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MP3 Migraine - 92 - Beep!

Migraine performs improvised music while adhering to a strict set of rules mixing free form jazz and avant-garde modern jams. Each recording is one uninterrupted improvisation. Recorded live in Pensacola, Florida.

6 MP3 Songs in this album (63:36) !
Related styles: ELECTRONIC: Drum ''n Bass/Jungle, ROCK: Math Rock

People who are interested in Matmos Jack DeJohnette Peter Brötzmann should consider this download.

The Rules:

Members must not discuss the music beforehand.
Any member may play anything in any key , tempo , volume , etc. on any instrument ( other members'' instruments not excluded ) at any time... and it''s o.k.
Any member may be absent.
Absent members may prerecord their part.
Performances must not exceed 70 minutes.
Performances must be recorded and catalogued.
Members must be honest.

The Members:

Joey Allred - Keys
Brooks Hubbert III - Guitar
Ted Pecchio - Electric Bass
Sims Chadwick - Drums & Percussion
Tyler Greenwell - Drums & Percussion

The Absent Members on 81a - Cracked:

Sean Peterson
Brandon Warren

Recorded live at Olde Town Tavern , Pensacola , FL on
08/09/04. Gig 9 , set 2.

Tyler Greenwell and Ted Pecchio are currently on tour with Susan Tedeschi and have backed Col. Bruce Hamtpton and the Codetalkers , Derek Trucks,Oliver Wood & Ike Stubblefield. Sean Peterson has toured with Col. Bruce Hampton. Brooks Hubbert III is currently touring with Bobby Lee and the Codetalkers.

Tyler Greenwell is featured in the April 2007 issue of Modern Drummer magazine.



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is holding open auditions for instrumentalist(s).

Must be able to sight-read and improvise.

Must be versed the following styles and genres:

