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MP3 Russ Schneider - Friday Night

60''s fueled Melodic Rock and Roll

20 MP3 Songs
ROCK: 60''s Rock, POP: British Pop

Russ Schneider: Friday Night
[Under the Dome]

For those who salivate at the thought of taking a road trip in your 50''s Z28 with your hair blowing in the wind and the Easy Rider soundtrack blaring from your speakers, this album is for you. And if you are a lover of Hot Wheels, check out the album art in which there is a modified Hot Wheels-like logo that says Russ Schneider on it. That''s just cool.

Russ Schneider''s debut album is masterfully played, sung and recorded. With such influences as Buddy Holly and Tom Petty, he works the floor and doesn''t hold back. His lyrics are simple yet catchy and destined to etch their way into the head of anyone who listens. Each song is full-on pop with sunshine-filled harmonies that conjure up images of the Mamas and the Papas with songs such as "You Don''t Know" and the Beach Boys in "Summer Lover."

Propulsive and full of rock and roll, these songs are almost hard to single out individually, because the album works so well as a whole. There are no bad apples here. However, if I have to pick out one complaint, I could understand how someone might think that the album could get monotonous with the same vocal and musical style throughout all 20 tracks. With such vintage pop gems like "1969," those of us who weren''t actually around to experience the memories Schneider is reminiscing of would think fondly of these visions and wish that they had been there to experience them as well.

With twenty rockin'' tracks all clocking in around three minutes, Friday Night has a lot to offer. With such things as free love and drive-ins littering the lyrics amongst cleanly executed electric guitar solos, this album doesn''t disappoint and manages to deliver a timeless quality that cats of today or yesterday would enjoy.

-Lisa Town https://www.tradebit.com

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New Release for 2005, Russ Schneider''s debut cd "Friday Night" is a heavily fueled return to the fun of 60''s balls out rock with Brit-Rock sensibility when it was all about the song. It takes a life time to write your first album and there are twists and turns within these 20 songs that reflect on what everyone feels sometime in their lives. Recorded Under The Dome and produced by Herb Eimerman, melodies and sound blasts bounce through the strong driving rythmn tracks.

Produced by Not Lame fave Herb Eimerman, this DIY release is a modest little gem filled with 20(!!) short `n sweet 2+ minute histro-jangle-punchy pop gems. What hands strongly into this jubilant debut is its echoey Everly Brothers, Dwight Twilley Band vocals that recall the work of Denny Cordell with both Twilley and early Tom Petty. The material most reminds me of "Sincerely" from Dwight Twilley Band and, boy, is that a compliment. The spirit of Buddy Holly shines in here, too. There`s a spirit of early 70`s AM radio(think Monkees, Mickie Most) to make things even more interesting. Very Highly Recommended.

Bruce Brodeen Not Lame Records

On the inside sleeve of his debut CD, Russ Schneider modestly admits that four months ago he had no thoughts of recording his music and now twenty songs later, he''s realized the dream of completing his first album. That''s quite an accomplishment, and also a well-deserved nod to the man who made it happen, power pop mastermind, Herb Eimerman.
A myriad of influences come to mind, most apparently the sound of the Moody Blues-especially in opening track "Runs to Him" and later in "Life''s Not"-where the majesty and sweep of the melodies and a cluster of hushed harmonies bring that band to the fore. Other sounds abound as well-the Beach Boys in "Beautiful Girl," the Four Seasons in "Summer Lovers"-as Schneider offers homage to vintage pop music circa the ''60s and ''70s. His aptly-titled "1969" sums up a nostalgic view that pervades the album as a whole; when Schneider reminisces about "free love, flowers and long hair," those old enough to remember that more innocent time will no doubt find a connection in these wistful recollections.
Schneider''s upbeat, propulsive pop music makes for an engaging encounter, a uniformly enjoyable set of songs with a sound that''s instantly identifiable and delightfully unassuming. Overall, Friday Night is a prime time for some terrific tunes.

Lee Zimmerman
Music Columnist
South Florida''s Entertainment News and Views
April 15, 2005

"Russ, get your Grammy speech ready, you got a good album here!" Alan Haber''s Pure Pop 3/05

New for 2005. This is classic 60''s style power pop. Produced by Herb Eimerman formerly of Nerk Twins, his influences are heavy on the cd as he plays and sings on it as well. (In other words , Herb Eimerman fans will love this cd.) The opening track "Run To Him" reminds us of the 60''s classic "In the Year 2525" by 60''s duo Zager and Evans. The 3rd track "Only Lover" has a heavy Shoes sound to it. The amazing thing about this cd is that Herb and Russ both have vocals that blend perfectly together. It''s really hard to tell which one of them is singing at times. In conclusion, the cd has faithfully captured the pure pop/rock spirit of 1969. For further proof just listen to track called... "1969"! If you like classic 60''s, this is A MUST! Well done and carefully crafted!

