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22 Simple Methods To Build An Email List!

22 Simple Methods To
Build An Email List!
HUGE Master Resale Rights
List Building Package...

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Dear Friend,

I\'m sure you have heard it all before... The money is in the list! Well the simple truth is that yes it is in the list but not just any old list you need a targeted responsive list.

And that\'s exactly what I set out to do when I created this awesome Build Your Opt-In List resale rights package.

This package features my special report - where I reveal 22 simple methods to build an email list - very enlightening ways to add INTERESTED subscribers to your list.
But That\'s Not All -- I Have Hand Selected 8 Master Resale Rights Products That Will Supercharge Your List Building Efforts...

Just take a look at the amazing list building knowledge you will acquire with all of the following...
1) 37 List Building Secrets

Discover How To Build Massive Opt-in Lists On A Tight Budget No Matter What Niche You Want To Target Or How Competitive That Market Is - I Guarantee You This Book Is What You Need When It Comes To List Building Ideas!

Most people get Opt-in List building wrong, dead wrong. They either don\'t know how to get subscribers to their Opt-in lists in the first place, or they don\'t know how to keep them when they\'ve already got them!

In this book, I show you many ways you can instantly start adding thousands of subscribers to your Opt-in Lists.
Here Are Just A Few Of The Things You Will Learn Inside This Amazing New Guide....

• How To Use Free Viral Ebooks To Get Thousands Of New Subscribers A Day To Your Opt-in Lists

• How To Use Name Squeeze Pages Effectively - With Highly Profitable Examples!

• How To Use Paid Co-Registration To Build Your Lists Over Night Without Sacrificing On Quality

• How To Use Article Writing Not Only To Boost Your Subscription Rate, But Your Bottom Line Instantly

• How To Write Articles For Viral Income

• How To Write Content So Compelling Your Subscribers Literally Beg You To Let Them Tell Their Friends About Your Newsletter

• Other Ways To Profit From Articles And Build Lists Quickly

• How To Joint Venture With Other Marketers So Easily, It Should Be Criminal - The Techniques I Show You Are Amazing!

• And much more!

2) Get Paid To Build Your List!

You\'ll Learn Creative Ways Of Turning Your Resell Rights Into Profits Instead Of Gathering Digital Dust:
Two (2) totally different-but-awesome, time-tested strategies you can use to build your paid customers list with creative use of Resell Rights!

How to make other people\'s customers list become YOUR customer list too - even if you don\'t have your own mailing list yet!

How to strategically create your own unique bundled (Master) Resell Rights package and position it to be your customer-sucking vacuum!

How to leverage on untapped Resell Rights products on your hard drive to build your database of customers at warp speed (NO, this is NOT about offering free Resell Rights product to visitors so they can sign up for your mailing list!),

How to start your own unique affiliate program at literally zero-cost! (Warning! You\'ll find out something really crazy involving this one but it\'ll pay off real handsomely when it comes to lining up your paid customers in droves!)

Where and how to recruit affiliates and Joint Venture partners like mad they have no excuse NOT to join your affiliate program! (Hint: you\'ll be exposed to some critical success factors so you can get them to willingly help you build your customer list!)

The 3 winning advantages and selling points you can tap into when it comes to building your paid customers list!

How to get paid customers for your own product overnight even if you don\'t have your own mailing list!

How to make the most of your own product by giving your customers FULL Master Resell Rights to it in effort of building your leads like a mad house!

Tricks on how to get marketers and membership site owners to say \"YES\" to helping you build your paid customers list!

The 3 places to go to build your paid customers list online!

And MUCH more!

3) List Blueprint

I got my first break through building a mailing list.

Using free traffic strategies I managed to drive massive traffic to my squeeze page and in my first week got over 1500 names onto my list. These were CONFIRMED subscribers may I add.

Before I even sent a message to these people, I had made a total of approximately $400. And by week 4 ... I managed to get over 3000 people confirmed and over $750 in PURE PROFIT.

As with everything I do and teach, there is work involved. If you still expect to grow your business by doing nothing then this report is not for you.

Let me stress, it is NOT hard.

Nothing In Internet Marketing is HARD.
So Please, Spare Me the “It\'s Too Hard” Speech
Because it Simply is Not True...

Everything can be broken down into manageable chunks and then pieced together like a jigsaw puzzle. ListBlueprint highlights the logic behind building huge mailing lists.

There Are The 3 Simple Steps to
Building Massive Mailing Lists:
1) Getting Traffic

2) Converting Traffic

3) Following Up

1) Before You Even Begin


The main mistakes almost everyone makes before they start building a list.

The exact steps you have to follow to find out if it will be worth your while getting people onto a list.

