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*NEW* Unstoppable Product Creation With Master Resale Rights

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There\'s really nothing left to \"sell\" you on. It\'s risk-free. It\'s ten bucks. It\'s an opportunity to discover 10 product creation strategies you can use today.
\"Who Else Wants to Discover How to
Create Profit-Generating Info-Products
WITHOUT Creating the Actual Product
Using these 10 Tested and Proven Ways
For Creating Passive Income Businesses...\"

Give Me Just 42 Minutes and I\'ll Tell You How To
Create Your Own Products From Scratch - Even if
You\'re a Beginner - I\'ve Created Over 25 Products
In Less Than Two Years - and I\'m Revealing How
You Can Do it Too...Want To Be Next?...

From: The desk of Aurelius Tjin & [YOUR NAME GOES HERE]
Date: Tuesday, 10:12 AM
RE: How To Quickly & Easily Create Info-Products That Sell...

Dear Friend,
t happens every single day of my life...

I get dozens of emails from subscribers and customers who all have similar problems, like:


How can I make money fast?

I want to make money but I don\'t have much

I bought tons of courses and I\'m still not making money

I\'m a beginner, so where do I start?

Is there an easy way to make money online?

+ many more emails like these.

Does this sound familiar?

There\'s no \"magic pill\" or key to success.

But what I\'ve found is that most successful businesses have one thing in common - they all have a product or service to offer.

Look at Microsoft, Robert Kiyosaki, car companies, Nike and the list goes on.

Common sense, right? I know you\'re intelligent enough to know that.

By having your own product, you\'ll experience a more profitable, scalable and stabled business. Every \"guru\" knows that.

As you read every word of this letter, you\'ll be amazed at how truly profitable it can be to have your very own winning product that sells.

Wouldn\'t it be amazing if you had something you could call your own and be able to sell over and over again?

What If You Don\'t Have a Product?

To give you an example of what can happen if you have no product, I’ll tell you a story about a friend of mine. Let’s call him John.

** Real Life Case Study **

John makes a killing online…. $1000, $3000, even $10,000 a day. That’s how much he makes. Don’t get me wrong here: his “tactic” is great for making “quick cash,” but not for long-term success.

This type of business also requires you to monitor all the time, so it\'s not something you can \"set and forget\"

To be brutally point-blank with you here, John lost over 75% of his revenue, literally overnight.

So what is he doing? He’s doing 100% Google Adwords Arbitrage. Basically it’s like buying something for $1 and selling it for $2. You bid on keywords to promote other people’s products.

Let me ask you: If you could spend $100 on advertising and get a $200 return on investment, would you do it? Of course you would.

But what happens if Google, one day, jumps your campaign from $1 per click to $5 a click? You wouldn’t notice the change until you’ve actually checked your account to see that you owe a ton of money to Google.

John was affected by, what we call, the “Google slap”. This is when Google Adwords makes adjustments where they penalize advertisers who have landing pages with little or poor content. In cases like this, advertisers will suddenly experience higher minimum bids.

The bottom line is -- you can’t rely 100% of your efforts on one thing, especially something you can\'t control. To ensure that you have total flexibility and control, you need your own product.

Are you beginning to see how important it is to have your own product?

But Here\'s Where The Problem Strikes...
You don\'t know how to create a product
You hate the pain and thought of writing
There\'s too much garbage and fluffed up guides out there
You hate putting the pieces of puzzles together just to get one simple thing done
You tend to procrastinate when it comes to creating your products
You want to learn the easiest and fastest way to create your own product

Why Should You Believe Me?

I don\'t want to brag or boast my ego, but here\'s something you should know - I\'ve created over 25 products in less than two years - reports, ebook, video tutorials, graphics packages, home study courses, resell rights products and more.

I must admit, some of the products couldn\'t even make a couple of sales, while others sold over 2100 copies in its first few weeks of launch (e.g. - https://www.tradebit.com).

Some marketers believe that if your product doesn\'t sell either 1) Give it away for free/sell rights or 2) throw it away/remove it from your site completely.

Some don\'t believe that \"the more products you have, the more you\'ll make\". I believe that if you\'ve crafted a product that people need, you\'ll surely add a great source of income to your bottom-line.

