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First Class Resell Rights Marketer + 25 FREE Reports ( Bargain Hunter Warehouse )

Want To Make A Killing In The Info Products Business but Absolutely HATE Creating Your Own Products?

"Discover And Master FIRST CLASS Resell Rights Marketing Strategies At YOUR Fingertips and Make A Fortune From Buying & Reselling Digital Products Starting Today!"

If You HATE Creating Products But LOVE Pocketing 100 Of The Sales Selling Other People's Products, Then You Have Every Reason To Read This Letter!

From: Bargain Hunter Warehouse

Dear Aspiring Reseller,

There is no doubt to it.

The Information Marketing business is more lucrative today than ever, as the world is now entrenching what we call the "Information Age". No surprise there, as more and more new Internet users go online every day primarily in search for new information, so much so that a HUGE fraction of them are willing to pay!

Which is why many savvy and smart marketers and business owners alike go online to cash in on this growing trend and hungry market.

And if you study closely, most of the BIG bucks are being made in...

Yep, you've guessed it: selling information!

Of course, I would be unrealistic (or even lying) if I actually said that creating Info Products is for everyone.

The truth is that NOT everyone is cut out for writing much less creating products revolving around information. And even if you ARE blessed with excellent product creation skills, how much time do you have, really?

Now for years, many Internet Marketers found and use a way to sell other people's products (legally, that is) and still keep 100 of the sales.

Nope, it's not affiliate marketing. It's called Resell Rights Marketing.

"The E-Preneur's Wet Dream Come True!"

What many well-versed and savvy Online Marketers do today in order to profit wildly without having to create their own products (or even join affiliate programs that cut wimpy checks) is that, they purchase the Resell Rights to other people's products... and then in turn resell the product to the customers - and pocket 100 of the sale!

That's right. No profit-sharing involved between you and the product owner whom you purchase the Resell Rights license from.

Imagine This:

You discovered a proven, tested product that someone else is selling like H-O-T-C-A-K-E-S online at say, $10.00 per pop.

If you approach the product owner and offer to buy the Resell Rights license to his product at say, $97.00, you only need to sell 10 copies to cover back your investment.

So the rest of the money you make is PURE PROFIT!

If you sell 100 copies of the same product at the same price, for instance, you make more than $900 in profit, which certainly is better than joining an affiliate program where you probably earn 40-50 of the sales i.e. $400-500.

That's just one example but you get the idea. Furthermore, many Resell Rights products allow you to do more than just selling them the way they are. For instance, you can use some of the products as bonuses, add into your own paid membership site, and much more!

Now if you thought I have just spilled the beans, here's the horrifying truth I am about to unveil to you:-

"Did Anyone Tell You That The Resell Rights Business Is Pretty Tough?"

I don't mean that to be blunt but in truth, being in the Resell Rights business can be tough especially if you don't know what you are doing. Which seems to be the case with approximately 80-90 of the resellers out there in the Internet marketplace.

And if that isn't enough, the REAL truth is that probably 10-20 of the resellers are bagging 80-90 of the profits!

Are You Facing These Challenges In Your Resell Rights Business?

"I am new to Internet Marketing much less the Resell Rights business. How do I even begin?"
"Is it really LEGAL to resell other people's products? How do I know which product allows me to resell and which one doesn't?"
"What quality aspect should I be looking for in a product before investing in it?"
"How do I set up and market my Resell Rights business?"
"I heard that the Resell Rights business is tough and competitive. What do I need to do to gain an edge over my competitors?"

Now for the good news: making handsome profits from your own Resell Rights business is not only possible but also easy...

... as long as you do, think and act like a First Class Resell Rights Marketer.

"Announcing First Class
Resell Rights Marketer..."

Finally, this is your incredible opportunity to discover how YOU, too can become a First Class Resell Rights Marketer.

Regardless of your past experience and knowledge.

Whether you have had any form of success or not in the past.

While I admit that this isn't the FIRST manual that discusses the subject on Resell Rights, but NO other manual has ever shown you how to become a First Class Resell Rights Marketer.

Until this came along.

Presented in 3 distilled, power-packed "easy-to-absorb-and-use" manuals - you now have what it takes to become a Power Reseller with the golden nuggets now at your finger tips!

"So Let's Check Them Out..."

