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Plans included on the guide:

1. Bannock: This strong, beamy, eight foot pram may be sailed either cat-rigged or sloop-rigged. The dagger-board may be adjusted forward to balance the helm when sailing with the addition of the jibsail. Oars or a small outboard motor may also be used to power this versatile craft.
2. Blue Moon: You can enjoy many pleasant hours on this overnight cruising sailboat. Its easy to build from readily available materials. 16 feet long, sleeps two and still has room for a stove and toilet.
3. Breeze Baby: Despite her rowboat lines (which make her easy to build), she handles easily under her simple sail. 12 feet long, single sail that you can put a small outboard motor on. Easily fit two people.
4. Cats Paw Catamaran: Compared to a mono-hull this catamaran can carry an extra large sail aloft due to the wide to the wide, stable platform of the the two hulls. Easy to build due to straight sided hulls. Ideal to to learn sailing on. Much more forgiving than a traditional sailboat (and more fun in my mind).
5. Cold Lightning: A 100 mph plus Skeeter Class Ice Sailboat. If you live in the northern states, theres no reason to call it quits to boating at the end of the summer because you can still use your favorite small lake for boating this winter! Ice boating that is. Travel at speeds undreamed of in a boat on water. 16 feet, 275 lbs, 71 sq. ft. of sail area. One person craft. This looks like something out of an adventure movie!
6. Coot: Here is a graceful, shoal draft, simply constructed cruising auxiliary for two of the famous Chesapeake Bay sharpie design. Coot is meant to be old fashioned looking. Her bug eye rig with masts sharply raked. The deadeyes and lanyards, the trail boards forward and the rodded windows of hers all combine to give a boat thats different - one that will attract attention in any anchorage!
7. Corky: Here is a non-sinkable sailboat for the youngsters that can be made easily in one or two evenings in the workshop. Mother can help on this one too! Have her sew up the sail while you are making the hull parts. Most any of the standard sized inner-tubes will fit the frame for the side of the boat.
8. Cresent: A classic day sailor. Looks very much like a Laser. Two sail includes a small jib up front. Centerboard design reduces draft. Its broad beam of over 5.5 feet makes it an ideal family boat. There is room in the cockpit for for adults. Only needs a slight wind (4mph) to move.
9. Dart: Floating along in a light breeze, the sailboat Dart is handled without difficultly by young or old boating enthusiasts.
10. Dorette: Up on the wind swept Grand Banks of Newfoundland the fisherman out of Gloucester and other New England ports have a distinctive type of boat they use in their daily work. These little boats are able to take it! They weather seas and come back to their mother ships laden with each days catch. Easy to row and fast under small sail, the Dorette is patterned after these sea worthy boats.
11. Falcon: 14 foot centerboard sailboat with two sails. It is small but very speedy. Designed to hold up to four people with a six foot beam and total weight of 475 pounds when complete. White oak framing members make it look very sharp!
12. Fool Hardy: A 16 foot sharpie. This sailboat plan lacks the detail of the others but I threw it in due to its beauty. I hope it inspires!
13. Gaff Sail: These instructions coach you through how to make your Gaff Sail-High Peak. Very useful.
14. Graefin: This little 10 Foot, 85 pound boat has been tested by the army for its ruggedness. This sailing pram may not win any awards for beauty but it is a little workhorse.
15. Gypsy: This motor sailor will is proven is poor weather. You can travel thousands of miles in this ship without a problem. 24 feet long, 9.2 foot beam, 6000 lb displacement that will comfortably accommodate three people.
16. Hobby Cat: Fast action sailors can get plenty of thrills out of the build-it-yourself cat with the famous Polynesian hulls. Clocked informally at above 20 mph, shell speed through the water even in the slightest breeze.
17. Jamaican: Jamaican is the apt name for this sailboard that was designed and built as a shop project at the Jamaica, N.Y. high school. Its hull is fiberglass and Dynel over a simple wood frame, and no special building jigs or forms are needed. Construction technique developed for the Jamaican is unique. Dynel fabric is stretched and stapled in place over the assembled frame. When this is coated with resin, it forms the surface on which succeeding layers of fiberglass cloth are applied. Two people can squeeze onto this board/boat.