...and hey, the more products you have, the more offers you can make.
When you have multiple products, you\'ll have multiple streams of income.
You can package all your products and sell them as one big course and at a higher price ($97 - $997)
You can create a \"themed\" package to give your package a more focused edge.

How Can You Get Started
Right Here, Right Now?

The process of creating your own products can be daunting, especially if you find it difficult to communicate and deliver your point.

But luckily, I\'ve made the job easier for you. I\'ve created a practical guide on how to create your own info-products without doing the creation process yourself. This guide details the exact methods I use to create my own products on the fly.

Let me introduce to you...

- Special Report -

Unstoppable Product Creation

In the Unstoppable Product Creation Report,
You\'ll Discover The *Exact* Strategies I Use
To Create Products That Sell Like Crazy...

Listen, I didn\'t just make these strategies up and it\'s not based on theory. What I\'ve shared is based on practical ways you can begin to create your own products.

These strategies work for anyone and in any niche - it doesn\'t matter if you\'re a beginner.

In this special report, you\'ll discover...
10 of my best, tested, proven, used, product creation strategies without creating the content yourself - You\'ll be excited once you see how quickly and easily you can create your own products using these powerful strategies.
An easy and quick way to create high-quality products that you can almost do with your hands tied behind. (Page 8)
6 easy steps to creating your own professional looking, high-quality and in-demand products. (Page 9)
A super simple way to create your own products using someone else\'s content and research - Yes, it\'s completely legal and it shouldn\'t take you more than a day to whip up a product that\'s ready for sale.
How to separate yourself from other people who are selling the same product - you\'ll instantly boost your sales and add a higher perceived value to your product using this tactic.
An easy way to get gurus to create the content for you - it\'ll be hard for them to say \"No\" to this one. (Page 11)
The *hands down* #1 best method of quickly creating your own product - and you can do this over and over again. Simply rinse and repeat.

Are you beginning to see the value of this information? I\'m telling you, if you follow these instructions, you will have your own product created that allows you to sell over and over again.

But that\'s not the end, that\'s just the icing on the cake. You\'ll also discover:
A free tool that you can use to turn your documents to PDF documents - this will protect your work. It\'s free to download. (Page 8)
How to grab a ton of free content from somewhere you may be visiting everyday but haven\'t noticed - You can find topics about almost anything - dogs, internet marketing, home business, technology, gardening and hundreds of topics. (Page 13)
How to get professional writers to write about any topic you want - I\'ll show you where and how. You\'ll be able to create products faster than a Japanese bullet train! (Page 16)
How I used ________ to create a quick product. (Page 23)
How I created a meaty traffic report without writing a single word - All I did was ask this one simple question to the gurus. (Page 12)
How to let your list members make your product - I\'ll tell you what to say to your subscribers so they can\'t refuse your offer. (Page 19)
How to use forums and blogs to create your product - I\'m surprised that not many people are taking advantage of this strategy. You\'ll have little or no competition. (Page 22)
+ much, much more...

Does that sound exciting or what?

Just in case you\'re still wondering if this is for you, here are...

10 Reasons Why You
Need Your Own Product

Just imagine having your own product...
You make almost 100% of the profits – Now you don\'t have to rely on affiliate programs that only pays you 50% commissions...and what\'s even better - you don\'t need to wait for commissions to be paid out weeks, or even months later!

ZERO delivery cost – You don\'t need to go to the post office and ship anything. Your customers can instantly download your product after their payment.

Almost ZERO risk of running this business – even if you fail (I\'m not saying that you will), what do you have to lose, compared to brick and mortar businesses?

You make money on autopilot – Even if you\'re out playing golf or with your friends or family, your product will still be available for prospects to order at anytime they want.

You sell to a larger market - You\'re not limited to selling nation-wide, you can reach the entire world where Internet access exist.

Passive/Residual income - You create and set it up once, tweak your site here & there and you profit. This is true leverage - you don\'t need to exchange time for money. With a regular J.O.B., you work for someone else\'s dreams and make them rich while you work overtime.

You provide value to your market - what better way to help others by sharing valuable information they want to learn? Besides, the Internet is the \"information super highway\".