Aak - Korean court music Aaroubi - evolved form of al-andalous classical music which comes from AlgiersAbaimajaniAbajeños - folk music of the Perépecha of Mexico Aboriginal rock - rock and roll mixed wit Australian aborigine music, began in 1980s Abstract hip hop Abwe Acoustic Punk Acoustic Techno Fusion Acid croft - mixture of traditional Scottish music with house influences Acid house - house music using simple tone generators with tempo-controlled resonant filters Acid groove Acid jazz - jazz mixed with soul, hip hop and funk Acid punk Acid rap Acid rock Acid techno Adai-adai Aduk-aduk Adult contemporary Anti-Serious Music Afoxé African blues African jazz Afrobeat - African rhythms mixed with American funk Afro-Cuban jazz - jazz mixed with merengue, salsa or other Latin forms Afro-Cuban rumba Afro-juju Afro-Kaiya - originated in San Diego Afro-Manding blues Afro-punk Afro-reggae Afro-soul Afro-zouk Afroma Aggrotech Aguinaldo Ahouach Ahidus Air Akyn - Kazakh folk music made by travelling musicians also called akyn Alb-pop - Albanian pop music Aleatoric music - music the composition of which is partially left to chance Algerias Alomaco Alpine New Wave Alpunk Alternative country - reaction against the 1990s highly-polished Nashville sound Alternative dance Alternative hip hop - opposite of gangsta rap, usually includes socially or politically aware lyrics (also known as alternative rap or Bohemian hip hop) Alternative metal - catch-all term for heavy metal mixed with punk, funk, hip hop or other influences Alternative punk Alternative rock- broad movement born in the 1980s generally relegated to the underground music scene and operating outside of the mainstream Alternative synth - Also known as Subliminal, this features usually a repeatative bass riff and/or a bass riff that is played backwards. It also features a lot of keyboards and is usually instrumental Amanédhes Ambient - atmospheric electronic music combined with jazz, New Age and other influences Ambient acoustic Ambient breakbeat Ambient dub Ambient electronica Ambient house Ambient groove Ambient techno Ambient trance American fingerstyle guitar (American primitive guitar) Americana Anadolu rock - Turkish rock music Anarcho-punk - 1970s mixture of punk rock with anarchist lyrics Andártika Andean New Age - a mixture of native Peruvian and Western musics which arose in tourist areas in Lima, Cuzco, and Ollantaytambo Angklung - Osinger and Balinese style of gamelan performed exclusively by young boy Angolan merengue Anti-folk Antiphonal Apala Appalachian folk - in the United States, commonly referred to as simply folk music Arabesk - A versatile collection of music fusing Turkish folk music, Arab classical music and various other genres Areito Argentinean rock Arpa grande - a style of rural Mexican folk music Arribeño - lyrical folk music from Sierra Gorda, Mexico Ars antiqua Ars nova Artcore Art metal Art punk Art rock Ashiq - Azeri bards who sing and accompany themselves on a saz (a kind of lute) Ashoug Asian Underground - British-based form of Indian and Western fusion Astral Electro - music discovered by music band SAMARKAND. Australian country music (see also Country music) Australian pub rock Australian hip hop Australian humour Australian warmetal Avant-garde jazz Avant-garde metal Avant-garde music - any kind of experimental music incorporated bizarre ideas, structures or instrumentation Axé - pop music from Salvador, Bahia Bachata Baião Bakersfield sound - gritty, hard-edged reaction against 1950s pop country (Nashville sound) Bakshy - Turkmen folk music made by travelling musicians also called bakshy Baiáo - Dance music created by a trio of triangle, bass drum and accordion Baila - Sri Lankan dance music derived from African slaves held by the Portuguese Baile Funk - Brazilian dance music literally means "ball", as in "dance party", and "funk" Baisha xiyue - a song and dance suite from the Naxi of Lijiang, China Bajourou Bakou - trilling vocals that accompany Wolof wrestling Bagad Bal granmoun Bal-musette Balakadri Ballad - generic term for usually slow, romantic, despairing and catastrophic songs Ballad calypso Ballata Ballet (music) Balss Bamberas Bamboo band - originally from the Solomon Islands, music played by hitting bamboo tubes with sandals Bamboula wake Bambuco Banda - Mexican brass norteño pop music invented in the 1960s Bangsawan Bantowbol Barbarian black metal - extreme black metal about paganism and barbarism Barbershop music - extremely melodic a cappella vocal style Barndance Baroque music - 17th-18th century European classical music Baroque metal Bass music (Miami bass, Booty bass) - electro influenced form of hip hop dance music arising in Miami, Florida Bastard Pop Batá Batá-rumba Batcave (club) Batucada Batuco Bayin - Taiwanese Hakka instrumental music Beach music Beat Beatboxing Bebop - 1940s jazz style with complex improvisation and a fast tempo Bedoui Bedoui citadinisé Beguine (biguine) Beguine moderne Beguine vide Beiguan - Taiwanese instrumental music Bel canto - Italian vocal style which arose in the late 16th century and which ended in the mid-19th century Belair Bend-skin Benga Bhajan - a northern Hindu religious song Bhakti Bhangra - originally Punjabi dance music Bhangra-wine Bhangragga Bhangramuffin Big band music - large orchestras which play a form of swing music Big Beat - 1990s electronic music based on breakbeat with other influences Big Hip Biguine - Martinican folk music Biguine moderne - Martinican biguine adapted to pop forms and including reggae and other influences Black ambient - blackened form of dark ambient music Blackened death metal - a fusion between death and black metal Black metal - highly distorted and swift form of heavy metal Bleak house - downbeat techno Blair beat a little knowen type of music founded by Sir Blair Mason Bloco afro Bluegrass - American country music mixed with Irish and Scottish influences Blue-eyed soul Blues - African-American music from the Mississippi Delta area Blues ballad Blues-rock Blurcore Big Drum Dance Bigono duu Biomusic B****core Bitpop Bocet Bohemian Dub - Contemporary music style that blends Hip-Hop, Dub, Funk, Pop and Klezmer music Boi - Central Amazonian folk music Bolero - Spanish and Cuban dance and music Bomba Bombay pop Bongo - distinctive African drum and style of drumming Bongo wake Boogie rock Boogie woogie - style of piano-based blues popular in the 1940s US Boogaloo - soul and mambo fusion popular in 1960s United States BooM Rock-Persian Melodies & Sounds and world Funk-RockBOOMBAND for exmpl. Booty bass (Miami bass, Bass music) Borbangnadyr Borbannadir - type of Tuvan xoomii said to sound like the rapids of a river Border ballad Bossa nova Bothy ballad Bouncy techno Boy band(just kidding) Brass band Brass Hop Brat Rock Brazilian funk Brazilian jazz - bossa nova and samba mixed with American jazz Breakbeat Breakbeat hardcore Breakcore Bright disco Brill Building Pop - named after New York''s Brill Building at 1619 Broadway Britfunk