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#1 EBAY ENTREPRENEUR KIT - $29.95 value

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If you want to Start Selling On Ebay This is a must

have Instant Download!

This ebook is one of the fastest selling

informational ebooks to hit ebay and websites in a

long time!

Finally 2004 Information and not the dreaded

outdated books regarding this fabulous auction site


So you want to sell on ebay? Quit your job? Become

an ebay entrepreneur our ebook has all the tools

for you to get started instantly!

This ebook is not filled with free information that

can be found on ebay's auction site it is filled

with answers to questions that people are dying to

find out!

Did you ever search on ebay and wonder where do

these guys get all this stuff for so cheap?

Have you sat in front of your computer wishing you

could sell on ebay but you didn't know what to do

or where to go to get the goods?


Let us tell you exactly what you are going to learn

with this extraordinary download!

What you are going to read are secrets, tips and

basically all around help to get you started

selling and making money on ebay today!

Our First section will tell you the Power Sellers

Secrets to creating a Professional Auction Template

and we have provided you with 2 software programs

included with this purchase for you to be able to

create your own auction ads for free. People

viewing seller's auctions probably think they have

a professional create their ads. Not True. We'll

have you making a Professional Auction Ad yourself

or you can simply use the software we provide you

with free of charge! But either way you will learn

and know exactly how people make such professional

looking auction ads!

The Second section is our Auction Tips Section

never before told nor offered any place online or

on ebay there are many options to consider when

you are starting off selling on ebay and we have

basically covered 100 of those options! We will

explain to you the 3 basic auctions that ebay

allows you to post. You will be heavily educated on

what each one means to you and how we can save you

money, save you time and save you the aggravation

of doing it the wrong way. We show you examples of

how people fail on ebay and we show you using

numbers how if you do it the way we say to do it

you can literally save hundreds of dollars and put

that in your pocket instead of ebay's pocket!

The Third section of our ebook is our Auction

Lengths Section which covers what days, how long

and when you should start your auctions. This is

vital information. If you post your auction on the

wrong day you can lose many, many bids. We'll show

you the best days and times to start your auction

up to get the most bids possible! You will find

out if the Buy It Now is worth using, how many

auctions you should put up and explain why! Again

all Vital Information!

The fourth section of our ebook is our Watch Out

Section we are going to show you how sellers

basically screw up by not paying attention to very

important things regarding ebay we have even put

in a full example of how you can accidentally eat

up all your profits if you do not think! How people

end up going broke on ebay because of something

that is so easily over looked. We've had people go

bankrupt because they didn't think about certain

things before they put their auctions up. Again,

get a full example, full explanation and a Watch

Out! Once you know this information and listen to


will make sure that you put 100 of your profits in

your pocket and not someone elses! Must READ!!

Our Fifth section is our Do Your Homework Section

which covers step by step instructions on what you

need to do in order to get the Heads Up on the Hot

Money Makers on ebay. We will show you with 6 easy

steps 30 minutes a day how you can easily find out

what products are the hot sellers on ebay and go

and sell them yourself and make a mint! Easy To Do!

You just have to know how to do it!

Our Sixth Section is Titled: What To Sell & Where

To Get It.. this is a full blown section that will

give you HOT TIPS as to what the hottest sellers

are in Certain Months out of the Year! Meaning we

are going to show you what products are sure money

makers, what months to sell them and where to buy

the products on top of it! BIG MONEY HERE!



Also located in this very same section will be

Ebay's #1 Wholesaler/DropShipper where ebay sellers

get over 15,000 Products including the hottest

products on ebay right now! We will issue you a

username and password with your download to enter

this Hot Wholesaler Right Now so you can see with

your own eyes the prices of the goods you will be

amazed at how little you will pay for items! We are

talking $300.00 items down to $5-$18.00!! This is

where the sellers get the knives, leather jackets,

leather gloves, leather hats, housewares,

electronics, cutlery, giftware and so much more!

Order directly online with this company and have

all your items dropshipped right to your customer!


You will also be given Ebay's #1 Electronic

Wholesaler & DropShipper for OVER 500 Products!

