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Proven Pricing Secrets - Resell Rights

This is without a doubt one of the most powerful reports Ive read in the last two years online! You will see exactly how the biggest names in marketing make as much money as they want whenever they want! And the best part is that youll see exactly how You can copy their proven plan for success right now.
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From: Kunle Olomofe Tuesday, Aug., 2001 (6:00 AM)

To: Business owner with a burning desire to increase profits!

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How to skyrocket your profits with Kunle Olomofes proven pricing secrets!
Dear Friend,

Today is your lucky day! Why do I say that? Simple. Im about to hand over to you a product package that will instantly catapult your business profits in multiple profitable ways!

Hello Kunle, I didnt even think about the pricing tactics you advised for making more profit! Im going to go back and study what you wrote closely and make the changes as soon as possible. Once again many thanks!
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The best part? If you choose, YOU can be making money from this exact same product package -- starting immediately and without lifting even your little finger to write one report...

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Now, within just 3 minutes the exact same product package can become yours to sell for 100 profits! However before we jump into discussing that, lets find out exactly what its inside and how it can help YOU and YOUR prospects -- immediately!

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Its very simple. About 3 and a half weeks ago I released this brand new special report on pricing for big profits and it simply stunned many net marketers who saw it...

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The same special report on pricing quickly improved the way many net marketers treat the topic of making real money from their own web sites...

Proven Pricing Secrets is simply awesome! Ive spent the entire afternoon reviewing it. Im not kidding when I say this new manual could mean the difference between continuing to earn an average income online this year OR a very nice six figure income like the pros. -- Duncan Carver, https://www.tradebit.com

The same special report got top marketers all excited and saved them from months of indecision that was costing them thousands in daily profits...

Hey, Kunle. I just finished up your new report and I have to admit, it seriously got my blood pumping! Ive been working for months on a new high- priced product, and now thanks to your report, Im geared up like never before!
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If youre looking for fresh, insider ideas and tactics that will put your profits into INSTANT hyper-drive...

...I have really great news for you! This special report reveals what the experts and their in-the-know clients are doing with these same proven pricing secrets to earn upwards of $600,000 and more, and why Im certain almost anyone can use the same ideas ...and be super-successful!

This is one of the most original and valuable reports Ive read in a long time! Youre showing your readers the step-by-step secrets to really maximizing their profits by using your proven pricing principles! -- Klaus Dahl https://www.tradebit.com

Once you order instant access now, you will instantly discover EVERYTHING about the pricing secrets of SUPER-WEALTHY marketers like..

* Mike Enlow,
* Corey Rudl,
* Dan Kennedy,
* Jonathan Mizel,
* Michael Kimble,
* And others too many to list here!

These people are doing millions of dollars in sales (in a short time). And I have discovered the simple secret no-brainer pricing system theyre using to do it!

All you do after getting instant access is read about, and then make the move to copy the REAL world strategies and real-life examples from people like myself and the famous millionaire-maker Dan Kennedy! Thats it!

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Are my proven pricing secrets
REALLY proven to WORK?

You betcha! Below is just a small sampling of people (whom you likely know very well, at least by name), who have proven that the ideas and strategies I will show you today actually work magnificently, year in, and year out...

People like...

* Dan Kennedy,
* Michael Kimble,
* Yours truly,
* Jonathan Mizel,
* Ken McCarthy,
* Wes Blaylock,

And more like...

* Scott Covert,
* Corey Rudl,
* Mike Enlow,
* Mark Wittkowski,
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Even more like...

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All these people are among the insiders already using the same ideas in my confidential Proven Pricing Secrets report to make as little as $5,000 to as much $300,000 or more in remarkably short periods!

Your pricing manual is a masterpiece! While reading it, I rediscovered the secret formula Id learned from the many high-priced seminars I attended. It shows the same formula my partner (Scott Covert of https://www.tradebit.com) and I once implemented to pull in a $100,000 income! This is my master plan for internet success! -- Felix Ibay https://www.tradebit.com

One of the insiders above once confessed to me hed earned over $200,000 in one day! Yep. JUST LIKE THAT. A direct quote from him... Ive personally earned $229,958.32 in a single day using these very same strategies. The great news is... theres really nothing special about this guy, except that...

He does know a lot of pricing secrets that YOU dont have any clue about!

With those same techniques, hes been able to make double the income of what most people dream they want to be making per year... in ONE day!

Youve got to be thinking...

Why the heck can THEY keep packing in so much in profits while Im making little and next to nothing in sales?

