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MP3 The Secret Hairdresser - School Of Hair

The best boy/girl, 5-part-harmonising, miaoowing, mooging, handclapping, audience-participation, indie-rock soopergroop in the entire animal kingdom.

12 MP3 Songs
POP: British Pop, ROCK: Modern Rock

A Brief Generic Biog: With 5-part boy/girl vocals, miaoowing, clapping, mooging, wooh-ing, heys, audience-participation and frenzied tambourine action, TSH are fun to watch live, and their songs irresistably catchy. TSH have been likened to My Bloody Valentine, Weezer and The Pixies and with complex harmonies that leave a smile on your face they have the potential to be _____________________ (fill in your own cliche). TSH are based in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, UK.

Biog - by Jason: TSH was started TSH in 2000 as a solo project by me, Jason (multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, producer), but by sheer fluke TSH turned into a band almost immediately. I still often play all the instruments on demos (drums, bass, guitars, keyboards, vocals), but TSH is fundamentally a band, or rather, it''s SPOSED to be a band...

I put a lot of myself into writing/playing/singing the songs, and I expect everyone involved to put a lot into their roles too. I only start to enjoy things when we''re all firing on all cylinders.
That''s a lot to ask of someone.
I''ve been very lucky to find the dedicated bunch that I have.
Some of these songs are just a bunch of words with apparently no meaning. Some of them mean a lot on first listen. Sometimes I''ll write a song and not realise what it means til maybe years later when I look back and realise what was going on in my life at the time.
Sometimes I love this band.
Sometimes I hate it.
As long as my feelings are as extreme as that, then it''s probably worth continuing, haha!
We ALL love these songs though, and maybe you will too.

Here''s what some other people have said about The Secret Hairdresser.

T S H - Reviews

Reviews of our "Copier" single:

Ridiculously catchy melodics from The Secret Hairdresser. Umm..i can''t think of a description other than really, really good! Have a listen yourself.
(Hey Chuck)

"Copier" by The Secret Hairdresser, is like a gloriously fucked up musical orgy between Lush and My Bloody Valentine and full of unashamed bravado. All in all, this is a ridiculously superb 4 track CD which is often on "repeat" in my car - and I hardly EVER do that! 10/10
Tone E - Atomic Duster

The real highlight on this must have vinyl has to be ''Copier'' from The Secret Hairdressers. Shamefully, this is the first time I''ve heard them, but it certainly won''t be my last. Unashamed, glorious pop music, complete with melodic choruses, la-la-la-la-laa''s, and a perfect dose of handclaps just to sweeten the deal. Passionate enough. Noisy enough. Happy enough. Perfect for the summer sun. So what are you waiting for? https://www.tradebit.com ...subscribe!! Now!! 3 quid a record? You can''t go wrong...
The Secret Hairdresser: 9/10
Ryan Butcher - Heathen Angel

I''ve got a preview copy of the next two Wrath records (from Leeds) 7" singles club. The track by the Secret Hairdresser sounds very good to me.
Cool Noise blog

As the disc moves onto the fourth track I can''t help thinking that I''ve peaked too soon and only an anti-climax can follow with The Secret Hairdresser. Though the la la la la la of the opening, and the synth growl that follows it in the build up to the verse makes me think otherwise. And when the verse kicks in I know I was wrong to be pessimistic, or maybe right to be pessimistic as I''m so gladly surprised, with another New Wave pop gem. Gooey and sinister and ending mercifully quickly again, before anything can happen to make me dislike it, with a sudden emptiness left behind just as I assumed the dark honey of a song to be in full swing. Another act who know the value of short and to the point, so another act to make me smile. Great dirty pop that ticks every box for me.
The pop perfection of The Secret Hairdresser having sharp sharp hooks currently locked into my brain that I really can''t be bothered to try and pull out, so all in all; lovely.
Review by Daniel Newman - Joy Zine

The Secret Hairdresser, certainly seems willing to try and make your hair curl. "Copier" is crammed with distorted guitars and a set of female vocals that seem welded to the melodious notes being pumped out by the keyboard. It''s sort of like a haunted film theme tune played with an operatic vision of post punk rock. Strong, strange and rather quite loud.
Manchester Music

A flip of the disc and the second guest slot welcomes Bury St Edmunds pop fruit cakes The Secret Hairdresser and their whirring, beeping and chugging track "Copier". They menace their way through 2 and half minutes with hypnotic close harmonies, descending guitar lines and pop-epic la, la, la, laas. In all a splendid formula for good time at your local "alt" establishment drunkenly using your bottle of WKD as a mic and happily loosing your voice. Bring on the rest please Wrath.