Order online and have all your items dropshipped

directly to your customer.


You will be given another one of ebay's

hottest wholesalers/dropshippers who are currently

offering over 20,000 different products access to

this website is only .99 cents and might we add

this will be the only amount .99 cents you will

have to pay for any of our wholesalers we list!

This company offers many wholesale warehouses right

online for you to shop and have all your items

dropshipped! They also provide you with Auction

Templates per product!


You will be given Ebay Sellers As Seen On TV

Wholesaler Dropshipping is coming soon with this

company. You will be buying direct from the

Manufacturer. Brand New Wholesale Program only

Power Sellers Know About! Every single item you

seen being sold on tv is only located at this site!

We just joined and it is incredible!


You will be given Ebay Sellers Wholesale

Closeout Site! Thousands of Products offered at

CloseOut Prices! Bulk Ordering! Name It they've got

it! All of the hottest selling products at CloseOut

Wholesale Prices!


You will be given the wholesale search engine

that Power Sellers use to browse over 87,000

Different wholesale products!


And finally included in this section alone we

are going to tell you a secret tip that ebay

sellers use to pull in $500.00 a week simply

selling informational products. We will show you

where to go to get these products and what they do

to pull in $500 plus extra a week and they post .30

cent ads on top of it!

This download has to do with ebay you are only

supplied with the wholesalers and dropshippers that

Ebay Sellers use. We list no Garbage Here


And just as a special bonus we are going to show

you how to advertise your business on ebay for

absolutely free. Have people viewing your business

24 hours a day 7 days a week by doing one simple

thing on ebay!

And Finally we are offering you full resale rights

to this #1 Selling Download!

You will receive resale rights and a ready to take

order website!

Put your payment information in and start making

money now!

Ebay Entrepreneur kit!!!

Make your money right back by reselling this

incredible informational download with a take order

website included! You do nothing but place the ad!

Sure Money Maker!

Only $29.95

Sell one of these a day on your own website


1 week income= $209.65

1 month income=$898.50

Sell 2 a day= $59.90

1 week income=$419.65

1 month income=$1,797.00

And that's a worst case scenario!

Can you imagine what you could really do with this

product if you wanted too?

10 ORDERS A DAY or more! $299.95



Only $29.95 gives you access to all this valuable

information plus access to over 120,000 wholesale

products! DropShippers! Only Ebay's Best! No

Garbage Listed Here! Resale Rights! Ready To Take

Order Website! Instant Money maker!


#2 JIM WILSON'S EBAY SECRETS - $14.95 value

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"How To Quickly & Easily Make A
Full-Time Income From eBay --
Starting Today ... Even If You're
Brand New To The Net!"

"There is a bundle of money to be made on eBay ..."

"Believe it or don't, I just learned something. For

the past couple years, I looked at eBay without any

interest at all ... it seemed like a waste of time.

After reading your interview with Jim Wilson I am

convinced there is a bundle of money to be made on

eBay - and - Jim explains it so simply even I

learned from his explanation. -- I'll put it on my

recommended reading list."

- Jim Straw of https://www.tradebit.com

Jim Straw is a mail-order marketer with over

700,000 customers worldwide, and who during the

past 30 years has sold over two-hundred &

fifty-million dollars worth of products and


From: Louis Allport
Tuesday, 2:15 pm

Dear Internet Friend,

How does the thought of turning 30 cents into $50

(or even much more) in seven days or less sound to


Perhaps it sounds ridiculous or even impossible.

But it has in fact already been done many, many

times -- and much more easily than you may think.

Here's how:

30 cents is all it costs to list on eBay (as I

write this). You could be listing anything:

An old record from your collection
That lamp on your desk
Some old books from your personal library
Even an ebook or software you own rights to

Post it up on eBay, start the auction ... and watch

in amazement as people start frantically bidding

for your item!

How I Turned 30 Cents Into $12.50 ...

I've sold items on eBay that have cost me literally

nothing -- all I was selling was electrons ...

well, ebooks to be exact.