The market must have ______ , _______ and ______ in order for it to be worthwhile.

2) Traffic, Traffic, Traffic


F*R*E*E traffic generation techniques.

My top 5 strategies for driving massive amounts of traffic to my squeeze pages without spending a dime doing so.

3) Conversions, Conversions, Conversions


How to convert your traffic into subscribers.

Do _____ and watch your conversion rate jump
by up to 70%

Include ______ and see confirmation rates skyrocket.

4) What To Do With Your Subscribers


Make sure you design ______ to instantly profit from subscribers

Follow up messages and how to ensure every message brings in $$$$

5) Your Personal Worksheet


A road map for you to follow and check off the
steps as you go.

6) Niche Case Study


My 25,000 Niche Listed Revealed

Actual Squeeze Page Used

Actual Offer Page Used

7) Bonus Section


To Double Opt In Or Not?

Get Away From Your Computer!

Take Action

4) List Building Firepower

\"Find Out 100 Ways To Ignite
Your Opt-In Subscribers!\"

It\'s Like Having 100 Rounds Of List Building Ammunition To Use At Your Disposal!

It includes some of the most effective list building techniques ever designed and they\'re all together for you in one informative report.

Can you picture being armed with these 100 techniques?

1. The \"Specific Date\" Technique
2. The \"So Many Minutes\" Technique
3. The \"Here\'s Your Lesson\" Technique
4. The \"E-Report\" Technique
5. The \"Tease Me\" Technique
6. The \"Great Deal\" Technique
7. The \"JV Discount\" Technique
8. The \"Worth It?\" Technique
9. The \"Virus\" Technique
10. The \"Swipe Them\" Technique
11. The \"Republish It\" Technique
12. The \"Future Goals\" Technique
13. The \"Future Problems\" Technique
14. The \"Prize Fest\" Technique
15. The \"Las Vegas\" Technique
16. The \"Fast Forward\" Technique
17. The \"See It Everywhere\" Technique
18. The \"Multiple Choice\" Technique
19. The \"My Credentials\" Technique
20. The \"Confidentiality Agreement\" Technique
21. The \"100% Pure\" Technique
22. The \"Look Who\'s Here\" Technique
23. The \"Believe Them\" Technique
24. The \"Collect Them All\" Technique
25. The \"Next Time\" Technique
26. The \"Ad Less\" Technique
27. The \"Give Me Them\" Technique
28. The \"Swap Me\" Technique
29. The \"Got Friends?\" Technique
30. The \"It\'s Worth\" Technique
31. The \"Targeted Flirt\" Technique
32. The \"Give It Away\" Technique
33. The \"Try A Piece\" Technique
34. The \"See The Past\" Technique
35. The \"Waiting List\" Technique
36. The \"Unsubscribe\" Technique
37. The \"E-mail Me\" Technique
38. The \"Keep It Free\" Technique
39. The \"I\'ll Pay You\" Technique
40. The \"Easy Form\" Technique
41. The \"Budget It\" Technique
42. The \"Subscribers-Only\" Technique
43. The \"Barter Everything\" Technique
44. The \"I\'ll Be There\" Technique
45. The \"My Advice\" Technique
46. The \"Snooze You Lose\" Technique
47. The \"Famous Guest\" Technique
48. The \"Skim It\" Technique
49. The \"Full Of Help\" Technique
50. The \"Total Them Up\" Technique
51. The \"A Long Time\" Technique
52. The \"Personal Touch\" Technique
53. The \"Gift Subscription\" Technique
54. The \"Work Involved\" Technique
55. The \"Goes Both Ways\" Technique
56. The \"What You Missed\" Technique
57. The \"Only Mine\" Technique
58. The \"Stay Current\" Technique
59. The \"Why Subscribe?\" Technique
60. The \"How Often?\" Technique
61. The \"Cold Hard Facts\" Technique
62. The \"Battle Tested\" Technique
63. The \"Autograph\" Technique
64. The \"Ratio Of Visitors\" Technique
65. The \"Plenty Of Ways\" Technique
66. The \"How To\" Technique
67. The \"Top Ten\" Technique
68. The \"Tip Me\" Technique
69. The \"Recent News\" Technique
70. The \"Interview\" Technique
71. The \"Product Review\" Technique
72. The \"Web Site Review\" Technique
73. The \"Personal Profile\" Technique
74. The \"Word Game\" Technique
75. The \"Samples Of Products\" Technique
76. The \"Checklist\" Technique
77. The \"Calendar Of Events\" Technique
78. The \"Q And A\" Technique
79. The \"First Shot\" Technique
80. The \"Community Gossip\" Technique
81. The \"Transcripts\" Technique
82. The \"Questionnaire\" Technique
83. The \"Free Advertising\" Technique
84. The \"People Care\" Technique
85. The \"Common Sense\" Technique
86. The \"Private Access\" Technique
87. The \"Product For Ad\" Technique
88. The \"Viral Article\" Technique
89. The \"Opt-In Auction\" Technique
90. The \"Listen To Me\" Technique
91. The \"Watch Me\" Technique
92. The \"Keyword Clicking\" Technique
93. The \"Free Directory\" Technique
94. The \"Customer Reminder\" Technique
95. The \"Discount An E-mail\" Technique
96. The \"Offline Myth\" Technique
97. The \"Free Compliment\" Technique
98. The \"Back You Up\" Technique
99. The \"I\'ll Share\" Technique
100. The \"Publish And Grow\" Technique