First Class Resell Rights Marketer Volume #1:
Fundamentals of Becoming a First Class Reseller

28 Letter-Sized Pages, PDF Format, Instant Download

Here's What You Will Learn In
First Class Resell Rights Marketer Vol #1:

How to familiarize yourself with the "ins" and "outs" of the Resell Rights Marketing business as practiced by First Class Resellers from around the planet!
Master the lingo of the Resell Rights business in a matter of minutes - even though this may be your first crack shot at becoming a reseller!
How to use Resell Rights products to maximize your Internet Business benefits, profits and advantage!
How to use the BEST of Resell Rights products to boost your monthly income and build your online network!
Study the weaknesses and disadvantages of Resell Rights products! (Hint: NOTHING is ever perfect but I will also show you how to patch the disadvantages or better still, convert them into an edge specially for you!)
Limiting beliefs and myths dispelled - to be a TOP Resell Rights Marketer you have to begin with developing a successful mind set... and the first step is to remove all the self-limiting beliefs off your system completely!
And much more!

First Class Resell Rights Marketer Volume #2:
How and Where to Look For TOP Quality Resell Rights Products

26 Letter-Sized Pages, PDF Format, Instant Download

Here's What You Will Learn In
First Class Resell Rights Marketer Vol #2:

The first rule of thumb when it comes to sourcing for products you can resell and keep ALL the profits for your own!
The type of products you should NEVER, ever invest in! (Hint: new information virtually doubles every 18 months.)
How to easily avoid frustrating legal trouble with product authors... and still enjoy peace of mind (and profits) reselling other people's products legally!
The single most important element you must look for in each product before even thinking about investing in it! (NO, it's got nothing to do with product quality - it's way more important than that!)
Who you should purchase your Resell Rights products from! You will discover why trusting only a few names really matter, and what to look for in it!
What to look out for besides the opportunity of making 100 profits from up-sells. This is where the "real key" to on-going profits lie in that many average resellers often do not think this far!
The best places to source for HIGH Quality Resell Rights products are very affordable prices!
And much more!

First Class Resell Rights Marketer Volume #3:
Marketing Your Resell Rights Business to the Max!

23 Letter-Sized Pages, PDF Format, Instant Download

Here's What You Will Learn In
First Class Resell Rights Marketer Vol #3:

The most critical phase to your Resell Rights Business success... and how to execute it clean-cut!
All the essentials you will need in starting and setting up your Resell Rights Marketing business!
How to set up your first Resell Rights Business - step-by-step!
How to plan and build a series of Resell Rights Business models that really, really work!
How to drive massive, "laser focused" TARGETED traffic into your reseller sites! This is the area in Internet Marketing where majority of the average resellers out there are truly deprived from! Now you can zoom past the average resellers and receive all the traffic and exposure many can only wish for!
How to build a red hot list of loyal, paid customers and keep them feeding you as long as they are on your mailing list!
Even more First Class tips on how to grow your Resell Rights Business to the max!
And much more!

"So How Much Is It?"

Firstly, let's look at how much it would cost you if you do NOT invest in these manuals today.

You will forever wonder how people are actually making INSANE money simply from buying and reselling other people's products. Perhaps, you won't have any clue as to how much these ordinary individuals - like you and me - are making... and I bet you their income are extra ordinary!

Sure, you can settle for cheaper manuals on the same subject. But can they promise you how to be a First Class reseller?

Which is why I urge you to invest in this manual today for only 49 cents.

And for 49 cents only, you are getting...


I mean, if you can make money at will - how much would you be willing to pay for such a skill?

"So Here's The Deal."

Purchase your copy of First Class Resell Rights Marketer today RISK-FREE.

That's right. The risk of your purchase is shouldered by me for the next 90 days after your purchase.

I have kept the manuals as short yet concise as possible with all the important details and info present.

Because I know you HATE fillers.

So with my 100 Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee valid for the next 90 days, you have more than enough time to check them out.

Read the manuals. Absorb them. Put them into practice. I am totally confident that this is the information you are looking for.

If for any valid reason at all - this is not what you're looking for or becoming a Resell Rights marketer isn't quite what it cracks up to be, kindly email me and let me know. Delete the manuals off your hard drive and I'll refund your purchase in full.

No questions asked.

Well... what have you got to lose?

"Invest In First Class Resell Rights Marketer Now!'

It doesn't matter which time zone you are in or even your location for that matter. As the manuals are instant download (in PDF format), the delivery process is automated and you can receive them as soon as you make your credit card purchase through secure server in the order button below.

So order now - and become a First Class Resell Rights Marketer today!

Bargain Hunter Warehouse

P.S. Still reading? As you are browsing this letter, so are your potential competitors. Even if you do not act now, your would-be competitors would. And when they do, they will be enjoying First Class privileges of a Top Reseller. Who knows? They would go on to be renowned in the Internet Marketing arena!

Why not let that be you?

So pave your groundwork and foundation today by investing in my manuals now!
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