Britpop British blues British dance band British folk British Invasion Broadside ballad Broken beat Brown-eyed soul Brukdown - rural Belizean creole music Brutal prog Bubblegum dance Bubblegum pop - sometimes synonymous with pop music, especially that performed by teen idols; can also refer to specific styles of South African or Japanese pop Buiasche Bikutsi Bulerias Bumba-meu-boi Bunggul Bunraku - Japanese style originated from a kind of puppet- Ca din tulnic Ca pe lunca a tru - (hat a dao) Vietnamese folk music Cabaret Cadence Cadence-lypso - guitar-dominated Cadence music combined with calypso horns Cadence rampa Café-aman Cai luong - Vietnamese opera Cajun music Cakewalk Calenda - Trinidadian drum dance Calentanos - folk music of the Balsas River Basin, Mexico Calgia - traditional urban ensemble music from Macedonia Calipso - Venezuelan calypso music Calypso - Trinidadian folk, and later pop, genre Calypso-style baila - Sri Lankan baila mixed with calypso influences Campursari - Indonesian modern folk music, a fusion of dangdut, langgam, and pop music Campillaneros Caña Candombe Canon Cantata Cante chico Cante jondo Canterbury Scene Cantiñas Cantiga - Portuguese ballad form Cantique Canto livre - Portuguese modernized fado Canto nuevo - Bolivian pop-folk music which evolved out of Chilean nueva cancion Canto popular - Uruguayan singer-songwriter nativist music Cantopop - western-style pop music from Hong Kong Canzone napoletana - urban songs from Naples Capoeira music Caracoles Carceleras Cardas Carimbó - dance music of Belém, Brazil Cariso Carnatic music Carol Cartageneras Cassé-co Cassette culture Cavacha CCM (Contemporary Christian Music) Celempungan Cello rock Celtic Celtic fusion Celtic metal Celtic punk Celtic reggae Celtic rock Cha-cha-cha Chakacha Chamamé - Argentinian folk music Chamber jazz Chamber pop Chamber music Champeta - Colombian musical form derived from African communities in Cartagena Champloo Chalga Changuí Chanson Charanga Charanga-vallenato - 1980s mixture of salsa, charanga and vallenata Charikawi Chastushki - humorous Russian folk songs Chau van - Vietnamese trance music Chemical breaks Chèo Chill-Out Chicago house Chicken scratch - Arizona-based Native American music Churenga (mbira) Chinese music Chinese rock - rock and roll from China / Taiwan, often with protest lyrics Chip music Chongak - Korean aristocratic chamber music Chouval bwa Chowtal Chicago blues Chicago house Chicago jazz (Dixieland jazz) Chicago soul Chicha - a Peruvian fusion of rock and roll, cumbia and huayno Cho-kantrum - the most traditional form of Cambodian kantrum Choctaw Social Dance Chorinho Choro - Brazilian folk music Christian alternative Christmas carol Christian Hardcore Christian hip hop Christian Industrial Christian metal Christian music hristian rock Chylandyk - type of xoomii which sounds like the chirping of crickets Chumba Chut-kai-pang Chutney - popular Indo-Trinidadian music Chutney-bhangra Chutney-hip hop Chutney-soca - Chutney mixed with calypso and other influences Cigányzene Cînd ciobanu s-i a pierdut oile Cîntec batrînesc Ciobanul Classic female blues - early popular form of blues Classic metal Classic Rock Classical music era (~1730-1820), for what''s popularly known as "classical music", see European classical music or List of musical movements Clicks n Cuts Close harmony Club Cocobale Codecore - The band ''Codeca'' are famous for perfecting this sub genre of emo. Coimbra fado - a form of refined fado from Coimbra, Portugal Colombianas Comedy Comedy rock Comic opera Comparsa Compas direct Compas meringue Concert overture Concerto Concerto grosso Congo - Panamanian dance music Congolese sound Conjunto Conscious Reggae Contemporary Africa music Contemporary Christian Music (CCM) Contonbley Contradanza Cool jazz Cocorrido Coladeira Coldwave (or industrial rock) Combined Rhythm - music of the Dutch Antilles Corsican polonic song Cothoza mfana Country blues Country funk Country music Country rock Countrypolitan Couple de sonneurs - Breton dance music Cow punk Creative jazz CreoleCrossover musicCrunkCrust punkCsárdásCuarteto - Argentinian folk musicCuecaCumbia pular dance music, originally Colombian but now popular across Latin America, especially MexicoCumbia panameña - Panamanian cumbiaCumfaCumbia villera - Argentinian type of cumbia which contains marginal lyrics Cyber grindgoreyber-metal Dabka (Dabke) - Palestinian dance music for weddings Dadra Daina - Latvian sung poetry Daino - Lithuanian traditional music Dalauna Dance (musical form) - dance (form of musical composition) Dance music - any rhythmic music intended for dancing Dance-pop - comtemporary form of dance music with pop music structures Dance-punk Dancehall Dangdut - popular Indonesian dance music with influences from Arabic and Indian music Danube New Wave - mixture of Viennese schrammelmusik and American blues and rock and roll Danza Danzón Dark ambient Dark cabaret Dark metal Dark trance Darkwave De codru De dragoste De jale De pahar Deathcore Deathgrind - a fusion between death metal and grindcore Death industrial Death metal Death/Doom - a fusion between death and doom metal Death rock (also known as death punk) Death techno Deblas Deboche - Brazilian fusion of electric frevo and ijexá Décima Degung Delta blues Deep house Deep soul Dementia - relating to the style of music popularized by the Dr. Demento Show Desi - Indian folk music Detroit blues Detroit techno Dhamar - a type of highly-oranemented dhrupad Dhimotiká - traditional Greek songs Dhrupad - Hindustani vocal music performed by men singing in medieval HindiDhun Dialect rock - rock music sung in various Swiss-German dialects Digital hardcoreDin Dain- Ambient blues trance Dirge Dirty rap Dirty South (also known as Southern rap) Disco Disco house Disco polo - Polish nightclub dance music. Dixieland jazz (Chicago jazz) Djambadon Dodompa - Japanese tango Doina Dombola Dondang sayang - slow folk music that mixes Malaysian forms with Portuguese, India, Chinese and Arabic music Donegal fiddle tradition Dongjing - Chinese Naxi form of folk music, related to silk and bamboo music from Chinca Doo wop Doom metal n Dopé Douche Metal - Metal made by knobheads. Downtempo Dream pop Drill and bass Drone doom (Also known as Drone metal) Drone music Dronology Drum and bass (DNB) Dub Dub techno Dubstep Dunun - Yoruba drum music Dunedin Sound - early 1980s alternative rock sound based out of Dunedin, New Zealand and Flying Nun Records Dutch jazz Dutch trance Dziesma Dzoke - type of yang chanting Early music East Coast blues East Coast hip hop Eastern Tradition of Sephardic music Easy listening Ecocore - A subgenre of black metal containing hardcore elements and lyrics concerning the ecosystem Pasillo Yaraví Elafrolaïkó Electric blues Electric folk Electro Electro Backbeat Electro hop Electroclash Electrofunk Electrowaltz Electronic Electronic alternative Electronic art music (EBM, also known as industrial dance) Electronic dance Electronic luk thung - Dance-ready form of