If youre really thinking that, then this letter is really good news for you...

YOU can be using these no-brainers to greater profits too, you just have discover WHAT they are, and how to start implementing them -- right away!

At this point, you might be thinking...Most people would just keep these insider tactics to themselves, so exactly why are you revealing these secrets?

Here are 6 reasons why...

* I discovered a way to break out of the small income barrier. The answer was in having the perfect pricing system set up for my own products and services. Ive looked around. With the exception of Dan Kennedy and maybe one or two other truly proven marketing master-minds, Im the only one ready to reveal these proven pricing secrets, and especially in my usual SPECIAL style -- ALWAYS different from everyone else!

* Much like yourself, I have been through the same painful times, hard struggles and zero and low income stages of this business. I have been blindly following about so many so called gurus who are only mis-informed never-know-betters afraid not only of the success my special report can bring for you and them, but even of their own on-line shadows! I simply can not stand to see YOU continue to suffer the same fate as I have!

* As corny as it sounds, I want to help YOU break out of the barriers of small-time income too. I am 100 convinced that if I can do it, YOU can be using the same pricing strategies to make double, triple, and even up to 100 times or more what youre making this very minute!

* Most marketers who use these tactics will normally never tell you exactly WHAT is behind the kind of MASSIVE incomes they make in short periods. They simply wont admit to it and share that fact or secret with you. If nothing else, I am really angered by that kind of thing, and I really think getting rich by hiding the best tactics from people who trust you with their own future is really, really sad and unethical.. if nothing else!

* But, theres something even more strange. There are already quite a good number of people who would love nothing more than to use my *Proven Pricing Secrets* to successfully get rich ethically on-line. They already KNOW they would LOVE to use a technique like this. But they dont KNOW these exact pricing strategies ALREADY exist, and have existed for decades off-line and now, on-line. If they do know about it, they are never confident enough to take the step and use it. The reason?...

* ...Many of the experts using the exact same pricing strategies in Proven Pricing Secrets classify them selfishly as experts only tactics. Let me tell it to you straight. Nothing could be farther from the truth than such a twisted, low-mindset and mis-informed judgment!

By now, youre thinking...Ok, Im on the same wave-length as you. But exactly WHAT are the MASSIVE profit-generating techniques Ill discover in your report?

Glad you asked...;-) Lets get right down to what youll discover!

Inside Proven Pricing Secrets youll discover...

* Why everything experts like Dan Kennedy, Jonathan Mizel, and my humble self, teach you about pricing is 100 accurate and super profitable!

* How you can do what we do in our own businesses to earn $100,000 or more yearly!

* Why you simply must STOP listening to OPINIONS from never-know-betters, just get into the drivers seat and ACT on every single proven SUCCESS Secret inside this report... and beyond!

* Why whatever you put into your own head is what will determine exactly how much money you make from this business!

* How to tune into the HIGHEST frequencies for the HIGHEST profits from ANY business you own -- right away!

* Why making money is really only a simple numbers game! Once you get this straight youre on your way to almost any kind of income you want!

* How I once lowered my prices, only to get a hot-selling product bringing in ZERO sales for FIVE whole weeks!

* How to determine your highest possible income selling your own products and services on and even off the Internet!

* How to master exactly who buys what from you ...and when!

* How to determine the precise number of total sales you want to make from each and every web site you own, and exactly how to achieve those goals!

* How to profit from my hands-on knowledge of on-line direct marketing, instant hot-selling infoproduct creation tactics, and on-the-spot sales generation secrets, to generate your own $15,000 to $100,000 (or more) income -- virtually ANYTIME you like!

* The entire 9-steps that make up the proven pricing strategies! Youll see a fantastically simple flow-chart my partner quickly drew up (in less than 45 seconds) for this report! Listen. It was so brilliantly done, I had to add this chart to the report. Her chart completely boils down EVERYTHING in this report into just those 9-simple steps! Its amazing, and frankly -- I LOVE IT! I JUST LOVE IT!!... YOULL SEE IT RIGHT INSIDE (on Page 7 through 8).

* Exactly what Cashflow Control is, and how it can help YOU build a multi- thousand dollar business, IN A SHORT TIME! Youll quickly see WHY cashflow control is NOT rocket science, and why absolutely ANYONE, in absolutely any much-needed business can be implementing it with huge success... right away!

* Exactly WHY proper use of Cashflow Control can dramatically change your income, even in a short time! This part of my report throws right at you, my 4 most important reasons for using Cashflow Control! -- Youll instantly find out WHY Im so damned serious about YOU using this technique!

