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MP3 Subt Lemon - Nice Try

Melodic guitar-driven power-rock with a touch of the blues and the occasional enormous edgier-U2 vocal. And a ballad.

12 MP3 Songs
ROCK: Classic Rock, POP: Power Pop

SUBT LEMON are a London based guitar rock group with very different musical backgrounds. Drums come from Panamanian legend Tercero, guitars from London''s scene veteran Mixer, bass from Swedish 6 String Bjorn Zutterland and vocals from Stephen Ireland Davison (SID) from Iceland.

Subt Lemon are a relatively focused band, that have been developing strongly over the last 5 years. They''ve played pretty much everything from intimate shows to uninterested bartenders in makesville, to thousands strong audience festivals in Brixton, Suffolk and Peterborough. The bands main ambition though, is to have their songs featured in adverts for jewellery made out of vegetables.

The release of the debut self financed album ''Nice Try'', (distribution Proper Music Ltd) saw Subt Lemon receive genuinely rave reviews from respected indie sources.

"Seriously good make - proper music played by proper people, just the way it used to be, just the way it should be."

was the accolade from LOGO Magazine. And that''s not just because they bought an advert in their magazine or anything like that either. It is of course worth noting that the sub text of the quote should perhaps read:

''but it isn''t like that anymore - so they''re fucked''.

Anyway, the diversity of perception of the band''s first album lurches from ''muscular, grandiose stadium fillers'' to ''Pub rock experts'', to''makekicking mule dong suckers'' and even ''fucking awful indie'' (and although the critic confirmed they might not actually have seen the band at all - the band liked the passionate ferocity of it, so it''s been mentioned) depending on who is critiquing, and how drunk they are.

There are many flattering suggestions as to the suspected predecessors and peers that have had an influence on Subt Lemon''s sound. Many opinions have been garnered from the music loving reviewers at https://www.tradebit.com who have compared Subt Lemon to U2, INXS, Janes Addiction, Jesus Jones, Counting Crows, The Clash, Alice in Chains, Feeder, James, The Happy Mondays, Sunny Day Real Estate and more obscure bands such as Flaming Lips, Simple Plan and Henry Mancini.

Record Collector recently wrote of Subt Lemon that;

"Given the right backing, they could be B-I-G both sides of the Atlantic"

Subt Lemon write diverse tracks that often please completely different audience types. This became particularly evident when the album was trialled nationally (2004) to radio in association with Radio Promotions Ltd. Feedback was requested from the targeted radio stations (around 100 of them) as to which track should be released as a single. All but one track from the album received airplay and was recommended as the lead track by the targeted stations. So it meant the band didn''t release a single and just went straight for the album instead - even though at the time, they didn''t have distribution, which demonstrates the unfettered ambition of the band. Things have changed now - and everybody and their dog sells ''Nice Try'' to whoever will buy it.

The new single, a rework of "Summer In The City" - the Lovin'' Spoonfuls 60''s classic has received a lot of UK airplay, and is so damn rocking it''s made the Summer an extra 2 months long. At one point, it looked as if Summer was going to have to continue until November, but this ideas has now been canned in favour of some dark nights and maybe even a Subt Lemon Christmas release.

Here''s some stuff folks have said about Subt Lemon.


UV Magazine - Review of Weight in Gold - Angus Blair (A&R at Chrysalis)

"At first they sound like the Clash, but by the chorus they are in Feeder territory... I would check them out live for sure, the song rocks along and I was impressed by the tight arrangement and big hooks. You can tell they have experience and did not pick up their instruments 5 minutes ago."

Record Collector

"A Nice Try is exactly what this first rock-solid offering from the London based, unsigned, self-financed Subt Lemon is. To record, produce and package a CD of this quality, without backing or management should be sufficient to get these guys a deal. Take note you A&R people, this band could be B-I-G, both sides of the Atlantic.

Reminiscent of the best of ''70''s London Pub bands, Subt Lemon rock their way through 12 original tracks with almost seamless aplomb. The lyrics and vocal delivery sit neatly with the backing but occasionally the vocal/drum balance is a little distracting. A minor criticism sure; and one that will be ironed out once these guys get into a top professional studio with a producer.