Thai pleng luk thung Electronic music Electronic rock / Synth rock Electronica Electronicore - digital hardcore Electropop Elektro Elevator music (or Muzak) Emeba Emo Emo rap Endecasillabo - Central Italian 11-syllabic song form English funk English madrigal Enka - Japanese pop music, using native forms Éntekhno Eremwu eu Euba Eurobeat Eurodance Europop Eurotrance (traditional dance music) Euroworld Exotica Experimental music Experimental noise Experimental rock Extreme Computer Music Ezengileer - type of Tuvan xoomii said to imitate the trotting of horses Fag (music) - Music from Fetcham, usually involving lots of banjo riffs, ''Fag Music'' F-Step - variant of hardcore jungle with simultaneous, overlapping beats Fado - Portuguese roots-based popular music Falak - Tajik folk music fandango - Spanish dance music Farruca - a genre of flamenco Filk - modern, science fiction-oriented music Film scores Filmi - Indian film music Filmi-ghazal - filmi based on Hindustani ghazal Finger-style Fjatpangarri - Aboriginal Australian music local to Yirrbala Flamenco - dance music of Andalusia, Spain Flower power Foaie verde - classical form of Romanian Gypsy doina Fofa Folk metal Folk music Folk pop Folk punk Folk rock Folktronica Fonn MallForró - extremely popular music of Northeastern Brazil Foxcore - a specific style of grunge played by all-female bands Franco-country Freakbeat Freak-folk Free improvisation - freeform musical improvisation Free jazz - improvised 1960s jazz Free music Freestyle Freestyle house - a cross-culture mix of hip-hop/electro/house/pop Freetekno Frevo - folk music from Recife, Brazil Fricote - dance music from Salvador, Brazil Fuji - Yoruba vocal and percussion music Fulia - Afro-Venezuelan percussion music Funacola Funaná Funeral doom - an extremely slow version of doom metal, most commonly made at the "pace of a funeral march" Funk - a bass-heavy outgrowth of soul music Funkcore Funk metal - 1980s combination of funk, heavy metal and punk rock Funk rock Funky breaks - a type of breaks electronic music Funky highlife - fusion of funk and Ghanaian highlife Furniture music - Erik Satie''s invention of Background music Fusion bhangra (New Wave bhangra) - bhangra combined with rock and roll, reggae, hip hop, ragga and funk Fusion jazz - mixture of rock and jazz Future jazz Futurepop - outgrowth of synthpop, EBM and darkwave G-funk Gaana - Tamil folk/rap from Chennai, India Gabber (also spelled as Gabba) Gagá Gagaku - Japanese classical music derived from ancient court traditions Gaikyoku Gaita - Afro-Venezuelan form of percussion music Galant Gamad - Malay-style ballad Gambang kromong - popular, highly-evolved form of kroncong, originally adapted for the theater Game Gamelan - diverse Indonesian classical music, making use of a vast array of melodic percussion Gamelan angklung - Balinese gamelan played for cremations and festivals Gamelan bebonangan - Balinese cymbal-based processional gamelan Gamelan degung - a form of popular Sundanese gamelan Gamelan bang - Balinese sacred gamelan played for cremations Gamelan buh - Balinese form of gamelan Gamelan gede - ceremonial gamelan from the temple of Bator Gamelan kebyar - an energetic form of large Balinese gamelan Gamelan salendro - gamelan dance music from Sunda, known as lower-class music Gamelan selunding - possibly the oldest style of gamelan, played only in the village of Tenganan in Bali Gamelan semar pegulingan - sensual form of gamelan from Bali n Gammeldan Gandrung - Osing music performed at weddings and other celebrations Gangsta folk Gangsta rap - American form of hip hop music which focuses on underground lifestyles and illegal activities Gar - Tibetan classical music Garage Garage rock Garage techno Garrotin Gavotte Gay - Afro-Trinidadian call and response work song gxterver Gelugpa chanting - form of Tibetan Buddhist chanting, very austere and restrained Gender wayang - Indonesion gamelan that accompanies shadow plays and other puppet plays Gending - a distinct gamelan music from southern Sumatra Gharbi Gharnati Ghazal - vocal form originally Persian but since spread to Central Asia, Iran, Turkey and India Ghazal-song - a modernized version of ghazal influenced by filmi Ghetto house - form of Miami bass influenced by house music which arose in Chicago Ghettotech - form of Miami bass which developed in 1990s Detroit Girl group - Girls singing rock songs Glam metal Glam rock Glitch Gnawa Goa (also known as Goa trance) Golden Period of Karnatic classical music - music composed by the legendary Trimurti Gong-chime music Goombay - Bahamanian percussion music Goregrind Gore Metal Goshu ondo - a form of popularized Okinawan folk music Gospel music Gospel-soca Gothenburg Sound Gothic metal Gothic punk Gothic rock n Granadinas Gregorian chant (plainchant) Grime - emerged from London, dark electronic beats with rapping Grindcore Groove metal Group Sounds - Japanese pop music from the 1960s, which included Appalachian folk music and psychedelic rock Grunge Grupera - a mixture of Mexican ranchera, norteño and cumbia Guaguanbo Guajira Guitarra baiana - from Pernambuco, Brazil, a style of playing frevo using electric guitars Guitarradas Gumbe Gunchei Gunka - military marches with Japanese influences, created during the Meiji Restoration Guoyue - invented conservatoire style of national Chinese music Gwerz Gwo ka - Guadeloupan percussion music Gwo ka moderne - modernized gwo ka Gypsy jazz Gypsy punk Gyu ke - form of Tibetan Tantric chanting Habanera - Africanized danzón Haiducesti Hajnali - Hungarian-Transylvanian wedding songs Half calypso (semi-tone calypso) Hakka Hambo Hands Up Hapa haole - a mixture of traditional Hawaiian music and English lyrics Happy hardcore Haqibah Hardcore hip hop Hardcore punk Hardcore techno Hard bop (hard bebop) Hard house Harfdrock Hardstyle Hard techno Hard trance Harepa - harp-based music of Pedi people of South Africa Harley Rap Harmonica blues Hasaposérviko Hat cheo - an ancient form of Vietnamese stage opera Hát a dào - (ca tru) Vietnamese folk music Hát cai luong - Vietnamese popular opera Hat chau van - a popular spiritual folk music of Vietnam Hát tuông (Hát bôi) - Vietnamese operatic music Hauntology Hawaiian steel guitar - (kila kila) invented by Joseph Kekuku, who slid a solid object across slacked guitar strings Hawzi - evolved form of al-andalous classical music which developed in Tlemcen Hazzanut Heartland rock Heavy compas Heavy dance Heavy metal Hesher Hi-NRG Highlands Highlife Highlife fusion Hillybilly music Hiplife Hip hop Hip hop and soul (HNS) Hip house Hip pop Hippie metal Hindustani classical music Hiragasy Hiva usu - unaccompanied vocal Christian music of Tonga Honky tonk Honkyoku Hora lunga Hornpipes Horrorcore rap Horror punk Horror metal Hot rod music House music Hua''er Huasteco - folk music from Huasteco, Mexico Huaynos - Andean dance music now most widespread in Peru Hula Humppa Hunguhungu Hyangak - Korean court music Hypnofolkadelia - see Acid croft Hymn Hyphy Ibiza music Ibo Ice