Jeremy Morris-Jamrecordings

Wednesday, March 23
( 3/23/2005 08:47:00 AM ) Bill Sherman

"WE HAD OUR PROBLEMS LIKE EVERYONE ELSE" - When Herb Eimerman, the DIY auteur of the ace pop-rock disc & I You, emailed me to ask if I''d be interested in hearing a disc he''d produced by the previously unknown-to-me singer/songwriter Russ Schneider, I''ll admit I felt both flattered and mildly wary. I enjoyed Eimerman''s highly quiet-&-melodic release, but I had to wonder whether yet another Illinois popster from the Northwest suburbs had it in him to do keep me going for the length of full disc''s worth of mid-tempo 60''s-inflected tunery.

In the end, Schneider''s debut, Friday Night (UnderthedomE), stands up by itself: though the presence of Eimerman on guitar and backing vocals puts a familiar aural stamp on the disc, it''s the singer/songwriter''s own unique blend of naïve lyricism, Del Shannon angst and honest poppishness that ultimately coalesce. On more than one occasion ("You Don''t Know," "Crash Your Party," "Beautiful Girl"), I found myself thinking, speed up the drumming, throw in some frenzied guitar chording and this could be a Ramones track. A suitably savvy group of pop-punkers could have a field day with much of this material.

The disc opens strongly with "Runs to Him," an updating of "Runaway" as sung by an abandoned married man (some nicely serpentine guitarwork takes the place of the Shannon classic''s famous musitron solo), and if that high standard isn''t maintained through the disc, well, chalk some of that up to the difficulty of keeping things crisp through twenty tracks and some of it up to the fact that Schneider''s nasally voice doesn''t carry off sustained ballad notes as effectively as it does the brisk rockers. At least one dreamy slow track, "Winter''s Fading," sounds like somp''n that a good 60''s girl vocalist - Leslie Gore, say - could''ve made a hit.

That noted, there are plenty of appealing songs on this disc, particularly for lovers of Boomer Era rock stylings with a tinge of 80''s era sonic hollowness. The usual suspects get sound-checked - Beatle-ish guitar ring on "When I Fell In Love With You," spare Leiber-&-Stoller Lite Spanish guitar riff on "Only Lover," Grass Rooted folk-rock in "Don''t Ask Why," Beach Boys summer sound and so on - but without the excessive derivativeness of many sixties torch-carriers. As a lyricist, Schneider works best covering themes of romantic betrayal: a few attempts at branching into broader commentary ("1969," which is not the Stooges classic) come across unintentionally silly. But anyone willing to quote from "Que Sera Sera" with a straight face isn''t overly concerned with sounding foolish.

In one of my favorite songs, "Crash Your Party," Schneider imagines invading some lovely''s house with a group of univited friends ("I''ll bring my friends along/And you won''t like them/No, you won''t like them," he sings, apparently unconcerned whether this pisses her off or not). With his matter-of-fact sing-songy delivery, Schneider neither revels in nor excuses what he wants to do, merely sees it at a means of getting the girl alone and away from that distracting party. I admit it: I''m a sucker for a sprightly pop song when it''s centered on such a wrong-headed narrator.


Russ Schnieder "Friday Night" (White Label)

This is the hard rock end of the cheesy listening market. It''s all hot wheels, drive-ins, lots of ''ooooooh-aaaaaah'' backing and airbrushed lead vox and competently Bryan Adams homespun slices of life, but two things stand out here. The fucker can''t half hammer that guitar and does just that, takes to it like a Mick to Guinness and the other thing is that our Russ is a very competent arranger of stadium-size rock songs. There are twenty of them here and, not knocking the boy at all, they''re a good score to punish the ears while you punish the liver and fine tune that air guitar. Let''s rock, alright. No webmakee, but you can e-mail the man on DrSchnei50@https://www.tradebit.com


The "Album of the Month" award goes to Russ Schneider for his very strong 20-song debut disc, Friday Night, produced (and accompanied) by 12-string guru Herb Eimerman. Schneider''s disc should appeal to power pop fans in general and pseudo-60s pop fans in particular. With twenty tracks to choose from, there is no shortage of songs that feature chiming, jangly riffs. Favorite songs include "When I Fell In Love With You," "1969," "Don''t Ask Why," "Summer Love" and "5 Part Movement In C." Eimerman''s production, backing vocals and instrumentals are notable. Let''s hope that Russ and Herb combine for an encore release! Friday Night is now on my list of candidates for "Top Ten" honors in 2005.

Eric Sorenson https://www.tradebit.com 2005

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