5) List Builder Mentor System
\"Brand New List Building System Shows You Exactly How To Build A List That Will Throw Their Money At You Over and Over Again!\"

The \"List Builder Mentor System\" is an all in ONE system for anyone wanting to build a list quickly and easily!
From start to finish you\'ll learn to build a profitable list!

Profit with your list over and over again!

Do it all on autopilot!

The \"List Builder Mentor System\" gives you all of the following in one easy course:
You\'ll learn exactly how to start a newsletter from scratch...

I\'ll show you exactly what you need to do to start your own newsletter. From building a website all the way to creating bonus products to give to people for subscribing.

You\'ll also get a super smart piece of software that will allow you to create an unlimited number of HTML newsletter issues quickly and easily with no HTML knowledge needed.

You\'ll learn all about autoresponders and the pros and cons to using different ones...

Autoresponders are the life blood of any newsletter. They allow you to reach your subscribers in an automatic way. In the List Builder Mentor System, I\'ll tell you about free autorsponders you can use, and which are the best paid autoresponders to use. This will save you a lot of money and keep you from making the mistakes I made with autoresponders.

You\'ll also get a video series that teaches you exactly how to use an autoresponder. I\'ll also tell you what messages you need to put into your autoresponder so that you can make money off of ALL of your subscribers over and over again.

The \"List Builder Mentor System\" also comes with a years worth of messages that you can add your information to and plug in to any autoresponder right away. This makes it just too easy for you, but very profitable.

The \"List Builder Mentor System\" will also teach you several powerful tips and techniques that will show you how to drive traffic to your newsletter signup page.

The hardest part of building a list is getting people to subscribe. I know that, you know that, and so do the big gurus, but they always fail to teach you how to get people to sign up for your newsletter. In this course the secrets to finally getting targeted subscribers is finally revealed. I hold nothing back here, and give all of my techniques for getting subscribers.

I also include 18 step-by-step videos that will show you exactly how to boost the amount subscribers you get every day for free, and starting immediately.


Not making any money from your mailing list? That is a thing of the past because now, you are about to...
Discover How YOU Can Profit From Your Mailing List With Every Way Possible - From The Moment Your Subscriber Visits Your Lead Capture Page Until He Receives E-mails From You
- At Cult Status!


YOU Can Now Create Your Own Personal Mailing List Fan Club And Make Money From It With Every E-zine Issues And E-mail Messages You Sent Out To Your Subscribers - And They Have Every Reason NOT To Ignore Your E-mails!
* How to get targeted subscribers into your mailing list with minimum effort, maximum results.

* How to develop trust and relationship between you and your subscribers.

* How to get your subscribers to give you a chance by opening your E-mails.

* How to get your subscribers to buy from you instead of from other people they are subscribed to.

* How to create a mailing list system that works without any guesswork and little testing on your part.

* How to understand your subscribers\' needs and interest so you know what product or service to endorse to them!

7) The Money List
These Profitable List Building
& Effective Management Methods
Will Show You How To Generate More Customers And Profit From Your Number One Promotion Resource - YOUR LIST!


Learn in detail about the five methods of list management that will ultimately determine the outcome of your business. Selecting the correct one from the very beginning is essential, otherwise, like myself in earlier years, you may find yourself swapping from one to the other, costing you tens of thousands of dollars, not to mention thousands of hours of your precious time.

5 little known facts about the e-zine that you probably didn\'t know, that when put together, (unknown to the majority of marketers) actually make it one of the least responsive list management types available to your business. This is contrary to what many are teaching, however it is fact. I\'ll show you why.

2 clear cut techniques that allow the pushed for time marketer to manage a huge list of customers, ready and waiting to buy your products without the hassle of having to write and send out content every week. There\'s far more important (not to mention profitable) ways you could be spending your time on your business.