I paid for the ebook originally of course, but I

now owned rights to it, had made my money back with

previous auctions, and now it cost me absolutely


I plunked down my 30 cents for the listing and

seven days later I sold the ebook for $12.50. A

very nice return on investment I'm sure you'll


Now of course I don't always make that much with my

auctions. Sometimes I make less, but sometimes I

make much more.

Perhaps you're thinking "That's great Louis, but

$12.50 a week is hardly worth writing home about".

Well, it's not a huge amount ... that's certainly


But start listing ten of those items a week, and we

start getting into more serious money: $125.00 for

very part time effort is a great start.

Or imagine listing 100 auctions a week...

How does $1,250.00 in part-time income... every

single week sound to you?!

How To Sell A Nuclear Submarine On eBay ...

Even though the return on investment when it comes

to ebooks is great, you can sell pretty much

anything on eBay.

With the tens of millions of visitors eBay receives

every single month ... I'm sure just one of those

people will be interested in whatever you happen to

be auctioning.

Just listen to this true story:

Someone recently auctioned a nuclear submarine on

eBay. Yes -- unbelievable but true! eBay did pull

the auction since it was in fact illegal, but

before the auction was pulled the submarine was

receiving bids into the six figures!

I heard that story from a guy called Jim Wilson.

He's a very experienced eBay seller:

Introducing Jim Wilson ...

Since 1999, Jim has been making a great part-time

income on eBay. He certainly doesn't consider

himself a 'guru'. He's just a normal guy, like the

rest of us, who just happens to know exactly how to

make money on eBay. Very good money in fact.

Literally on demand.

His day job is actually as a Firefighter Paramedic.

He spends a couple of days a week selling on

eBay... and that's all it takes for him to make a

great second income.

And best of all: he's very open about exactly how

he runs his business. He loves teaching others how

to make money on eBay too...

And I was lucky enough to speak with Jim for a full

90 minutes recently, picking his brains about every

single aspect of his eBay business. And I'm making

every single word available to you. Here is just a

taster of what you'll discover:

The easy way to process 108 auctions in 30

minutes! Jim reveals exactly how he does it ...

running multiple auctions is the best way to

consistently make serious money on eBay and if you

know the right way to do it -- running 100 or more

auctions a week is a lot easier than you may think.

Listen to the incredible story of how Jim

became one of only two distributors worldwide for a

product. This product was so in-demand, he made an

average 1,000 profit (yes you read that right) on

200 auctions selling it!

Discover a stupid-simple eBay tactic for

bringing traffic to your site. Hardly anyone's

using it at the moment so you'll have an immediate

advantage ...

You can lose money hand over fist if you

don't know when you MUST run a reserve auction.

Discover how to avoid this eBay pitfall...

You'll make oodles more cash than 99 of the

other eBay sellers - IF - you can spot an up and

coming trend and get in early. Jim reveals exactly

what you need to look for in this exclusive


Much better than drop-shipping companies, and

even better than wholesalers ... the secret

suppliers that will allow you to make huge eBay


Which is the best price to start your

auctions at? This will be revealed ...

* With hundreds in feedback, and only ONE

negative remark, Jim really knows how to keep his

eBay customers delighted. He reveals exactly how

you can do this too, to build a thriving eBay

business on a rock-solid foundation of positive


* How to continue making money from your past

auction customers for months and years to come...

* The guaranteed way to get your listings to

appear in as many eBay searches as possible and

quickly grab people's attention. Plus the fatal

headline mistake that hardly anyone knows about. If

you fall into this trap you're literally throwing

your money away on every auction you run...

* At what point in your eBay business should

you start holding an inventory? Jim reveals ...

* Jim talks you step-by-step through one of his

eBay ad templates. This will save you much time,

and stop you tearing your hair out worrying how you

should really put your ad together.

* The simple and proven way to really stand out

from your eBay competition -- even if they're

selling the exact same item!

* Listen to what one man found in the basement

of his new house ... and turned into thousands upon

thousands of dollars on eBay within just a few


* PayPal has had some bad press ... but it's

still the most popular way for people to pay on

eBay. There's one simple thing very few people do

that Jim tells you about -- and doing this will

make you 99 safe from PayPal ever burning you.

