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MP3 David Goldman - Summer With Juliet

Heartfelt singing and songwriting with a rainbow of richly layered music genres, touched by Blues, Acoustic Rock, Pop/Jazz and WorldBeat.... https://www.tradebit.com AND https://www.tradebit.com

17 MP3 Songs
WORLD: World Fusion, WORLD: World Traditions


David Goldman was recently featured by the New York Times in an article about the Westchester music scene. https://www.tradebit.com

"Summer With Juliet is truly wonderful, full of that all-too-rare quality of vision meeting craft and giftedness head on…. The world will always need…music written with depth of soul, character and heart. David Goldman''s voice is beautiful, his lyrics surprising, his range impressive, and the record stays with you…" Rob Mathes, songwriter, performer, arranger. (Elvis Costello, Sting, Bonnie Raitt, etc.)

Combine heartfelt singing and songwriting with worldly influences from Blues, Folk, Country, Celtic, Latin and WorldBeat roots, and you have David Goldman’s Summer With Juliet. Co-produced with veteran bass player and engineer Mark Dann, there are over 100 guest artists on the album—including singer/songwriter Dayna Kurtz, New York Voices’ Lauren Kinhan, Lava Recording Artist Maryanne Marino, Sax player Richie Cannata, Celtic singer Susan McKeown, African percussion group "Heritage" and Suzanne Vega guitarists Billy Masters and Marc Shulman. Summer With Juliet on WORLDWAVE RECORDS celebrates musical colors across many cultural divides; it has received airplay on 140 radio stations nationwide.

"Blue Collar Town" presents images of changes in a small town; the impassioned "So Lonesome For You" is a slow aching blues; "One of These Days (Soldier''s Song)" is beautifully framed by Celtic resonances; "Someday I''ll Fly" is a bewitching blend of Blues and Indian music. Two songs are co-written with top pop songwriter and jazz pianist Jeff Franzel, one of which, “Te Extraño Tanto”--also co-written with noted Latin songwriter Mimi Ibarra--won third place in the Latin/World category in the 2002 Billboard Songwriting Contest. (Six other songs from the CD won honorable mentions.) The WorldBeat song “É Nossa Canção” (It’s Our Song) is an opus with spoken parts in over thirty-five languages and a total ‘cast’ of 66 people combining African, Latin, Middle Eastern and Indian rhythms and chants. From former Wings’ drummer Steve Holley to Mujibur & Sirajul of David Letterman Show fame, “It’s Our Song” is a true international anthem.

Of Jewish, Sicilian and Albanian background, David Goldman grew up in a house rich with classical, opera, popular, blues and international folk music. He was playing recognizable melodies on the piano at a very early age and was taken to many concerts as a child. David’s musical influences and tastes run from Stevie Wonder, Howlin’ Wolf, the Rolling Stones, Joni Mitchell, Richie Havens, Tim Buckley and Frank Sinatra to Ravi Shankar, Bob Dylan, Arabic singer Om Khalsoum, Portuguese singer Amalia Rodriguez and Italian tenor Carlo Buti.

As a student in Friends World College (now part of LIU), David studied music, language and photography for three and a half years in India (Sitar and Vocal), Japan (Lute, Koto, and Vocal) and Korea and Mexico. On his own he also traveled in Italy, Portugal, England and France as well as in America, particularly the Southwest. Living in New York he studied Blues, Classical, Folk and Jazz guitar as well as Classical Voice. He has also attended numerous songwriting workshops at the Songwriters Guild and Songwriters Hall of Fame and studied privately with hit songwriters Jeff Franzel and Alex Forbes.

David was a semi-finalist in 2004’s Mountain Stage New Song Festival and was also a winner in the 2003 Great American Song Contest. That same year “Summer With Juliet” received an Honorable Mention in the John Lennon Songwriting Contest. In 2004 his gospel song “God Came God Saw God Cried” won an Honor Award in the Great American Song Contest and he was selected by MEANY Fest to perform at CBGB’s Gallery. He has recently signed a licensing agreement with a publishing company in California to promote his music for film and television.

David has performed at the Paramount Center for the Arts in Peekskill, Rockwood Music Hall, Caffé Vivaldi, KaveHaz, the Bitter End’s NY Songwriters Circle, Rutgers University, Connecticut’s Acoustic Café, Worcester’s “Café Fantastique,” Pleasantville Music Festival, Peekskill Coffeehouse, University of Maryland and numerous other venues in the Northeast. He has been interviewed and has performed live on a number of New York, Boston and Maine area radio stations.

Over the years David has also established and directed music programs for emotionally handicapped children and adolescents, and performed at public and VA hospitals, community and senior centers, public schools, parks and libraries in the tri-state area.


