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Wouldn't you give it up just ONCE to get your hands on it?

"If you haven't already heard, QuickPayPro sold master rights to their $200,000 eBusiness Automation software to a limited number of people.

It sold out in 3 days, but I have awesome news for you..."

We were lucky enough to secure one of these licenses and are offering you a copy at a SIGNIFICANT DISCOUNT!

So What Is The Hype All About?

Here is what Dustin Struckman wrote when he first sold the source code:

"I may have gone completely nuts, but a good friend of mine convinced me to allow you to offer you your very own Private Label of one of the longest-running shopping cart and affiliate automation solutions on the planet.

Now I'm not talking about selling you a monthly membership to use this system.

I'm talking about selling you the whole darn thing, source code and all to be able to start running your own shopping cart and affiliate solution for $49, $59, or even $79 a month to as many people as you can.

It's your baby, you can do what you want with it.

How about offering free subscriptions to members of your membership site that sells your current products?

You can't get anything like this anywhere else, and with the kind of deal I am about to offer you I would be willing to bet that this will be sold out in 3 days flat!

I am offering you 100 percent of the money!

Did you get that? With my program you get to keep 100 percent of all the money you make!

OK you get the point, so let's get down to business.

I am not going to bore you with some 17 pages of a carefully crafted sales letter.

Frankly for an offering like this one I am sure I do not have to.

NOTHING has ever been offered like this before on the Internet as long as I have been in Internet Marketing...

Nothing will be offered like this again, not any time in the near future anyway. I am sure of that, so here it is...

I, Dustin Struckman, am offering you the full source code to the original PERL version of https://www.tradebit.com's Shopping Cart and Affiliate System!

Let me give this to you simple and straight to the point!

With the Source Code to QuickPayPro You Can:

Use this yourself to set up a copy of QuickPayPro on https://www.tradebit.com to run your internet marketing business and never pay a $79 monthly payment again to any other shopping cart and affiliate management company!
This alone may save you up to $948.00 per year!

Set up your own QuickPayPro, or The Other Big Shopping Cart style website and start selling memberships to others for $49 to $79 a month.

You could run a smaller more personalized site than the big guns offering these services do which will make you a hero to your subscribers!

This program is tried and true with over $9 million in sales processed, 90,000+ affiliates, 2.5 million subscribers, and over 5000 members using it as their shopping cart and affiliate tracking solution.

Offer FREE subscriptions to your current client base or membership website customers, think that will score you some points with them? Heck you can even charge them a few bucks to cover your cost and still give them a deal they will be thanking you for all year long!

Resell or License the source code to others for a hefty premium. So they can run their own Shopping Cart and Affiliate Tracking membership websites. This incredible shopping cart and affiliate management system cost over $200,000 and took over 4 years to develop. You should have no problem selling copies of it to others at any price you wish!

You Own Full Resale Rights to this Solution so you can sell it in any way that you see fit and at any price you see fit, you can even resell the source code itself.. the only small requirement is that you do not remove the QuickPayPro copyright notice and link to https://www.tradebit.com from it.
The above resell rights are worth thousands of dollars by itself. This is a HUGE money-making opportunity

Change the code to build a new piece of software, you can edit the code in any way you wish to create any type of new project you wish!
You Keep 100 of all money you make from all sales you make using this code!

The Possibilities Are Endless!

"You Own Full Resale Rights to this Solution so you can sell it in any way that you see fit and at any price you see fit, you can even resell the source code itself. The only small requirement is that you do not remove the QuickPayPro copyright notice and link to https://www.tradebit.com."

Features of the Script Include The Following:

Custom Order Forms and Shopping Carts
The shopping cart is equally adept at handling digital products (including secure digital product & membership form delivery), and tangible, offline products (including variable shipping & tax calculations). This Module gives you:

Freedom from complicated CGI programming! Our dummy-proof wizard lets you tell us what you want, then just click a button and you get it! Background images, custom colors the sky's the limit. Or use one of our professionally-designed default pages and have your form up in seconds.
Real-time credit card acceptance with your existing Merchant Account through many of the major processing gateways -- including https://www.tradebit.com, Skipjack, eComExchange, and EMS.
NEW! Advanced recurring billing gives you the flexibility to offer free or specially priced trials, multiple recurring periods and pricing with term discounts calculated automatically. You even pay recurring commissions on rebills!
Secure digital product delivery using Cloak Technology so customers can download your product without knowing its location!