"A must have addition to your e-library..."

"No surprise - once again Jim Wilson establishes

himself as one of the top eBay experts. If you are

building an eBay business, or if you think you

might like to, Jim's latest 'tell all' interview

with Louis is a must have addition to your


- Jim Cockrum
Author - The Silent Sales Machine Hiding on eBay

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This is better than any affiliate program that pays

you 25 or even 60! As soon as you get your hands

on this product, you can sell it yourself, and keep

every single cent you make!

All it takes is one sale, and you've made your

purchase back! Everything after that is pure

profit, straight into your bank account.

And you get everything you see here: the

professionally written and designed web site and

sales letter, so you really don't have to do

anything ... just upload the files to your website,

and start making money.

Or even easier -- you can sell it on eBay too! And

with this interview you get FULL instructions on

exactly how to do it ...

Your Purchase Is 100 Guaranteed

If for any reason at all, at any time at all, you

would like your purchase refunded, no problem at

all. I want you to be a happy customer.

If you're not happy with this product for any

reason at all, just drop me a line (my full details

are at the bottom of this letter) and I'll return

every single cent of your money within one working

day. That's more than a guarantee ... it's a

personal promise from me to you.

Get your copy of "Jim Wilson's eBay Secrets" with

full reprint rights today ... place your order and

you'll have full access within seconds...

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& Louis Allport

P.S. Remember, you get all this for just $14.95 ...

The full transcript of this exclusive 90-minute

interview with top eBay seller Jim Wilson ... who

reveals exactly how he makes a great income from

eBay, working just a couple of days a week.

You also get full reprint rights to everything

here, so you can start profiting immediately!

Click Here Right Now To Claim Your Copy

P.P.S. I sent a review copy of this interview to

mail-order multi-millionaire Jim Straw and this is

what he wrote back:

"Believe it or don't, I just learned something. For

the past couple years, I looked at eBay without any

interest at all ... it seemed like a waste of time.

After reading your interview with Jim Wilson I am

convinced there is a bundle of money to be made on

eBay - and - Jim explains it so simply even I

learned from his explanation. -- I'll put it on my

recommended reading list."

Start profiting with Jim's eBay secrets right now




CRAZY - $9.95 value

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1,079 Online Auction Words And Phrases That Sell


From: (your name)

Dear Friend,

This ebook is a massive collection of MAGIC

words and phrases that will grab your prospect's

attention, INFLUENCE them to visit your auction

page and PERSUADE them to bid-on or buy your


Here are some examples:

serious bids only

looks like new

mint condition

no cracks

only (no.) made

readable serial no.

sealed air tight

still in package

with serial number

works like new

in very good shape



been well kept


collector's item

everything still in tact

free shipping

hand made

hard to find

in excellent condition

It's the perfect reference if you're

auctioning-off products or services to regular

consumers, business owners, auction buyers and

sellers, marketers, entrepreneurs, MLMer's,

affiliates, web masters, executives, investors and

opportunity seekers and anyone else! The uses are


Use these persuasive words and phrases for

almost anything...

Sales Materials

Web Sites

Online Auction Ads

Classified Ads

Signature Files

Business Letters

Joint Venture Offers

Business Presentations

Sales Letters

In-Person Selling

Endorsement Ads

Press Releases

Job Resumes And Interviews

Free Reprint Articles

Information Products

Audio Or Video Ads

Banner And Pop Up Ads

Ezine Ads

Creating Your Own


Benefit Lists

Feature Lists





Product Descriptions



Facts And Figures


Info-Product Titles

Selling Stories

Call To Action Phrases


Article Resource Boxes/ Bylines

Plus Get My "Keep The eBook" Guarantee!

If you're not completely satisfied, within 90

days, you can ask for a full refund. Plus, you can

keep the ebook! How many times in your life have

you been able to keep the product when you have

asked for a refund? The risk is on me!

Only $9.95!
Right after you order you'll be immediately

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I look forward to helping you build a

profitable business!

Warmest regards,
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