The Secret Hairdresser lalalala their way into your hearts with a euphoric quirk of a tune, all fuzzy guitar, keyboard fizzes & whirls & harmonic boy girl vox. Good fun!
Norman Records

Next up is The Secret Hairdresser with an equally enjoyable piece of bass-heavy guitar pop. I reckon this is the best song so far in the Supersevens series, it''ll be cool to see where it goes next.
Indigo Flow

The Secret Hairdresser make pop music but do it HARDCORE. A potential Chinese Burn for the charts - here''s hoping this gives them the leg up to that level.
Vanity Project

The Secret Hairdresser''s "Copier" bustles along on a choral vocal hook of monolithic proportions - like The Priscillas fronting Killing Joke. Marvellous. Stuff.
The Katestar - https://www.tradebit.com

The Secret Hairdresser give us ''Copier'', an intriguing joining of fuzzy heavy noise, la-la-la pop choruses and oscillatory synth noises straight out of the sixties. While this description sounds messy, it''s more messed-up, and in a good way, than anything else. Fantastic.
CD Times

''SECRET HAIRDRESSER, THE'' - ''WE DID IT ON PURPOSE'' - Label: ''LAP RECORDS'' - Genre: ''Indie''
Our Rating: 8/10

THE SECRET HAIRDRESSER sound like a moog-driven fusion of My Bloody Valentine and The B52s, sharing the former''s very British sonic scuzziness and the latter''s cartoon sci-fi pop-punk. As befits such contrasting influences there''s a plethora of other stuff in there as well (old Fannies, Pixies, Blur, The Human League, Riot Grrl, 60s theme tunes etc.) but the bravura of the playing and the single-mindedness of the songs are too attention-grabbing to start nit-picking about where they''ve grabbed the individual bits from.

This boy/girl harmony 5-piece are from Bury St Edmunds, not in itself a well-known rock ''n'' roll mecca but on this occasion its relative isolation seems to have allowed the band to concentrate their efforts solely on forming a unique identity and idiosyncratic approach rather than distracting themselves by worrying about what the local ''scene'' deems cool and worthy of critical merit.

This all equates to an infectious and peculiarly wonderful sound that defies simple categorisation but is expressed in a breathlessly natural fashion. ''Copier'', the opening track of their 3-track single, starts like The Fannies ''Metal Baby'' but continually morphs into a rich array of poptastic moments that delights as it teases with unobvious changes in direction and influence. ''Lying To Protect You'' is more direct and riff-laden and for ease of consumption could be labelled a Graham Coxon power-pop number with prog tendencies. Last track ''Tension Seeker'' comes across like Phil Oakey and the Human League girls ditching the synths for guitar driven old school R''n''B tinged with some Funkadelic.

And if all that doesn''t whet your appetite then when did you last check your pulse and are you absolutely sure you really like music?

author: Different Drum


The Secret Hairdresser - We Did it on Purpose (3tx ep - 1o''o8'''' Lap rec ''o5) - L''Acconciatore Segreto, direttamente dai saloni per signora degli Uk, dosa molto + powerrock pop in questo breve nuovo ep di 3 tracce. LeggeteVi l''intervista al front-man Jason di qlc mese e recensioni varie per tutti gli elogi fatti + tappeto rosso. Per il resto, Jason & Co. sono ancora una volta di + geniali e prolifici quanto ispirati. I nuovi pezzi sono + veloci e da live. Suona rock l''assolo di Tension Seeker, mentre la vena brillante indie pop riluccica sui riff e i la-la-la di Copier e Lying to protect You, con parti cantate sempre divise tra boy/girl. Il tutto scava un buco in testa, e gira e si rigira. - Voglio il nuovo album! //

(ENGLISH TRANSLATION) The Secret Hairdresser - We Did it on Purpose (3tx ep - 1o''o8'''' Lap rec ''o5) - The Secret Hairdresser, directly from UK sitting rooms for Ladies, dose lots more powerrock in this brief 3 tracks new ep. Read the interview with Their front-man Jason and more reviews about this excellent Band on some komakino ago. - By the way, - just once more, tunes are brilliant and fresh as well as inspired. New songs are fast and ready to be played live & loud. Tension Seeker guitar solo plays rockkkk!!, while the brilliant indiepop vein stays on riffs and la-la-la''s of Copier and Lying to protect You, with boy/girl at vocals. It''s like these songs are digging an hole in my head and exploding..


TSH @ Wrathstonbury Festival, Leeds
The Secret Hairdresser, guests from the ghettos of Suffolk provide big pop tunes mixed in with handclaps and meows. They were great and even had a song that sounded a bit like #''Do They Know It''s Christmas'' and still sounded ace.

Written by: Tom Goodhand


The Secret Hairdresser - Hairdressing for Everyone (3tx ep, 9''2o'''' - Lap rec ''o3) - New wave pop melodies melting with a rocky attitude, one more time that''s the formula for The Secret Hairdresser, blending Their tracks with moog harmonies and dirty guitars. It''s strange, because it''s like You never know what They''re going to do next; there''s not a regular song-writing, - but it just comes easy to distinguish Their own touch on it. Jason/Lucy vocals on You''re all over me, or three speeds of O.V., are pure genius. And Been Me Up is a hit for sure! //