Automatic download link expiration after 24 hours to ensure that only paid customers get access to your stuff. You can even select multiple "bonus items" to be downloaded with the product and offer further incentives to increase your sales. This system will automatically create the appropriate download page!

Customizable HTML "thank you" pages for each product. Use order variables to completely personalize your customer's experience.

Automatic affiliate program integration. Imagine never having to figure out who earned what again! Let the system sort it out for you using the affiliate rules you set up! And use this foolproof affiliate tracking to attract new affiliates, too!

Simple Up-selling on either the order forms or thank you pages. It's as easy as adding a link to you web pages!

Comprehensive Campaign Tracking Tools
Stop guessing whether your marketing campaigns are working. Stop guessing, stop wondering, stop worrying. And stop wasting money!

QuickPayPro's ingenious Web Site Trackers calculate the "ad profitability" for every marketing campaign you launch, and instantly separates the winners from the losers. You'll know which ones to keep, and which ones to dump!

Track ezine ads, banner swaps, pay-per-click keyword bids and much more. You can even track search engine traffic as well as keyword and keyphrase denominations! And for every campaign, you'll know:

How many visitors (total & unique) that campaign has brought in.
How many sales that campaign created.
How big or small your return on investment is.
How many affiliates & subscribers that campaign generated.
Plus groups now allow you to categorize campaigns and see totals for all of the above per group!
It's like getting a $70,000 a year marketing analyst absolutely free!

QuickPayPro instantly tracks traffic as soon as it reaches your web site so you can see where the traffic and sales came from. The system even tracks your expenses, and instantly calculates your net profit!

And not just for a single campaign but for an unlimited number of campaigns! No limits! Track as many as you want with no extra charge.

Got affiliates? They get access to the same tools! So you don't just sign up an affiliate, you turn them into highly effective marketing ninjas!

FULLY Integrated Customer Relationship Management
You've heard of Customer Relationship Management systems CRM. Maybe you've even seen it in action. It's something the big boys use to maintain a customer's status throughout their life cycle from prospect to lead to customer. CRM is an invaluable tool, and it's included in QuickPayPro.

Automatic Prospect Management means that all prospects become part of the prospects database.
Customer Lifecycle Management turns prospects into customers when they buy, and move them automatically from the prospects database to the customer database
Customer Relationship Management handles follow-up offers, time-delayed and recurring payments, and other timeline events.

Advanced Email Management allows you to tailor your messages to key target groups - like "Customers who've spent more than $1,000" or "Customers who haven't purchased in over 90 days". This one feature alone is worth the entire investment!
How much time will that alone save you? And how much more time and embarrassment when you never accidentally email your promotions to people who have already purchased again?

Your business is a well-oiled machine thanks to QuickPayPro!

Complete, INTEGRATED, Hands-Free Affiliate System
Do you run an affiliate program? More than one? An affiliate program is it a double-edged sword the more affiliates you have, the more money you make, but the more time it takes to track it all!

QuickPayPro takes over the grunt work, freeing you to do other more important things like grow your business... Or simply read a book while floating in your swimming pool or taking your kids to little league.

You get the kind of control that instantly puts you in the driving seat and allows you to manipulate every aspect of your affiliate program and leaves QuickPayPro to handle the program for you using...

Instant Affiliate Sign-up. Recruit hundreds, even thousands of affiliates to promote any or all of your products. They can sign-up through a special link and get immediate access to sell!
Complete Affiliate Management. Real-time statistics for both your affiliates and yourself -- see who your best promoters are at the click of a button! And never have to worry or hear about missed sales commissions again. With QuickPayPro, commissions are calculated automatically and accurately. Whether you have a single commission or two-tiered commission on each product you sell even if you have both! QuickPayPro handles the math for you.
Recurring Billing Support. Sell recurring products such as memberships and QuickPayPro will automatically calculate recurring commissions each time your customers are rebilled.
Support for Custom Commission Structures. Assign unique commission structures to individual affiliates great for joint ventures that offer higher commissions rates to specific affiliates!