I can imagine that live Subt Lemon is a dish to be savoured. They certainly have had some rave reviews, and I for one, would travel to see them."

Steve Boone - Lovin'' Spoonful

"It''s a great album and I will take it on the road with me. Great work! Keep rockin."

C4 Radio - Canterbury

"The Subt Lemon album is impressive, I''m a big metal fan so this is slightly mellower than what I''d usually listen to. However I did like it and would definitely turn up the stereo if I heard any of these tracks. My favourites were. Nice Try, Big White Comet, Work It Out For Yourself" - #7 in album chart 8/12/03

BBC Radio Nan Gaidheal - Stornoway

"Just received the new Subt Lemon album "Nice Try" and it''s great!! Favourite tracks are "Weight in Gold", "Recognise", "Nice Try" and "Innocence" We are going to feature it on next week''s Album Review slot"

https://www.tradebit.com - Review of NIce Try

Subt Lemon "Nice Try" (Suspect Records)
"I like this. Well stamped and funkily confident n clean rock noises, bit like INXS without the s&m leadman, but with the other foot on the Chilli''s side of the street. Still, life is a lottery, they say, and the pop n roll biz is more of an unlucky dip than the real life version, so it should be noted that we get a lot of good stuff from a lot of good bands and what distinguishes one from the rest, eventually, is either persistence or luck. It wouldn''t surprise me to hear the bounced up, top-production, all missiles on target, rawk of "James Bond" on MTV or TOTP, equally, it wouldn''t amaze me to be chatting to the barman in 18 months to find out that he was the axeman for Subt Lemon. As they say "If you rescue me...(no chaps - it''s "if you''re asking me" but that''s OK - Ed)" "

Fen Radio 107.5 - Ely

"I''ve actually been playing the album for quite sometime, I caught the lads playing live in the summer and they kindly sent me a promo of the album! Reckon they have great potential! I particularly like tracks: Recognise, Nice Try & Too close for comfort. I plan to have it as my featured album next week, playing the above tracks"

John Paul Locker

"Subt Lemon have been around for about 5 years. Originally under the influence of formidable guitarist and inspirational song writing talent, J.P. Locker, Subt Lemon''s pedigree was clear from the beginning. Unfortunately the band was unable to hold on to his considerable talents for very long, and he moved on to new pastures (never to be heard of again). However, with the release of their debut album, Subt Lemon seem to have bounced back from this near fatal incident.

Having gigged their way around London for the past few years, and becoming a real crowd favourite, Subt Lemon have proved that they are a quality live act. And as more people have come over to their way of thinking, the band''s confidence has grown remarkably, together with the calibre of their song writing; anyone who saw them at one of the festivals over the summer will appreciate this. Hence, people (such as myself) have been eagerly waiting for the release of their debut album.

The result is ''Nice Try'', a rock album that is fresh in its approach, and even hints at crossovers into alternative/pop genres. The title is an apt one; ''Nice Try'' is at least that - a record packed with catchy riffs and lyrics, well constructed songs, great vocals, great riffs, great energy, and some real anthems. In consequence, there are a lot of highlights on this album; I''ve been begging for a copy of brilliant track, ''James Bond'', for about two years and this version is worth waiting for. When I finally got my hands on the record I put this song on repeat and listed to nothing else on for four days. And it really is true to its title. For me this is the best thing on the whole album (musically and lyrically), and the best song that Subt Lemon have written to date. But only just; ''Won''t let go'' is a real surprise and a close second. Look out for this as an early single. Elsewhere, touted radio-plugging track ''Too close for comfort'' has a really energetic feel, with great riffs, fantastic vocal harmonies, and a remarkable performance from ''energetic'' bass player, Thomas; while ''Big White Comet'' has the potential to become an anthem of Lemonal proportions, (although I''ve not been able to sing along to the lyrics since I found out what it was about).