You feel a sense of achievement after you’ve completed your very own product - How great will you feel knowing that you have something out there that people will buy.

You brand yourself and your business to your market - with your product, you\'ll instantly build rapport and credibility because you\'re the expert.

It’s easy to duplicate the process + multiple streams of income - who said to stop with just one product? After you\'ve completed one, create another product and another and another...so even if one\'s having a \"slump\" during January, you still have your other products selling!

Just imagine having your very first product for sale. You can create multiple streams of income and build your very own info-product empire...

Do you see how powerful and profitable it is by having your own product?

In Less Than 3 Minutes From Now You\'ll
Discover The Exact Strategies I Use To
Create Products On The Fly!

The way I see it, you only have two choices and I know you\'re intelligent enough to figure out which choice is better for you:

1) You can start from scratch - write the content and browse around the net to figure out how to create your own product so that you can put the pieces of puzzles together.


2) Own a copy of the Unstoppable Product Creation report, for just $47.00 $14.97, where I\'ll share the exact strategies I use to create products that sells like crazy. I promise to only share the \"meat\" and \"juice\" - no fluff and theory.

That\'s less than you\'d pay for a large-sized pizza!

Why Would I Basically Hand You
This Information For Almost Nothing?

I could easily charge anywhere from $100-$200 for this information, knowing that it took me years of learning and applying.

The reason why I\'m offering you this information for only ten bucks is simply because this isn\'t the only product I sell and market.

I have dozens of products and I want to prove to you, from this report, that you\'ll experience a lot of valuable information so that you\'ll have no doubt that my other products are just as valuable.

Which leaves us to the question of the day:

>> Would You Rather Have...


Be the owner of dozens of products...

The choice is clearly yours. It\'s a no-brainer.

If that\'s not enough...

Invest Today And Receive
THREE *Amazing* Bonuses
You Can\'t Say \"No\" To...

I\'m a big believer of over-delivering where I see fit. And when I say over-delivering, I don\'t mean piling hundreds of crappy products just to make it look like you\'re getting a ton of value. That\'s just unethical.

Instead, I\'m going to give you bonuses that\'ll compliment and support the Unstoppable Product Creation report so that you can make the most out of the strategies I\'ll be sharing with you.

Here they are...


\"Audio MP3 Recording\"

* 42:11 Minutes MP3 recording of the report.

* Hook it up to your iPod or MP3 player, car or stereo

* Great for those who learn better by ear.

Valued at $47.00. Yours Free.

\"Hot Resource
Cheat Sheet\"

* My personal rolodex of 70 valuable sites where you can grab private label products so you can create your products on the fly!

* 8 best sites to grab free content

* Saves you time from searching for these sites on your own

Valued at $17.00. Yours Free.

So you\'ve created your product, now how do you create a sales message to sell your product?

That\'s why I\'m also throwing in my never-been-released report...

\"How To Write Your
Own Profit-Producing Salesletter\"

* How to structure your salesletter to capture your reader\'s attention and make them buy now!

* 4 important keys to structuring your salesletter

* 3 critical elements of making your offer irresistible.

* How to use psychological triggers to get into the minds of your readers ethically and morally.

Valued at $17.00. Yours Free.

Exclusive Bonus

Master Resell Rights To This Product!

Now you can profit 100% reselling this product.

Here\'s what you get with the Master Resell Rights package:


Professionally-written and formatted salesletter. You\'ll the exact salesletter you\'re reading now, just with a few modifications.


Ready-made \"Thank You\" page. This is the page where your customers download this product.


Professionally-designed, unique Web 2.0 look eCover graphics and minisite. You\'ll receive the report cover, CD cover, \'bonus\' report covers and order button.



You profit handsomely and keep 100% of the sales. No more poor 50% commissions.


Your own ready-made, turn-key business. Everything\'s ready for you: all you need to do is put your own order link, put your name in specific areas of the salesletter and presto, you\'re done!

Here\'s the Only Thing You Need To Consider...

Here\'s the thing that really makes sense about this: If you just find ONE idea among these 10 product creation strategies that you didn\'t already know and put it to work for you, it\'s well worth $14.97!
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