* How one lady Dan Kennedy introduced to me used Cashflow Control to move her income from a measly $100,000 to over $700,000 in less than a year! This woman also works off-line. Shes one of Dans clients and when you see what she does to make that kind of money, youll be SLAPPING yourself wondering where the heck youve been hiding your brain!

* How one guy I met (on my recent 6-day trip out of town), is using this EXACT cashflow control technique off-line to generate over $2.4M a year! And yes, Ill show you EXACTLY how hes doing this! Can you really do the same? If you want to, no ones stopping you! Listen. All it takes is a pen, note pad, an audio tape recorder, some experience or information other people are ready to pay BIG $$$ to discover -- And ANYONE can set up a business JUST LIKE THIS ONE!

Want to see LIVE ONLINE how all this works?...

* No problem! Ill show you a virtual mountain-load of people ON-LINE right now, using my cashflow control technique effectively on their own web sites! You can jump straight to them and actually WATCH them doing this! Youll be able to LEARN first-hand from time- tested professional WORKING SAMPLES!

Youll discover...

* How one guy on-line is using cashflow control to make $150 from a simple 5- page special report! Its amazing, sounds unbelievable, but is 100 true! Can You do it too? The secret is in VALUE ADDED benefit-laden information. If you do HAVE what people want, you can do the same thing this guys doing and never feel guilty taking their money! Want to see him LIVE and in ACTION? No problem -- Ill lead you straight to his web site. When you see just how this is being done LIVE on-line, you can hardly miss!

* Youll also see EXACTLY how the same guy I mentioned just above is making $2,000 an hour from a $47 ebook hes selling on-line! I guarantee that IF youve got what it takes -- the brains, experience or other information or services that people REALLY want, this can be happening with YOU as well!

But, thats not all...

* If you fall short of ideas that can sell, you can find cashflow control ideas everywhere around you! Inside, youll find out exactly how come your IMAGINATION is probably the only thing that can STOP you from OVERsucceeding with this proven cashflow control technique!

Ive only just snuck this in...;-)

* Special 5-step Tip Sheet: You will also get a 5-step tip sheet that shows you how to FIND the exact kind of customers that will make Cashflow Control a breeze for you and send your business profits soaring almost instantly! - One guy on-line used a tip from this hot little tip sheet to make over $10,000 in less than 5 days. He knew what to do, set up a hot new idea, wrote a sales letter to sell it. He then used this particular tip (tip # 4) to make over $10,000 -- in less than 5 days! Youll discover tip #4, plus the 4 other tips in my tip sheet!

Ive gone a step further...

* If YOU dont have a drop of valuable information in your head, NO experience or ZERO hot service ideas you can sell, Ill show you the simplest way on earth to get started packaging, selling and making money even if you havent got what people want!

Youll get a PUSH & MOTIVATION that practically FORCES you into action...

* I motivate and encourage you to TAKE ACTION NOW! This is so rarely (if ever) done by other writers, yet its ever so needed! The Cashflow Control special report never leaves you out in the cold. In fact, my entire report is filled up here and there in places, with this vital mindset medication (little encouraging stories, hands-on real life experiences from MY life -- from someone whos been there and worn the T-shirt, who knows what YOU are going through and has the precise solution and encouragement to lead you to success!

You also get...

* The 4 Power Steps to a Guaranteed HIGH-Income Business!: Ive closed this special report off with a guaranteed 4 step power plan for using Cashflow Control to boost YOUR income or the income of ANYONE you know -- ON or OFF the Internet! You can print out this 4-step plan, paste it up on the wall by your PC to REMIND you constantly of what and what needs to be applied to make Cashflow Control work for practically ANYBODY!

* Hot- off-the-press benefits thrown in ... Just as I was preparing this letter and putting finishing touches to Proven Pricing Secrets, 2 more in-the-know marketers never hesitated to use the same techniques I reveal inside to jump on the road to $100,000+ within the next few weeks!

o Marketer A will raise $68,000+ before the end of this week. He sent out his mailing for this offer at 0090 hours yesterday as I wrote the Intro to this very letter. This letter took me half an hour to outline and about 2 and a half hours more for editing & brushing it up. Within that time at least $15,000 in sales would have been made without a doubt, all with the exact same information inside Proven Pricing Secrets!

o Marketer B though not half as experienced as the one above will end up making over 10 times what Marketer A will make in total sales this year! Yes, thats 10 X $68,000. Money is being passed around like carbon dioxide out there and most of it not to you. But, with Proven Pricing Secrets, the situation could be different.