But for me ''Nice Try'' is more than the sum of its individual tracks; it works as an album, and in my view this is its main triumph. In truth there are a few individual things that I don''t like about it (see below), but these are overridden by its quality as a piece of work. What is also key is the fact that this album is unmistakably an introduction to Subt Lemon, and a guide to their type of rock. Yes, at its heart ''Nice Try'' is a rock album, but it''s much more than this; it''s filled with Subt Lemonisms, its got its own style, it''s Subt Lemon''s own interpretation of their genre of music, and that is what makes it so fresh. What on earth am I talking about? I''m talking about the absolutely brilliant military march drum beats on tracks like ''James Bond'' - I''m talking about the way that Thomas plays the bass like it''s a lead guitar - I''m talking about the unconventional vocal harmonies - I''m talking about the range of guitar riffs (which frequently circle the borderlands of ''alternative'', ''pop'' even ''blues''). This is what makes it distinctive, this is what makes it fresh, this is what makes it appealing, and this is what makes it a great debut.

If there are any lowlights on the album, the main one (rather ironically) is ''Down'', which, for me, is the only really disappointing track. I''ve never been a fan of this song because I find it uninventive and uninspiring. I know that Subt Lemon are better than this and I don''t think that this track reflects their ability or song writing quality. (However, what do I know - at the recent Willow festival fans, and an interested sheep dog, seemed to really like it). And one other thing: I can''t help thinking that this album would have been so much better if Subt Lemon could have held on to the remarkable song writing talents of original member, J.P. Locker. Nevertheless, despite this ''Nice Try'' is a great debut, which showcases the real talents of this band. As a piece of work it is fresh and energetic, it''s good listening, and it works well as an album."

Kube - Keele University Radio

"The Subt lemon album isnt bad, but it isnt very original either. However there are 4 decent tracks which could be singles- work it out for yourself, instinct and down are fair tracks but weight in gold is the outstanding track on the album- this should be the lead-off single in my opinion."

Island FM - Guernsey

"Great album..............played ''Weight in Gold'' on my show on Monday evening - will play more over the next few weeks.

Beat 106 FM - Glasgow

"better than I thought it was going to be from the photos and artwork, I expected a bad, dated, pearl-jam type band but it''s more inventive than I expected and has some fine riffs going on."

Cool FM - Belfast

"really liked some of the tracks on it, especially "Weight In Gold" & "Work It Out" for yourself, which have had spins over the past few weeks."

Star 107.3 - Bristol

"Unfortunately it doesn''t grab me, a bit mainstream and melodic for Bristol Uncovered." (WHAT!?!! WELL FUCK OFF THEN BRISTOL UNFUCKING COVERED!!!! in a nice way, of course - Ed)

University Radio York

"James Bond would make a good single, Instinct, Big White Comet and Goodtime Girl are good tracks - Reminiscent of 90''s brit rock bands including Stone Roses, Charlatans, Northern Uproar and Primal Scream. Vocal harmonies remind me of early Idlewild. Would recommend this." (That''s Better - ED)

BBC Radio Nottingham

"I like it. Tracks 1/2 are my faves but that may just be because I''ve listened to them more than the others!"

Rare FM Radio - London

Subt Lemon are a four piece from London intent on sounding like mid 90''s rockers the Levellers, Ocean Colour Scene et al. This album was self-funded and released on their own label, and it shows. Uninhibited by record companies telling them they need to ditch their bass player and wear stripey tops they seem to be really enjoying playing on this record, and it shines through. The songs'' lyrical content is quite low and melancholic, but the superbly named Stephen Ireland Davison''s vocal style stops you topping yourself after a few listens. The music behind this adds little new to the genre, but is competently performed and has a good drive. - Standout tracks are the title track ''nice try'' and the close ''work it out yourself''; the others slowly revealing themselves on further listens. As you can imagine, the two stated tracks are songs that could be turned into ballads, but instead rock with a little ''r''. In fact, I would love to see ''nice try'' performed on a sunny Glastonbury afternoon. ''Nice try'' is a good album, but I''m not sure what they are trying to achieve. It''s unlikely they will achieve fame, this type of music just not being relevant anymore. But if they are playing for personal pleasure, taking the lyric, "Gave up trying to make it" from "too close for comfort" literally, they really have succeeded.

Student Broadcast Network - London

"Not bad, not brilliant. Certainly nothing original, but most of my favourite records aren''t ground-breakers. I like "Recognise", it is sort of Crowded House-esque with a very pretty melody. Would be a nice choice of single. Track 5, "Nice Try", is like Bon Jovi. Probably a bit too classic rock for SBN. Same with "Too Close For Comfort". The start of the final track is wicked. I like that. But it''s a bit too overblown all in all. It''s a decent enough record, but nothing more. It''s hard to think of anybody that would *fall in love* with the LP."