metal Igbo-highlife Ijexá Ilahije Illbient Impressionist music Improvisational Incidental music Indietronica Indie rock Indie pop Indo jazz - jazz mixed with forms of Indian music Indo rock Indoyíftika Industrial dance (or EBM, electronic body music) Industrial music Industrial musical (also known as corporate musical) Industrial metal Industrial rock (or coldwave) Instrumental pop Instrumental rock Intelligent dance music (IDM, also known as intelligent techno, listening techno or art techno) Irish Folk Music International Latin - pop ballads from various Latin countries, especially Colombia Inuit - music of the Inuit Irish folk Iscathamiya Isikhwela jo Island - mix of reggae,ska,latin; music sounding from the island Isolationist Italo Disco - Italian nightclub music Itsmeños - folk music of the Zapotecs of Mexico Izvorna Bosanska muzika - modernized folk music from Drina, Bosnia J-pop - Japanese Japanese pop music Jaipongan - unpredictably rhythmic dance music from Sunda, Indonesia Jaliscienses - Folk music of Jalisco, Mexico, and the origin of mariachi Jam band Jam rock Jamana kura Jamrieng samai Jangle pop Japanese pop - Japanese pop music using Western structures Jarana Jariang - Cambodian folk narratives Jarochos - folk music from Veracruz, Mexico Jawaiian - Hawaiian reggae Jaxx - Rock/Techno Jazz Jazz blues Jazz from night Jazz-funk Jazz fusion Jazz groove Jazz rap Jegog - Giant Bamboo ensemble of Bali, Indonesia Jenkka Jibaro Jig Jig Punk Jing ping Jingle - form of music used in television commercials Jit Jive Joged - a generic term for various types of dance music all over Indonesia Joged bumbung - a popular form of joged ensemble Joik Joropo Jota J''Ouvert Jug band Juke joint blues Juju Jump blues Jungle Junkanoo Juré JtekKa - Ke-Kh - Ki-Kp - Kr-Kw Käng Kaba - Southern Albanian instrumental music Kabuki - lively and popular form of Japanese theater and music Kadans Kagok - Korean aristocratic vocal music accompanied by strings, wind and percussion instruments Kagyupa chanting - form of Tibetan Buddhist chanting Kaiso Kalamatianó Kalattuut - Inuit polka Kalinda (kalenda, ti kannot) Kamba pop Kan ha diskan Kansas City blues Kantádhes Kantrum Karaoke Kargyraa Karma Kaseko - Surinamese folk music Katcharsee - lively, celebratory Okinawan folk music Kattajjaq - competitive Inuit throat singing Kawachi ondo - a form of modernized Okinawan folk music Kayōkyoku - traditionally-structured Japanese pop music Ke-kwe Kebyar - see gamelan gong kebyar above Kecak - Balinese "monkeychant" Kecapi suling - instrumental, improvisation-based music from Java Kélé Kertok - Malaysian xylophone music played in small ensembles Khaleeji - popular folk-based music of the Persian Gulf countries Khap Khplam wai - a type of mor lam with a slow tempo which originated in Luang Prabang, Laos Khelimaski djili - Hungarian Gypsy dance songs Khene Khrung sai - type of Thai classical music Khyal - Hindustani vocal music that is informal, partially improvised and very popular Khoomei Khorovodi - Russian dance music Kĩkũyũ pop Kilapanda Kinko Kirtan Kiwi rock Kizomba Klape - Dalmatian male choir music Klasik Kléftiko Klezmer Kliningan Kochare - Armenian folk dance Kolomyjka Komagaku Konpa Koumpaneia - Greek Gypsy music Kpanlogo Krakowiak Krautrock Krill Krill Kriti (krithi) - a Hindui hymn Kroncong - popular Indonesian music with strong Portuguese influence Krzesany Kulintang - Traditional gong-chime music of the Philippines, Eastern Indonesia, Eastern Malaysia, Brunei and Timor Kulning - Swedish folk songs Kumina - music (and religion) of the Bongo Nation o Jamaica Kun-borrk Kundere Kundiman - traditional Filipino songs adapted to Western song structure Kussundé Kutumba wake Kvæði n Kveding - traditional Norwegian songs Kwaito Kwassa kwassa Kwela La la - Louisianan Creole music Laba laba Laïkó Lai Lam Lam saravane - Laotian ensemble music from a town of the same name in southern Laos Lam sing Lambada - Bolivian and Brazilian dance music which arose from sayas and became internationally popular in the 1980s Lancer Langgam jawa - type of kroncong mixed with gamelan, popular around Solo, Indonesia Latin American music Laremuna wadauman Latin jazz - jazz mixed with Latin musical forms like bossa nova or salsa Lavlu Lavway Le leagan Legényes Hungarian-Transylvanian men''s dance Letkajenkka Lhamo - form of Tibetan opera Lieder Likanos Light Music - 20th Century light orchestral music (mainly British) Light Music (Nepalese) - Nepalese pop music, blending traditional styles, Western pop and Indian filmi Line dance Liquindi Llanera - Venezuelan music Llanto - a flamenco-influenced genre of Panamanian folk music Lo-fi Lo-pop Pop or Disco with extrerme cheap touch Loki djili - traditional Hungarian Gypsy songs Long-song - traditional Mongolian slow songs Louisiana blues Lounge music Love metal Lovers rai Lovers rock Lowercase - see Lowercase (music) Lu - unaccompanied Tibetan folk music Lubbock country music Lucknavi thumri - a type of thumri from Lucknow Luhya omutibo Luk grung - Popular Thai music from the early 20th century Lullaby Lundu Lundum M-Base Madchester Madrigal Mafioso hip hop Maglaal (tuuli) Magnificat Mahori - type of Thai classical music Makossa Makossa-soukous Malagueñas Malawian jazz Maloya Maluf - evolved form of al-andalous classical music which developed in Constantine, Algeria Mambo Manaschi - Kyrgyz folk music made by travelling musicians also called manaschi Mandarin pop - early Taiwanese pop sung in Mandarin and popular with young listeners Manding swing Mangulina Manikay Manila sound - Early 1970s development in Pinoy rock which mixed Tagalog and English lyrics Manouche Manzuma Mapouka Mapouka-serré Marabi Maracatu - African and Portuguese music popular around Recife, Brazil Marching music Marga - Indian classical music Mariachi - pop form of son jalisciense Marimba Maritime folk Marrabenta Marrabenta rap Maskanda - popularized Zulu-traditional music Mass Martinetes Matamuerte Mathcore Math rock Mazurka Mbalax Mbaqanga (township jive) Mbira (Chimurenga) Mbube Mbumba Medh Meditation Medieval music Medieval rock Mejorana Melhoun Melhûn Melodic black metal Melodic death metal Melodic music Melodic trance Memphis blues Memphis rap Memphis soul Mento Merengue Merengue típico moderno Merengue-bomba - Puerto Rican fusion of bomba and merengue Méringue Meringue Merseybeat Metal Metalcore Mexican son - a broad group of Mexican folk music Meyjana Mezwed Miami bass (booty bass) (Bass music) Microhouse Milo jazz Mini compas Mini-jazz Minuet Missour harmony Miami Sound - a popular form of salsa music Milongas Min''yo - Japanese folk music Mineras Mini-jazz - Caribbean jazz Minimalist music Minimalist trance Minstrel show Minneapolis sound Mirabras Mirolóyia Mittelalter-rock - also know as (Medieval rock) Modinha Modern classical music Modern Laika Modern rock Modinha Mohabelo - neo-traditional music from South Africa and Lesotho Mor lam - Laotian ensemble music for vocals with accompaniment Mor lam sing - popular form of Laotian traditional music developed by Laotians in Thailand Momedy Morna Moshcore Motown Mozambique MPB (música popular brasileira) - catch-all term for multiple varieties of Brazilian pop music Mugam - classical music of Azerbaijan, featuring sung poetry and instrumental passages Muntuno Murga - Uruguayan street carnival dance with heavy percussion, also popular in Argentina. Musette Mushroom Jazz Music drama Music Hall Música campesina - Cuban rural music Música criolla - a coastal Peruvian music from the early 20th century, consisting of a variety of Western fusions Música de la interior - indigenous folk music from Colombia Música llanera - harp-based form of folk music from Los Llanos, Colombia Música nordestina - Northeast Brazilian popular music, centered around Recife Música tropical - a form of Colombian salsa music Musiqi-e assil - Persian classical music Musique concrète (also known as electroacoustic music) Mutuashi Muwashshah Muzak (or elevator music) Na trapeza - Greek-Turkish slow songs