Produced by David Goldman & Mark Dann

1. Blue Collar Town (3:41) A small town slowly changes, featuring Levi on backup vocals
2. Summer With Juliet (4:43) A lilting Celto-FolkRock romp featuring Cherish The Ladies
3. So Lonesome For You (4:14) Slow blues featuring Dayna Kurtz on backup vocals
4. One Of These Days (Soldier''s Song) (4:33) Song of a dying soldier featuring Cherish the Ladies, Jerry O''Sullivan, Children''s Aid Society Choir, Valerie Vigoda, Michele Rubin
https://www.tradebit.comeda No Komori Uta (2:32) A Japanese lullaby meets Suzanne Vega''s guitarists Billy Masters & Marc Shulman
6. Lag Gai Chot (1:56) Hindustani-Urdu lament originally recorded by Indian singer K.L. Saigal in the ''30s, featuring Dave Eggar on Cello
7. Someday I''ll Fly (4:25) Spaghetti-Eastern Country Blues featuring backup vocals by Levi & Electric Guitars by Marc Shulman
8. Te Extraño Tanto (4:14) A Gypsy-Pop bolero of yearning featuring Yassmin Alers
9. É Nossa Canção (It''s Our Song) Prelude (:35) featuring flautist Norma LaTuchie
10. É Nossa Canção (It''s Our Song) (6:30) Brazilian, African, Indian, Latin, Middle Eastern dance caravan with 35 languages, African percussion group "Heritage,"Mujibur & Sirajul and a cast of thousands...
11. Sorry Said The Moon (3:32) Pop/Jazz featuring vocalist MaryAnne Marino
12. No Easy Way To Say Goodbye (4:03) Heartffelt Breakup Pop featuring Maria Christensen
13. I Miss My Blues (3:17) ''Used to feel so good to feel so bad shuffle'' backup vocals by New York Voices'' Lauren Kinhan
14. One of These Days (Soldier''s Song) Reprise (1:06) featuring Cherish the Ladies'' Deirdre Connolly & Open Book''s Michele Rubin on vocals
15. One of These Days (Soldier''s Song) Requiem (:53) with Bagpiper Jerry O''Sullivan & Drummer Steve Holley
16. Vierno (4:22) A WWII vintage Neapolitan epic featuring Joe Mennonna (piano/sax) Sasha Lazard (backup vocals) & Alejandra Mahave, viola
17. Summer With Juliet Reprise (3:14) Life renews, featuring Cherish the Ladies, Jerry O''Sullivan, Celtic singer Susan McKeown & Joe Mennonna on piano

More quotes:

"The word eclectic is often misused as describing a style. More accurately it is a method of choosing the best components selected from diverse sources, systems, or styles. David''s "Summer with Juliet" is an eclectic trove of genuine and provocative styles that flow like honey from the bee. On this remarkable CD we take a romantic journey across the world. Beginning with an Americana song that feels as familiar as it''s title, Blue Collar Town. Through dynamic and curious episodes of the Blues, World, Latin, Country, Asian, and Jazz, we explore and experience the enchanting music of David Goldman. David''s clear and resonating voice adds dimension to his songwriting genius. He writes and sings in many languages exquisitely. A true troubadour and romantic, his songs are spontaneous yet consistently thoughtful. The musical accompaniment is top rate. The production flawless. It has been a real joy to play "Summer with Juliet" in my car as I drive on my quest for antiques and art. Like this incredible CD, it is a glorious quest indeed." Rick Rock, Director, Tribes Hill and Hammond House, from June 2003 issue of Tribes Hill News

"David Goldman is ridiculously good! He has a terrific tenor voice with great power and flexibility. I love the fact that he can negotiate the middle eastern and Indian scales so easily. Quite eclectic and diverse in his tastes and musical pursuits and puts it all together with verve and élan." John Hammel, Host, ''Mozart to Motorhead'', WNTI-FM, New Jersey