Lakes College Radio - Workington

"like it, fave tracks are James Bond, Goodtime Girl and Nice Try"

Frequency 1350 AM

"Yes indeed. I have listened to it and LOVE it. It''s an excellent blend of musical talent and is getting put up for our album chart." - #1 in album chart 4/12/03

LIPA Radio - Liverpool

"Rough, edgy, strained vocals gives it a unique sound. From that aspect it resembles Starsailor (although with more attitude). That combination is no bad thing. We''re feeling U2 and Oasis influences too. Our fave tracks are: Goodtime Girl - great feelgood track, Innocence - greatest commercial viability - crossover potential that should please a large number of our audience (which is no mean feat as we have a diverse audience base). Down - catchy, funky bass line. Sticks in mind. Drums make it effective.


"l received this album in demo form a few months ago, since then the band have rejigged the track listing and mastered the tracks and pressed the album up. the reordering of the tracks seems to have added an extra spark to the album. it comes over much more vibrant than previously.

to recap, the songs are predominantly melody driven https://www.tradebit.comk but with a heavy dose of classic 70''s rock feel (''down''), this is not modern nu-rock at all. a lot of these songs would sit easily on any aor radio station and make a perfect soundtrack to any long car journey. solid musicianship and strong melodies.

some of the songs have become standout over the last few months. firm favourites include ''big white comet'' with its funky vibes, ''work it out for yourself'''' with its catchy chorus (too catchy .. ), ''recognise'', and ''too close for comfort'' to name a few. ok, the band are not pushing into any new sonic territories and do not fall into any easy media friendly genre but as an album of well played guitar rock based songs then this could easily please a lot of people.

i will admit there are some songs that dont hold up well after several listens, ''james bond'' just grates and drags on a bit too long for comfort and ''goodtime girl'' suffers from any real grabbing factor. the vocals in places do need some refining, though i suspect that this is due to limited budgets more than anything else as a bit of proper studio production could easily add some more interesting sonic detail and bring out the obvious positive qualities better. having said that, i can well imagine the band being well received at any decent summer festival. as a lot of the album has that type of feel, sun friendly vocal harmonies and funky guitar licks .. not a bad combination."

Star 107.3 - Bristol

"Not overly keen on this one, a good pub band but unfortunatley it doesn''t grab me. A bit mainstream and melodic. Some comparisons to Janes Addiction"
(WHAT THE !?! - What the FUCK IS IT WITH YOU FOLKS IN BRISTOL?!!! -I mean that in a nice way, of course - Ed)

CFX Radio - Plymouth

"Sounds a good album. He''s got an interesting vocal style. Good musically and the underproducedness gives it a raw quality which I like. Weight In Gold is a top tune, Work It Out For yourself romps along nicely. The only possible criticism I would have is that it''s not immensely varied. But then again, what band is really?"

Jam 1175 - Hull

"We have just reviewed the album, I love it and I''ll be playing it a lot"

University Radio Bath - Bath

"My first impression was not a good one. I thought it sounded a bit generic. I like it a lot more now, and I think it is pretty good throughout. Standout tracks for me were Work it out for yourself, Instinct, Down. Tracks like James Bond and Goodtime Girl didn''t work so well for me."

The Hub - Bristol

"Fave tracks: Work it out for yourself, James Bond, Innocence (I love this one!!!!), Down. - This band is tight, muscular in sound...they''re heading up!!!" (Good on you Bristol, we knew you''d see sense - Ed)

Fly FM - Nottingham

Favourite tracks, "Nice Try", "Weight in Gold", "Innocence" and "Down" with "Nice Try" and "Down" making good singles tracks, the band have a good sound''

If you''re interested in hearing new tracks when they''re ready, drop an email to rocks@https://www.tradebit.com and we''ll send you a link once they''re up and running. ''Nice Try'' is available at all major stores in the UK in association with Proper Music Distribution, amazon, https://www.tradebit.com, itunes etc. Adios and happy hunting.

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