new person after hearing this album.

So unlike ALL other albums available ANYWHERE from ANY style, my childhood-to-today fascination with science and chemistry has enabled me to scientifically develop an album that gets you high. All it takes is one listen and you''ll enjoy immediate satisfaction thanks to the wonders of modern science.

About me:

Now, my life was rarely supportive of creativity. I''ve been through it all, a dead beat father that took off after my first birthday. A mother who''s lost her hold on reality, and the subsequent foster homes I was placed in due to the issues with her. I figure after being in over 11 foster homes, I sort of lost count. One thing that''s twisted-ly beneficial to my moving around so much is that I''ve lived in ALL types of environments. I''ve lived in backwoods rural country areas where a cow is your closest next door neighbor. I''ve lived in middle class areas where everyone is in your business and your parents barely know you exist. And I''ve also lived in rich areas where excitement is in such short supply the life of luxury is almost a curse instead of a blessing. And I''ve also lived in areas so poor that frying bologna on top of a toaster oven while one piece of stale white bread warms up in an attempt to soften it is considered the beginnings of a gourmet meal. I''ve dealt with rats, bats, roaches, drug dealers, pimps, shoot outs, boredom, anger, frustration, loneliness, alienation, break ups, love, sex, abuse, molestation. I''ve dealt with loss, death, watching friends all around me go to jail. I''d bet ten bucks that if you''ve been through it, I understand. That''s not to short change your experiences in any way, just take comfort in knowing that when you read the lyrics they WILL mean a whole lot more then "izzle ba dizzle ma gizzle shabizzle" like every other artist out there tries to feed you.

I''ve overcome all of these horrors and so can you. My overall goals for myself, you, the music, and all of my projects currently underway is to help to promote my overall philosophy of Kill The Crap and show all of my listeners that we deserve more out of life AND, we can get it. I have written one therapist approved book titled Kill The Crap In Dating: For Men and am working on killing the crap in sex, relationships, parenting. Eventually I will be releasing music videos for my album, high quality TV and Radio commercials not just about the products, but about the idea of ''Kill The Crap'' (yeah that''s trademarked :-P). I''ve got a poetry book on the way as well as a suspense/thriller novel and movie scripts. This idea is going to be huge and if you''ve bought any of my products then you were smart enough to get in on the ground floor, good for you! If you''re just learning about https://www.tradebit.com then this next statement is especially for you:

If you''ve got parents constantly getting down on you and never letting you grow, if you feel alone or empty, if you''re contemplating suicide, if you feel invisible, if you feel oppressed in your current life, you can over come all of it, and more, just like I''ve done. I share how in my music, starting with my debut album ''Without A Label''. Get excited, feel connected, feel alive and enjoy the high, in my debut album ''Without A Label''.

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Check out what people are saying:

"I just think it''s amazing how an album this good was made with only 200 bucks. He says it gets you high, maybe not like pot or anything, but I sure did walk away feeling damn good after listening to it, and yes, I did feel like a new man. Kill The Crap, I just love that." Bob Chester, age 42, M, NY

"i really enjoyed the album, i felt as i was listening i was being told a story, i felt like i was there with kephra and could feel what he was feeling and understood where he was coming from.... you don''t hear too much of anything you can relate to that is real anymore, with this album it is all real and very raw emotion, i think no matter who you are you will walk away from this album with a new found appreciation for an artist who has busted his ass with next to nothing to bring you true and honest music." Alicia Singleton, F, age 22, KY

"When I listened to the CD it made me think I was no longer the only one that felt that way. It was nice to have someone else out there who could put my feelings into words. It was as if you were talking TO me." Minga B., F, age 29, TX

"The style is very varied across the album. It''s awesome how some songs can seem almost calm, yet you can clearly see the passion put into them. A few songs are really amazing at making you want to just get up and like....fucking beat the make out of something, really gets you pumped and I really like the interludes you have in there too, they help show where you''re coming from and what you''re all about. " Eric Foster, M, age 19, NY

"I''m so sick of the radio, I''m sick of MTV, it''s about time somebody made something worth listening to. I recommend this album to everyone who isn''t a pussy. I recommend this album to everyone who thinks they''re worthy of this album. Kill The Crap, it''s a great philosophy and this is some great music. Buy the album or unless you''re a loser, then you should go listen to Puffy." James Lynch, M, age 20, NY

"It''s addictive" Paul Digiavonni, M, age 16, NY

"Without A Label is by far the best 12 bucks I spent on a cd, awesome lyrics, awesome beats, this album is a break through and a future, because there''s so much crap out there and Midnight Sun is going to Kill The Crap I garauntee it" Chris Desario, M, age 19, NY

more quotes from people who bought this album:

What are you waiting for? Experience what hundreds of people already have in my album ''Without A Label''.

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