Why simple ads for your own products draw far more of a response than running a content driven e-zine. I\'ll show you 3 additional reasons that subscribers will stay on your list that do not relate to written content in any way. It\'s a massive time saver, not to mention response booster.

Why are you subscribed to other marketers lists? I\'ll demonstrate exactly why lists maintained in a specific way that do not actually provide huge amounts of regular useful content are often more responsive than those with full time editors. In fact, I\'ll make you a bet now that you\'re on someone\'s list for one of these reasons without even knowing it.

A comprehensive review system that talks through the pro\'s and con\'s of 5 separate list management types so that you can avoid the detrimental effects of having to change part way through, eliminating the worry of alienating subscribers accustomed to your methods. (This is where I\'ve seen others lose up to six years! of work, just because they got it wrong in the first place)

Keep your list responding. The competition is fierce, and if you want to stay ahead of everyone else, you need to keep your customers responding to you. We\'ll discuss 15 separate methods that alleviate this problem. Remember, these are all proven methods and I\'ll be giving you real life examples of where these are occurring today.

Dissecting the ad only list. There are 3 separate methods of running a successful list that doesn\'t provide regular content. If you\'re using any of them but one, you\'re throwing money away right now. We need to stop that dead in it\'s tracks.

The number one rule of list management. The moment this rule is broken, even before any subscribers land on your list, the future of your business is ruined, and you may find yourself starting from scratch in several years time when the effects become obvious. What a huge waste of your time. I\'ll show you how to avoid this common mistake.

Dissecting the personal lists. Low content lists that provide consistent through the roof response rates are easy to achieve. There\'s three ways of doing this however, and only one has consistently provided top results, the other two fail miserably. Learn the difference today before you pick the wrong option.

Discover how you can be making 5 times your current income simply by dividing your lists up into separate categories, even if the they contain the same number of subscribers as your one large list.

Includes Fast List Building Methods
For The Marketers In A Hurry!


One reason why a list of 15,000 subscribers outsells lists of ten times that amount with ease. Learn the proven list building tactics to push your response rates and your profits through the roof without wasting time on a useless list of e-mail addresses (As so many are doing nowadays)

The number one mistake a high percentage of marketers making every single day that is dooming them to be in exactly the same financial and lifestyle position in years to come. The worst thing is, it\'s a conscious decision they\'re making. Let\'s make sure that you\'re not doing the same.

5 reasons to look beyond profit. Did you know many marketers make more money by promoting their own products but taking no profit at all from them compared to those who are all out profit seekers? Seems hard to believe I bet, but when you see this, you\'ll understand exactly what I mean and why so many are having a rough time building their lists, where others make it look easy. (For the record, it actually is really easy).

Discover where your most effective list comes from. You may be surprised to find out that setting up websites with lead capture pages is far from the correct answer. In fact, these will be your weakest leads compared to what I want to show you here.

Learn how to build your list correctly, without interrupting your sales process through specific product roles laid out before you even launch anything. The ultimate tried and tested list builder.

8) 5 Fast Ways To EXPLODE Your Opt-In List
\"Discover The 5 Free-To-Use Tactics Guaranteed To EXPLODE The Size Of Your Email Opt-In List (And Your Profits) Within The Next Few Days ...\"

Here\'s How To Build An 80,000 Strong Email List

Someone I work with closely has an email opt-in list with well over 80,000 eager readers. He\'s in touch with them around once a week, and they actually love to hear from him.

This valuable list makes a LOT of sales from him. Week in. Week out.

And just a few short months ago his opt in list was around the 60,000 mark ... even in these tricky times his proven opt in process continues to gain steam!

Or how about the story of Martin\'s website ...

100,000 New Subscribers In 6 Short Months

One website I frequently visit was started as a hobby two years ago by an English guy called Martin.

Six months ago he announced the site had 100,000 email subscribers. The site now has over 200,000!

Now, even though this site has no advertising budget, it has some unique marketing tactics. And by using cutting edge email opt-in tactics that work like gangbusters, the site has grown like crazy.

I\'ll reveal all these (and many more) powerful and bang-up-to-date email list building tactics in my brand new video coaching product \"5 Fast Ways To EXPLODE Your Opt-In List\":

n this in depth product you get eighteen step-by-step videos that show you exactly how to boost the amount of high quality email subscribers you get every day ... for free, and starting immediately.
Get Your Copy Of 22 Simple Methods To Build An Email List and The 8 Other Amazing List Building Infoproducts Right Now -- Instant Download!

Plus You Will Have Resale Rights To The Entire Package...

How Much For This Amazing Collection Of List Building Knowledge?

Just $29.95
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