All Around the World
By Thomas Staudter

The first few cuts on Summer with Juliet, the debut album from David Goldman, settle into musical styles befitting a singer-songwriter with a broad range of musical tastes: there''s a country rocker with crunching electric guitars followed by the title track, a Celtic-flavored air that could be borrowed from the Solas songbook. A 24-bar blues reminiscent of "St. James Infirmary" is then featured, slow and thick with melancholy, the mood echoing on the next track, too, a folk-pop lament that includes backing vocals from Cherish the Ladies.
But Goldman, a 52-year-old Croton resident and musical idealist (and thus seemingly younger), puts on wings and soars around the world for the next few songs, accomplishing a travelogue of sorts that would cause envy in some of the pop world''s most notorious border crossers, such as Sting, Paul Simon and David Byrne.
All sung in their native languages, a Japanese lullaby, "Takeda No Komori Uta," and a Hindustani-Urdu drone quickly change the album''s landscape, and although a modal-heavy blues offers listeners some familiar ground, a Spanish bolero and a Brazilian samba lead into the album''s centerpiece, a six-and-half minute long worldbeat workout called "É Nossa Canção (It''s Our Song)" that spins off dizzyingly, alluringly into spoken parts in 35 different languages, all propelled by congas, bongos, djembes, dumbeks, tablas and other assorted percussive instruments. Whew!
And that''s the album''s midpoint.
So, the obvious question is, where does all this come from exactly?
"I didn''t start putting this album together with any particular cross-cultural ideas," said Goldman last week, "If anything, it''s a bridge between my musical preoccupations. Marketing records requires a certain clarity, though, and this," he paused for a chuckle, "is more of a sampler."
"Of course, I hope listeners find more than one song on the album that they like. Maybe my next recording should be more singular,"again, a chuckle,"I don''t know."
Not to worry, mi amigo. Summer with Juliet is one of those rare works in which what may seem to be disparate parts meld into a compelling statement of beauty and wonderment. Goldman''s rich and determined baritone singing voice may recall for some readers that of 1970s Southern California stalwart Stephen Bishop, and it''s what carries his songs, all buttressed nonetheless by top-notch instrumentation and backing vocals courtesy of the aforementioned Ladies, Open Book''s Michele Rubin, GrooveLily''s Valerie Vigoda and budding diva Sasha Lazard.
Recorded over a period of four years, Summer with Juliet is Goldman''s strong bid for wider recognition, something he''s certainly prepared for and eagerly investigating. Last month he was part of the Tribes Hill showcase at the Falcon Ridge Folk festival, earning a great reception from the audience there, he said, and he has just finished recording a ''killer pop song'' with Australian songstress Cathi Ogden that is being shopped for inclusion on a motion picture soundtrack.
"If I was 20 years old again, and thank God I''m not, I would just try to get a record deal," said Goldman. "But I''ve seen how many people get signed and shelved, so that''s not what I''m aiming for. Getting my music heard in as many contexts as possible is, for me, a way to further my creativity, which is more fun than I can want."
A product of Franklin Square, New York, one of the former Long Island farmlands subdivided for the sake of suburbia, Goldman grew up adoring the Weavers, Theodore Bikel and Harry Belafonte. He studied classical piano in grade school, disliking the lessons "but they served a purpose," he admitted.
When the mid-1960s folk-rock era blossomed, Goldman was a ready-made adherent, and soon he was digging the Stones and Ravi Shankar. In 1969 he enrolled in Friends World College, an experimental program begun just a few years earlier by the Quakers, in which students plotted their own curricula (a wet dream that few students today could handle) and traveled around the globe, unencumbered by final exams.
So, off Goldman flew: first, to Mexico, with farming and language his fields of study; and then to Japan, where he stayed for a year, immersing himself in the musical culture. His junior and senior years were spent in India, studying the sitar and classical vocal styles.
Three decades down the road, he still dreams of returning to the far-flung nations where he spent his college years.
A number of regular day jobs have kept him busy, though, and in the past ten years he has focused more and more on music. Two music workshops that he established are still running in Forest Hills and Nyack, and his wife Karen''s position as an assistant professor at F. I. T. in Manhattan helps buoy their finances. More importantly, Goldman, whose ancestry is a heady mix of Eastern European and Sicilian, has worked hard in his free time to hone his songwriting skills, attending seminars and guild workshops, and putting together the taped demos that led to Summer with Juliet.
After Goldman moved to Croton-on-Hudson five years ago, he also began to frequent some of the open mic soirees in the area, and music fans who get out once in a while have undoubtedly enjoyed his tuneful art at one point or another. Not too long ago Christine Lavin, the popular folk musician, was visiting Westchester, and when she stopped in to check out the Thursday evening open mic scene at the Funky Bean she was obviously impressed by Goldman and his fellow performers, enough so to sign up to sing too. Goldman, generous soul that he is, obligingly lent her his guitar...

"I have not met anyone from the West who attained such fluency and stylistic excellence in such a short time...Late Professor Amiya Chakravarty, former literary secretary to India''s Nobel Prize-winning author and composer, Rabindranath Tagore, evaluating David Goldman''s two years of music and language study in India

"An appreciative audience gave singer/guitarist David Goldman resounding applause and calls for encores at the Paramount Center for the Arts at his opening for the Rippingtons concert. Accompanied by percussionist Herman Stephens, David''s warm tones and flair for singing his repertoire of Blues, Spanish and Brazilian songs--including a few originals--got the evening off to a great start."--Gladys Muller, Director, Paramount Center for the Arts in Peekskill, NY

"Mr. Goldman put on a very impressive show at ''The Pub'' here at UMBC. I highly recommend him for shows catering to various populations and students from different cultures and backgrounds.."--Nick Bijlani, University of Maryland at Baltimore County, Cultural & Performing Arts Chair, Student Events Board

"The combination of David Goldman''s strong lyrical voice with a repertoire of international and original songs makes for a wonderfully varied and entertaining performance. "Richard Rutner, Assistant Coordinator, Cultural Arts, Town of Hempstead

"David Goldman performed at the Suffern Free Library and captivated the audience with his beautiful voice. I would definitely recommend him to other libraries and clubs. Not only does he have an incredible repertoire of international music, but his original songs are delightful," Miguelina Molina, Community Services Coordinator

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