18. Manu: Seats four. Has main sail and jib. Weighs in at 305 pounds. 238 sq feet of sail area. This is a fun boat designed for going fast on relatively flat waters. Not much cockpit space except for your legs. This boat demands you lean out.
19. Missile: This is a larger and more professional racing boat. Nineteen feet, main sail and jib. Beam is 50 inches, 116 sq feet of sail area, 30 inch draft and fits two people.
20. Petrel: Petrel is a sailboat that fulfills the greatest possible variety of uses in one model, offering the builder either an open cockpit racing craft with comfortable accommodations for day sailing or a snug cabin model with accommodations for overnight trips to distant points. sixteen feet long.
21. Sea Flea: Two plywood panels sandwiching a bare minimum of inner framing make up the unusual construction of this demon midget sailor. Also out of the ordinary for todays sailing craft, though the type goes back about 1500 years, is its sailing rig - the lug rig - which is better suited to a small craft such as the Sea Flea than the more usual Marconi rig. Ten feet long, 48 inch beam, weighs in at 80 pounds and carries two people.
22. Sea Mite: This single sail utility sailor can run with a motor. At the waterline the inverted-V bottom, 65 inch beam and 3 inch draft combine to give two slim hulls that move through the water with the lightest breeze or smallest outboard motor without putting up an argument.
23. Snorky: Single sail, 14 foot sailing scow. Fast, light and sturdy little catboat that can be built easily, inexpensively and quickly.
24. South Wind: 22 foot dory sharpie. There is sometimes a need for a sea worthy, small sailing boat of very shallow draft. The Southwind was designed to fill this need at a relatively low cost and with little labor. The old round-sided sailing dories of New England and the Seabright Skiffs of New Jersey prove that the flat-bottom may be combined with rounded topsides to make a seaworthy small boat.
25. Splinter: Is a sailing toothpick! A jib, main sail and a little thin hull that slices through the water like it was butter. Sping boards are used in stiff breezes when a two man crew is aboard.
26. Sprit Sail: Not actually a sailboat but instead instructional plans on making the traditional sprit sail.
27. Star Lite: This 27.5 foot sailboat can host four people in bunks with enough space for a head and galley. You can easily live on this boat for months.
28. Super Sunray: This is an all time favorite with amateur boat building fans. Her simple construction is the chief reason for her appeal to the builders. Her speed afloat permitted her to seriously compete with other small classes of her type. One person, jib and main sail.
29. Tabu: Speeds of up to four times faster than conventional sailors of comparable size are possible with the Tabu. To achieve this speed, it rides over the surface instead of forcing its way through it. It performs much like the outriggers made by the Polynesian Islanders. 16 foot, jib and main, two persons, 200 pounds.
30. Tern: Many a stink pot addict will take a second look at Tern because she planes in modest breezes, is easy to handle and her streamlined prow and pod-shaped, inland scow type hull offer slight water resistance. Then too, theres a charm about the tiller of a sailor thats not matched by the wheel of a motor powered boat. Part of its is the challenge of making the most of natures free wheeling breezes. Even with her 72 sq feet of sail, Tern is remarkably stable and packs as many as four persons aboard.
31. Tiny Bear: Classic ten foot junior moth class sailing boat.
32. Whiz: A Class E Ice Yacht
33. Zephyr: An evolutionary step from the type of boat developed by the English for use in the rough open waters of the English Channel. Not only fast under sail, but can also can stand up under punishment. Racing sailboat fulfilling requirements for the fourteen foot International Dingy Class. Light weight, strong, compact hull, maximum waterline length for competition or thrilling sailing speeds. 165 pounds and fits two.
34. Zipper: Twenty feet of the fastest type sailing craft afloat, this boat was designed for speed on inland waters.
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