Nagauta - Japanese style of shamisen-playing Naghmehs Nakasi - Taiwanese musical form Naked funk Nangma - Tibetan dance music Nanguan - Taiwanese instrumental musiNarcocorrido - Spanish for "Drug ballad", this Mexican music''s theme was equivalent to gangster rap Narodna muzika - Serbian folk music Nasheed - a capella music closely related with Islamic revival in the 20th century Nashville Sound - pop-country music based out of Nashville, Tennessee Native American gospel - gospel music performed by Native Americans Naturalismo - a term for the 2000s folk movement also referred to as New Weird America or Freak Folk Nederpop - popular music of the Netherlands, especially in the Dutch language Néo kýma Neofolk - a form of folk music that emerged from European ideals and post-industrial music Neo-Medieval Neo-prog Neo-Psychedelia Neo Soul (Nu Soul) - late 1990s and early 2000s American fusion of contemporary R&B, 1970s style soul music, hip hop music, jazz, and classical music Nerdcore hiphop Neue Deutsche Welle - a kind of German New Wave music Neue Volksmusik New Age music - numerous varieties of music associated with New Age spirituality and culture, especially including atmospheric and natural sounds New Beat - a downtempo music style from Belgium, contemporary to Chicago House and Detroit Techno. New Instrumental New Jack Swing (New Jack R&B, Swingbeat) - late 1980s and early 1990s American fusion of hip hop music, R&B, doo wop and soul music New Orleans blues - piano and horn-heavy blues from the city of New Orleans, Louisiana New Orleans contemporary brass band New Orleans jazz New Romantic - popular British New Wave from the early 1980s New rumba
New school hip hop - generic term for hip hop music recorded after about 1989 New Taiwanese Song - modern Taiwanese pop music which combines ballads, rock and roll and hip hop New Wave bhangra (Fusion bhangra) New Wave of British heavy metal (NWOBHM) - mid- to late 1970s heavy metal coming out of the United Kingdom New Wave - melodious pop outgrowth of arty punk rock, also used as description of an emerging sound in any genre (e.g. Alpine New Wave) New Weird America - term to defining emerging folk/psychedelia/drone/noize influenced by pre-war country-folk-blues & 1960s counter cultural underground music. New York blues - jazzy, urban blues from the early 20th century New York House (also known as US Garage) Newgrass - progressive bluegrass Nganja Nhac dan toc cai bien - modernized forms of Vietnamese folk music which arose in the 1950s Nhac tai tu - Vietnamese chamber music which accompanies cai luong Nha Nac Nisiótika - folk songs of the Greek islands No Wave - avant-garde late 1970s outgrowth of New Wave and punk rock Noh - highly-stylized Japanese theater and music style Noise music - style of avant-garde music, most closely associated with Japan Noise pop - experimental 1990s outgrowth of punk Noise rock - atonal punk rock from the 1980s Nongak - Korean folk music played by 20-30 performers on different kinds of percussion instruments Norae Undong - Korean rock music with socially aware lyrics Nordic folk music Nordic folk dance music Nortec - electronic style from Tijuana, Mexico Norteño (Tex-Mex) - Modernized corridos pop music of Mexico Northern harmony Northern Soul - late 1960s variety of soul music from northern England Northumbrian smallpipe music Nota Nova canção - popular 1950s and 60s fado in Portugal and folk-based singer-songwriters in Spain Novokomponovana narodna muzika - modernized Serbian folk music Nu breaks Nu jazz - fusion of late 1990s jazz and electronic music Nu metal - fusion of heavy metal music with genres such as hip hop, funk, grunge and electronic music Nu-NRG - a harder and faster version of Hi-NRG Nu soul (neo soul) - popular fusion of hip hop music and soul music Nueva canción - Chilean pop-folk music which influenced by native Chilean and Bolivian forms Nyingmapa chanting - form of highly rhythmic and elaborate Tibetan Buddhist chanting Obscuro Oi! - 1980s style of British punk rock Old school hip hop - generic term for hip hop music recorded before approximately 1989 Old time country Old-time - archaic term for many different styles that were an outgrowth of Appalachian folk music and fed into country music Olonkho - Yakut epic songs Oltului Ompa - Music by the Kaizers Orchestra Omutibo Ondo On ikki muqam - Uyghur classical music suite in 12 parts Oom pah band Opera - theatrical performances in which all or most dialogue is sung with musical accompaniment Oratorical calypso Oratorio - similar to opera but without scenery, costumes or acting Orchestra - a large ensemble, especially one used to played European classical music Orchestre Organ trio - a style of jazz from the 1960s that blended blues and jazz (and later "soul jazz") and which was based around the sound of the Hammond organ Organic ambient - often acoustic ambient music which uses instruments and styles borrowed from world music Organic house Organica- A genre music created by SLIPS INTO SPACE in 2007, it is writien without predetemininig the outcome of the https://www.tradebit.coms music causes audible halusinations. Organum - Middle Ages polyphonic music Oriental Foxtrot Oriental metal - Israeli fusion of death and doom metal Orovela - eastern Georgian work songs Orgel (Organ Orgue) - keyboard instrument with/without pedals Orquestas Tejanas Ottava rima - Italian rhyming stanzas Outlaw country - late 1960s and 70s form of country music with a hard-edged sound and rebellious lyrics Outsider music - generic term for music performed by outsiders
Özgün Ozwodna P-Funk - 1970s fusion of funk, heavy metal and psychedelic rock, most closely associated with the bands Funkadelic and Parliament, who shared many members collectively known as P-Funk Pagode - Brazilian style of music which originated in the Rio de Janeiro region Padams Paisley Underground - 1980s style of alternative rock that drew heavily on psychedelia