Optional "Seamless" Integration Scripts let you create the illusion that your own site is managing everything when in fact QuickPayPro does it all for you!
Instant Commission Payments. Export a list of commissions to upload and pay via https://www.tradebit.com or simply import into Quickbooks or other applications that allow automated check writing. It's the easiest and most efficient payment platform available!
Affiliate Mail Merge. Email your affiliates at will with their information automatically merged into the body or subject of the email message.
Included! Custom Affiliate Center that lets you include complete training material and promotional literature with pre-personalized and hard-coded affiliate IDs tagged into them. Your affiliates can literally copy, paste, and promote easy as 1-2-3! And you have complete control over their promotional materials!
Affiliate Ad Tracking. QuickPayPro is the only system I know of that gives your affiliates their own ad tracking tools.
Autoresponders for Affiliates let you follow up and deliver training information to them at predefined intervals to turn even the softest wasteful slackers into trained, hard-core affiliates!
Powerful Email System. Another industry original, QuickPayPro enables you to get the most out of your affiliates by targeting specific affiliate groups. For example, you can now send a special promotion to your "Top 10 affiliates" or a motivational contest just for "Innactive affiliates". This one feature could add thousands to your bottom line.
And because you use these tools to track your affiliates, and to supercharge their campaigns, you become a prime partner for your affiliates! They will be more motivated to promote you and sell for you.

Affiliates get the benefits of a complete foolproof tracking system, plus the marketing campaign tool it's a complete system for affiliate success for an unlimited number of products!

This is the same system we use to generate over 80 of our own sales! Imagine the increased profitability your company could see. And what's more, you can use this affiliate platform for your own products.

Manage Multiple Mailing Lists With Follow-up Power
QuickPayPro's unbeatable email management gives you the control you used to only dream of. You can do more to build your business at a fraction of the effort and expense you used to have to take.

Smart automation is the key!

Create unlimited email lists, perfect for storing opt-in prospect and subscriber databases that you can email to with new promotions or company information whenever you wish!
Install unlimited sequential follow-up autoresponders. Send pre-personalized and merged content at predefined intervals to follow-up with your hottest leads and turn them into customers!

Incredible Multiple List Management lets you create product-specific autoresponders or automatically subscribed your customers to any of your email series lists when they purchase a product from you. You can even choose different lists for different products.
Automatic Unsubscribe removes purchasers from your prospect email list and adds them to your customer lists!
Complete mail merge personalization lets you add that personal touch to your prospect emails, making a special message just for them!

Instant entry and exit pop-up forms and subscription boxes increase your subscriber rate by up to 150 percent and more! With powerful, easy-to-use wizards, you can do it in just a few mouse clicks!

Spam management ensures that you never send unsolicited emails out. Automatic subscribe/unsubscribe processing system manages your email list for you, letting your prospect remove themselves from any mailing list. And because QuickPayPro automatically grabs the IP address of anyone who subscribes to one of your mailing lists, you have an official "seal of proof" that protects you if anyone ever acuses you of SPAMming a great tool to avoid sticky situations!

You can be running your own shopping cart and affiliate automation solution membership website by TOMORROW!

With this software you can set up your very own shopping cart and affiliate programs, with your name on it, since we are including


As Dustin said - "I'm not talking about selling you a monthly membership to use this system."

"I'm talking about selling you the whole darn thing, source code and all so you can run your own shopping cart and affiliate solution for $49, $59, or even $79 a month to as many people as you can".

You own the Private Label Rights and the Source Code.
You can do what you want with it, it's up to you.


With this program you get to keep 100 percent of all the money you make! As I said before, you own the program, you get to keep 100 percent of all you are paid for your services!

There has never been a better time to get your hands on a product that you can use to start your VERY OWN profitable online business NOW!


ONLY $4.95

Take advantage of this incredible offer NOW!
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