The Secret Hairdresser - Top Ten Conditioning Lips (1otx cd, 28''54'''' - Lap rec ''o3) - Pure passionate adrenalin on this full-lenght! My Love For Music dreams on ultra fast Psycho, Riverside 2 or on Warmer Sheen, - where drums run quick and meet excellent Noise through guitars calling of early My Bloody Valentine and Pixies'' Surfer Rosa ones, too. Then ears come and hear sounds of the absolute pop (clappy) song Verse Chorus Miaoow, - the ''miaoow'' song pre-eminently, where there''s Lucy singing sweet now. Yeah''s of Distant Pause are fucking contagious, as well as You are always kept ''envolved'' and invigorated all along the tracks left. - What can i add? Don''t miss Them. //


The Secret Hairdresser - Pass the Parcel (3tx ep cdr, 6''44'''' - Lap rec ''o3) - Actually One of my ultra-favorite Band, together with Ex Models, jesu''! One new icon and next big thing. Well, nothing ''next'', to be frank, because this ep is from last year, but it contains three tracks of absolute indie pop wave adrenalin. Title track is a fast run along steps of moog and guitar, worth Frank Black''s envy, in a emotional apotheosis with boy/girls vocals. Latter two songs were recorded during practise, so You can taste all the excellent live-impact. It''s not my problem touches joyful rage of Rosa Mota of Wishful Sinking, and That''s Wrong filters the best rock&roll of early White Stripes. - More records and reviews during next days; in the meanwhile, download Music and buy cd''s at https://www.tradebit.com.

Mr. Jason - I''m leaving (5tx cd, 12''57'''' - Lap rec ''o4) - One more side-project for Jason (from Animal Planet, The Secret Hairdresser), bedroom recordings now, - between brilliant ideas closed to Pixies (title track and I''m There) and 8o''s indie pop wave, with drums from a keyboard, bass, guitar, and singing on, - fixed on a 4 track recorder, i guess. This kid seems to be really a beautiful mind indeed, - walking free through shoegaze, brit-pop, lo-fi (more info in a further interview to The Secret Hairdresser), - and everything sounds fresh and genuine. It''s like discovering several faces of a hidden pearl, - He''s worth more than a review here! Cd concludes with a pale Rescue Me, - a whispered voice, on a guitar skimmed. Get in touch.

The Secret Hairdresser
Live - Saturday, 9 October 2004
The Secret Hairdresser''s new wave pop was all infectious melodies, keyboards are daft vocals (such as the highly entertaining ''meowing'' in ''Verse Chorus Meow''). Note to other bands, meows aren''t used enough in pop. Sort it out.


The Secret Hairdresser @ Joseph''s Well, Leeds
by Oliver Goodyear and Peter Charles.
The first highlight of the day comes in the unexpected shape of Suffolk''s The Secret Hairdresser. Unafraid of a shamelessly big chorus or two, they are the first band to really invigorate the audience. Rocky guitars, chirpy synths, boy/girl vocals and hook after hook establish a theme for the day -unashamed pop music, which is simultaneously passionate, noisy and ambitious enough to keep the punk fraternity happy.


THE SECRET HAIRDRESSER (review from https://www.tradebit.com)
Regulars on John Peel''s show from Bury St. Edmonds.
Paul: "They have these hooks and gorgeous keyboard bits. It really grabbed me. It''s quite loungey with the dual vocals. Ace!"
Julia: "Like ELO but with nice dischords. I like the fact that I don''t know what they''re going to do next"
Nasreen: "Track https://www.tradebit.com tick! A chorus of fluffy pink kittens singing for their fishy supper"
Whiskas: "Cool alt synth pop - really dense sound"
Steve: "Fucking brilliant. Goes off in all sorts of pleasantly unexpected directions. Moogy wonderland!"


Review from MmmmJuicy Fanzine
The Secret Hairdresser

It is difficult to know where to start with this one. Sounding like the product of a strange experiment involving a dozen extremely musically-literate magpies, some exciting guitar-pedals and sound effects, some drugs and a week in a studio, The Secret Hairdresser (it came with no track listing, sleeve or name tag, so if that isn''t what it''s called then I apologise) manages to sound at different points in its duration like The Beatles, The Beach Boys, Bis, Stereolab, My Bloody Valentine, Syd Barrett-era Pink Floyd, Veruca Salt, The Who, Helen Love, The Pixies and a 1980''s TV cat-food advert, as well as pretty much every point in-between. Sometimes all at the same time. This CD is one of the most bizarrely brilliant and randomly hilarious things that I have ever had the good fortune to have had stuffed into my pocket without me knowing. Track 2 features the fantastic lyric "Try not to think you''re/Losing a Daughter/I like to think you''re/Gaining a loser." Track 5 starts with some people going "Meow/Meow meow/Meow meow/Meow meow", in harmony. Track 12 sounds like The Wedding Present, until a sample from Bagpuss appears, which point it turns into The Jesus And Mary Chain. Track 13 could be Pavement if they''d been brought up in East Anglia instead of the ''States. And the fantastic thing about it is that it is all as scattershot as this. In summary, it is clearly the work of somebody with far too big a record collection and the musical equivalent of tourettes syndrome. If it were a car, it would be a TVR: a completely bonkers British thing, built by enthusiasts out of spare parts, with no regard for reliability, speed limits or the environment, but guaranteed to put a smile on the face of anyone who comes into contact with it. I''m surprised that John Peel doesn''t have it on repeat play already.....

review by Yalson

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