Palm wine - fusion of numerous West African, Latin American and European genres, popular throughout coastal West Africa in the 20th century PalosPanambih - tembang sunda that uses metered poetry Panchai baja - Nepalese wedding music Panchavadyam - Temple music from Kerala, India Pansori - Korean folk music played by a singer and a drummer Parisian soukous Parranda - Afro-Venezuelan form of music Parody - humorous renditions of various songs Payada de contrapunto Pambiche (Merengue estilo yanqui) Paranda - Garifuna music of Belize Parang - Trinidadian Christmas carols Partido alto El pasacalle Paseo (music) Pasillo Peace Metal Peace Punk Pedo punk Pelimanni music - Finnish folk dance music Pennywhistle jive Peroveta anedia
Petenera Peyote Song - a mixture of gospel and traditional Native American music Phil - noisy noise from the 2000s where noise from Saskatoon met noise from France Philadelphia soul - soft 1970s soul that came out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Phleng luk tung Piano blues Piano rock Piedmont blues Pineal Polka
Pinoy rock - rock and roll sung in Tagalog from the Philippines Pinpeat orchestra Piphat - ancient form of Thai classical ensemble Pirekaus - traditional love songs of the Purépecha of Mexico Pisiq - Greenlandic folk song Pixiefunk - fusion of funk,afrobeat,celtic balad,pop-rock,drum''n''bass and jungle. Usually performed live and free style. Origin:London Piyyutim Plachi - melancholic Russian folk songs Plainchant (Gregorian chant) PlenaPleng phua cheewit - Thai protest rock Pleng Thai sakorn - a Thai interpretation of Western classical musicPoco-poco - Indonesian modern music which fuses disco with eastern Indonesian dance music PolihetPolka Polo Polonaise Pols - Danish fiddle and accordion dance music Polska Pong lang Pop folk Pop-makossa
Pop melayu - Malay pop music with dangdut overlay Pop mop - Mongolian pop music Pop music Pop Progressive - Pop accompanied by guitar/bass riffs and speedy drum patterns Pop punk Pop rai Pop sunda - Sundanese mixture of gamelan degung and pop music structures Popular music
Porngroove - A variation on Funk-Hop with a distinctive emphasis on ''Bow Chicka Bow Wow'' pioneeredby Northwood Hills super group GGNXTMAP Pornocore Porro - Colombian big band music Portuguese Shangaan - South African and Mozambiquan mixture of traditional Tsonga and Portuguese music Post-hardcore Post-Jam Next Wave Jambands like the Slip, Lotus, STS9 and The Duo. Electronic and Indie Rock stylings. Post-metal Post-minimalism Post punk Post-rock Post-romanticism Power electronics Power metal Power noise (or rhythmic noise)
Power pop Powerviolence Pow-wow - Native American dance music Ppongtchak - Korean pop music developed during the Japanese occupation Praise song Pre-Computer Prison metal Program symphony Progressive Acoustic Urban Math Folk Progressive electronic music Progressive folk music Progressive house Progressive metal Progressive bluegrass Progressive rock Progressive trance Protopunk Psychedelic music Psych folk or Psychedelic folk Psychedelic rock Psychedelic trance (Psy-trance) Psychobilly Psychosomatic trance Psych-pop Punjabi thumri - a type of thumri from Punjab Punk Punk blues - a US music genre that developed in the 1980s, which mixes elements of blues with the aggressive sound of punk. Punk Cabaret - a fusion of musical theater and cabaret style music with the aggressive, raw nature of punk rock. Punk metal - an umbrella term used to describe music that fuses elements of punk rock and heavy metal. Punk rock Punta Punta rock - 1970s Belizean music Puke-a-Billy - genre created by Nathan Payne in the late 1990s. Mix of rock-a-billy, punk, country, and blues. Quan ho - Vietnamese vocal music which originated in the Red River Delta Qasidah - Epic religious poetry accompanied by percussion and chanting Qasidah modern - Qasidah updated for mainstream audiences
Qawwali - Sufi religious music updated for mainstream audiences, was originated in India Quadrille Queercore Quiet Storm Rada Raga rock - Swiss soul, rock and Indian music fusion Ragas Raggamuffin (Ragga) Ragga-chutney Ragga-soca Ragga-zouk - a fusion of reggae, dub music and zouk Ragtime Rainbow Rave Rai - Algerian folk music now developed into a popular style
Rake-and-scrape - Bahamanian instrumental music Rambutan Ramkbach Ramvong Ranchera - pop mariachi from 1950s film soundtracks Random dance Rap Rap dogba Rapcore Rapso Rara Rare groove Rasiya Rateliai Rave Rebetiko Rebita reel Reggae Reggae highlife Reggaeton Reinlender Rekilaulu - Finnish rhyming sleigh songs Rembetiko Renaissance music
Requiem Retro Acoustic Steel Guitar Rhapsody Rhyming spiritual - Bahamanian hymns Rhythm and blues (R&B) Rhythmic noise (or power noise) Ricercar Rímur - Icelandic heroic epic songs Ring Bang - the Barbadian sound of soca Riot grrl Rock Rock opera Rock and roll Rock en español Rockabilly Rocknoir Rocksteady Rococo Rodeo music Rokon fada Romantic period in music Romeras Rondeaux Ronggeng - a folk music from Malacca, Malaysia Roots reggae Roots rock Roots rock reggae Ruem trosh - Cambodian traditional music Rumba African Rumba Cuban Rumba Flamenco Rumba also known as Gypsy rumba Rumba gitana - French Gypsy music Runddan Runolaulu - Finnish folk songs
Runo-song - Estonian folk music Sabar - drumming style found in Senegal Sacred Harp Sadcore Saeta Saibara Saiyidi - folk music of the upper Nile Delta Sakyapa chanting - form of Tibetan Buddhist chanting Salegy Salsa - fusion of multiple Cuban- and Puerto Rican-derived pop genres from immigrants in New York City Salsa erotica - lyrically explicit form of salsa romantica Salsa gorda Salsa romantica - a soft, romantic form of salsa music Saltarello Salve Samba - form of Brazilian popular music Samba-reggae - a genre of samba with a choppy, reggae-like rhythm. samba and reggae fusion Samba de breque - traditional samba with social humorous comentaries and characterized by a silence break (hence, "breque") of 2 compass or more, while the singer keeps the lyrics* Samba-canção - traditional samba in slow tempo and with romantic lyrics. influenced by bolero Samba de enredo(or Samba-enredo) - Samba played during Carnival celebrations in fast tempo Samba de pagode - popular dance-oriented samba. (pagode is an informal gathering of neighbours and relatives in spare time for dance and meal). Sambai Sangeo - Afro-Venezuelan form of percussion music
Sanjo - Korean instrumental folk music Sanjuanitos Sarandunga Sardinian polyphonic chanting Sato kagura Sawahili - folk music from the Mediterranean coast of Egypt Sawt - urban music from Kuwait and Bahrain Sax jive Sayas - Bolivian dance music which was popularized as lambada in the 1980s Sazdohol Scandinavian metal (Viking metal)