* Plus much, much more insider tips and tricks like...

o How you value your product/service is how your sensible prospects and clients will value it, too!

o A sure- fire way to really beat your competition hands down! (NO ONE reveals this to you... but EVERY single one of the experts uses it!)

o 3 ways YOU can begin using CashFlow Control -- right away!

o Why you MUST test your market for the perfect prices -- HIGH or LOW? And how much so?

o How TESTING Helps To Determine Your BEST Price! Youll see EXACTLY how expert marketers TEST price daily on their web sites!

o What you MUST always remember about pricing for YOUR OWN products and services!

o Dan Kennedys $80,000 INCOME SLACK ADJUSTER!

o Three secrets Marlon Sanders uses to win with Cashflow Control!

o MY Simple TWO-STEP Recipe For Making $100,000!

o Why making REAL money is a SIMPLE *numbers* game!

o How the richest welshman in the world uses positive thinking to make 2 billion dollars!

o Exactly WHY a 6 or 7-figure income is feasible for YOU, simply using Cashflow Control!

The concepts and insider tactics listed on your site are very refreshing and the idea of cashflow control is fantastic! Thank you! -- Don Friesen hostingprofits@https://www.tradebit.com

Before now, all this information was kept hush hush -- in complete secret!

At last count, Proven Pricing Secrets was 94-pages of back-to-back money making knowledge, experience, ideas and strategies that I and EVERY other real Internet pro you know uses -- today.

If YOU really want to be earning a whole lot more money online and in doing so, quickly join the ranks of marketers like myself, Dan Kennedy and co., all you have to do now is REALLY as easy as 1-2-3.


1. Read what I will show you in Proven Pricing Secrets,
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Do these sound like cash-benefits
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If you said YES to that, lets get to how the report will be delivered to you so you can use the info -- right away. Ive put this information in PDF so that even if youre a PC or MAC user, you too can read it immediately!

How can you get instant access
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Simple. You have 2 options to order.

Option # 1: If you dont care one bit about resale rights to a hot report like mine..;-), I have an option you would like. Dont buy the rights, buy the report alone for only $124.99 for instant access!

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The exclusive information in Proven Pricing Secrets is worth at least 100 times what Im asking for in touchable, seeable results! Why?

If youre REALLY serious about making REAL money, what Ill show inside can push your profits up to as much as $10,000 or more each and every month, and from almost any product or service youre selling!

Heres what one reader sent in AFTER hed gotten instant access to this special package...

Kunle, your report is actually better than you say it is -- Thats a miracle on the Internet! And now that youve given me the whole picture I dont have to guess how to make more money anytime I feel like it, I know exactly what to do every step of the way! -- Anthony Stillwell https://www.tradebit.com

Listen. Some really savvy people do $29,000 and more in a shorter time than it takes 99 of other marketers. How? Simple. Theyre very secretly and silently using the exact same info in my special report!

In short, if youre a serious entrepreneur, and you actually USE the many proven pricing secrets and secret infoproduct development techniques I will reveal to you inside, your profits WILL skyrocket for certain!

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My online business is a long-term business (not some by the way-side HOBBY). So rest assured youre dealing with one of the FEW who does know what it means to run a REAL business.

To make you feel 100 comfortable ordering Proven Pricing Secrets right now, Im going to do what many are always afraid to do on-line. Im going to offer you...

If you read my letter and you arent convinced I delivered on what you read here or you just want your money back because well -- youre just not happy with the information inside Proven Pricing Secrets then just ASK for your money back anytime within the next 365 days, and you will politely, cheerfully and within minutes, get a FULL refund of your payment -- immediately!

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Before you dive in and begin devouring the info in Proven Pricing Secrets, I have another special update report titled How To Get Reprint Rights To Products Without Paying A Dime! just released on July 8th, 2001 to my mailing list.

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You can do that because if you know your business well, then youll know your prospects hot buttons. Youll know what they like, what they dont like, their passions and their fears - in many cases all those emotional traits are very similar if not identical to yours.

Personally, I know my prospects pretty well because I love talking about the same things they like hearing about, and since I always react positively to a genuine offer that will increase my profits and thus my bottom line, Im sure my prospects will too, and that makes it easier to write to them while giving them what they want.

Bottom Line: If you order option # 2 right now, I will also throw in the free rights to this very sales letter so that you can use it to make money from your own web site for as long as you want!

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Kunle Olomofe
Kunle Olomofe
President, ADTWIST Publishing,
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