Schottisch Scottish Baroque music Schranz Screamo Scrumpy and Western - folk music from West Country of England Sea shanty Sean nós Second Viennese School Sega music Seggae Seis Semba Semi-tone calypso (Half calypso) Sephardic music Serialism Serrana Set dance Sevdalinka - Bosnian urban popular music Sevillana Shabab Shabad Shalako - Armenian folk dance Shan''ge - Taiwanese Hakka mountain songs Shango Shape note Sharkan - American Christian chanting Shawm and drum - Instrumental pairing common in Gypsy music Shlager Shibuya-kei Shidaiqu - Hong Kong-based form of traditional music updated for pop audiences and sung in Mandarin Shima uta - a form of Okinawan dance music Shin-min''yo - a modernized form of min''yo, or folk music Shoegaze Shoka - Japanese songs written during the Meiji Restoration to bring Western music to Japanese schools Shomyo - Japanese Buddhist chanting Showtunes Sica Siguiriyas Silat - Malaysian mixture of music, dance and martial arts
Sinawi - Korean religious music meant for dancing; it is improvised and reminiscent of jazz Sinhalese Sri Lankan Singers & Standards Singer-songwriter Single tone calypso
Sinjonjo Sizhu - folk ensembles from southern China Ska Ska punk Skacore (third wave of ska) Skald Skate punk
Skiffle Skotsploech - traditional Frisian ensemble music Skillingstryk Skronk - popular music originating in Charleston, South Carolina, USA in the late 1990s having elements of ska, rock, and funk. Slack-key guitar (kihoalu) - Hawaiian form invented by retuning open strings on a guitar Slängpolska Slide Slow airs Slowcore Sludge metal Smooth jazz Snugglemo S''o wa mbe Soca Soca-bhangra Soca-funk Soft ambient Soft rock Solea (soleares) Sombient Son Son-batá (batá rock) Son montuno - Cuban folk music Sonata Songo - a mixture of changuí and son montuno Songo-salsa - a mixture of songo, hip hop and salsa Sonido Soukous Soul blues Soul jazz Soul music Soundtrack Southern Harmony Southern hip hop Southern rock Southern soul Space age pop Space music Space rock Spacesynth Spazzjazz Spectralism Speedcore Speed garage Speed metal Spirituals Spouge - Barbadian folk music Square dance St. Louis blues St. Louis soul Stambolovski orkestri Staroprazske pisnieky - pub songs from Prague Steelband Stev - short, often improvised, Norwegian folk songs Stoner metal Stoner rock Straight edge Strathspeys Street songs - bawdy adolescent chants of unknown authorship Stride String - 1980s Thai pop music String quartet Stubenmusik - Bavarian string ensembles Suite Suomirock Suomitrance Super Eurobeat Surf ballads Surf instrumental Surf music Surf pop Surf rock Surgery metal Sutartines Swahili sound Sway Swamp blues Swamp pop Swingbeat (New Jack Swing, New Jack R&B) Swing music Sygyt - type of xoomii (Tuvan throat singing), likened to the sound of whistling Symphonic black metal Symphonic metal Symphonic poem Symphonic rock Symphony Synth pop Synth rock Synthpunk Syrtó Taarab Tættir Tai tu - Vietnamese chamber music Taiwanese pop - early Taiwanese pop music influenced by enka and popular with older listeners Tala - a rhythmic pattern in Indian classical music
Tamborito - Panamanian dance music Tambu Tamburitza Tamil Christian keerthanai - Christian devotional lyrics in Tamil Tamil keerthanai - Devotional songs
Tamil tiruppukazh Táncház - Hungarian dance music Tango - Argentinian dance music that became internationally popular in the 1920s Tango-canción - the first wildly popular form of tango in Argentina Tango flamenco Tanguk - a form of Korean court music that includes elements of Chinese music Tanjidor - traditional, instrumental music from Indonesia with various brass intruments, usually played in processions Talempong - a distinct Minangkabau gamelan music Taibubu Tapany maintsoTappa Tarabu
Tarana - form of vocal music from northern India using highly rhythmic nonsense syllables Tarannum Tarantella Tarantolati - Calabrian folk healing ritual Taranto Tassou - Senegalese rapping Tawshih Tchink-system Tchinkoumé Tech house Technical death metal Techno Techno-tribal Technoid Tembang sunda - Sundanese sung free verse poetry Teen pop Tejano music or "Tex-Mex", sometimes confused with norteño Television themes Texas blues The Birmingham Sound Thrashcore Thrash metal Thresher Thumri - a type of popular Hindustani vocal music Tibetan pop - pop music heavily influenced by Chinese forms, emerging in the 1980s Tientos Thillana - form of vocal music from South India using highly rhythmic nonsense syllables Timbila - form of folk music in Mozambique Tin Pan Alley Tina Tinga Tis távlas - drinking songs from Epirus Togaku Tonas Toeshey - Tibetan dance music T''ong guitar - acoustic guitar pop music of Korea Township jive (Mbaqanga) Toziych Traditional pop music Trallalero - Genoese urban songs Trampská hudba - Czech urban folk music Trance Travesty Tribal house Trip-hop Trip rock Triple R Trikitixa - Basque accordion music Troista-country Troll metal Trop Rock Tropicalia TRT Truck-driving country Tsámiko , Tsapika Tsonga disco Tumba Tunky/Bongo- Old-School dog-sled groove originating from Labrador Tuuli (Maglaal) Turbo-folk - aggressive form of modernized Serbian music Turntablism Tuvan throat-singing Twarab Twee pop Twist Two tone (second wave of ska) Über Metal Ufie UK garage UK pub rock Umui - Okinawann religious songs Underground music Unknown Urban Cowboy Urban Folk Urban jazz Urtin duu Ute Vakodrazana Vakojazzana Vallenato - accordion-based Colombian folk music Vallenato-protesta Variet Vaudeville Verbunkos - Hungarian folk music Verismo Video game music - Melodic music as defined by its media. Viennese-style classical music Viking metal Villancicos Villanella - 16th century Neapolitan songs Virelais Vísir Visual techno Vocal house Vuelie Wahrani Waila (chicken scratch) - a Tohono O''odham fusion of polka, norteño and Native American music
Waltz Wangga Warabe uta Wassoulou Watcha watcha Were West Coast hip hop Western blues Western swing Western Tradition of Sephardic music White Metal
Women''s music or womyn''s music, wimmin''s music--1970s lesbian/feminist Wong shadow - 1960s Thai pop music Work song Wood Sounds of organic synthesis recorded on organic medium such as tape. Worldbeat World music World fusion music Xi''an drum music - popular around Xi''an, China, ensembles of percussion and wind instruments
Xoomii (khoomii, hoomii) - a type of Tuvan throat singing Xhosa music Yang - form of Tibetan Buddhist chanting Yanvalou Yé-yé Yo-pop
Yodeling Young Brigade Yukar Zairean sound Zajal Zapin - derived from ancient Arabic music, zapin is popular throughout Malaysia Zarzuela - a form of Spanish operetta Zbójnicki Zen (music) Zendani Zeuhl Ziglibithy Zikir Barat - Sufi vocal music from Malaysia Zinge - Latvian vocal music Zoblazo Zolo - characterized by hyper jerky rhythms and cacophonous/ harmonious bleeps and boings Zombie Hip-Hop - The genre "Gorillaz" classify themselves as. Zortziko - Basque music genre. Zouglou Zouk - Antillean dance music Zouk chouv Zouk funk - a fusion of zouk and funk Zouklove Zout Zulu a cappella Zulu music Zulu jive (South Africa)
Zydeco - popular Louisianan Creole music

Please no singers,percussionists,guitarists,keyboardists,bassists or wind-blown or bowed instrumentalists!

Auditions begin on
9pm starting Jan 7,08 at
Olde Town Tavern
Pensacola , FL


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