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MP3 Demented Beat Apostles - Stardom! Sithlords, and More

"STARDOM... Sithlords & More...", is a concoction of uncanny tracks with clever, street-wise lyrics,
formulating a "must have" for any "true head''s" collection.

9 MP3 Songs
HIP HOP/RAP: Hip Hop, JAZZ: Jazz Fusion

“Full of great word play, street wit and heartfelt commentaries on life and backed by funk and jazzy groove samples, the Demented Beat Apostles have put out an excellent full-length hip-hop CD. Featuring Mr. Sith and A7 (of whom we also carry his mixtapes) this is a must fans still bummed that nothing of the quality of early Tribe Called Quest and De La Soul has graced our speakers in a spell. Check it out on the Spun listening station.” Tim Spun records owner Nashville, Tennessee.

"STARDOM!!! Sithlords & More..., is a concoction of uncanny tracks with clever, street-wise lyrics,
formulating a ''must have'' for any ''true head''s'' collection." Greg Massey, CEO Ascension Records

Track Listing/Description
1. STARDOM!!! Is basically a synopsis on what Mr. Sith & A-seven have been going thRough over the years 2 get this muzik out…It also details and defines they’re collective perspective on muzik from the heart…Soul muzik/Hip Hop muzik…Mr Sith starts it off and kills the 3rd verse…A-seven rhymes 2nd and closes the track out.

2. Duke It Out…Anotha one! Mr. Sith kicks this upbeat track off with a nice run speaking on what he does daily: “I B on 3rd St./sippin’ Murhphy’s!” A-seven follows with: “Nizzah R players-Imma coach/influencin’ results/N children and adults…”…They trade again 2 end the song…same stee….The track basically is based around the formation of ITIMS & battle rhymes. Nice!

https://www.tradebit.comd On 2 U…A-seven’s beat production utilizes the non-45rpm flips of old soul vocals, and it’s chopped up lovely. The beat is given the missing elements it needs when A-seven and Mr. Sith trade verses on this track. They talks about the things they like 2 hold on 2: “big titties, ass, and cash…all them things from the future to the past…”A demented rendition of how well they hold on 2 and control the mike device.

4.I Dig it…A ‘deep-funk’ type track with A-seven choppin’ the old soul vocals again 2 construct the chorus and verse 4 this song…What do U dig? A-seven let’s U know by starting this one off and Mr. Sith continues the verbal onslaught with his take on it. A-seven ends this song with a clever question/response verse to the ladies and gents bout what they dig. A B-boy styled anthem/Lady Killer.

https://www.tradebit.com. Sith’s Revenge…Off Mr. Sith’s upcoming solo project. This track embodies the style which is known as Mr. Sith the DARKLORD. He kills emcees with 2 battle rhyme verses and then ends the song with a shout to old school hip hoppers and 80’s bands and inspirations. An Inland Empire classic! Heads love this upbeat joint produced by A-seven and his classic live drum chops.

6.I Caprihorn…At first, this was a solo track by A-seven/produced by A-seven. The sample used was from an artist that’s a Capricorn and born on the same day as A-seven’s little sister, hence the dedication 2 her and other Capricorns. A-seven spits 2 nice verses with vocal effects that make him sound like he’s transmitting from outer-space. Subject matter is toasting style and how he gets down in general. Mr. Sith ends this track with a nice verse from the vaults of Naptron.

7.2 Much Wackness…Originally recorded for the Sithlord Academy project featuring Ascension Records’ artists with beat production by A-seven exclusively. This joint was based around the Sat Nite live Eddie Murphy skit on Heimytown. A-seven kicks a chorus that reflects the current business position and exploitation of hip hop, while both he and Mr. Sith slay the corporate industry and all suckah emcees and dee jays. This is a slower track with a Dub/Rude Boy sound.

https://www.tradebit.comrica, No Sooner…An old beat produced by A-seven that was rehashed and upgraded. A-seven kicks a heartfelt editorial about how he feels about America. The beat’s mid-tempo to slow, with thick drums and a nice guitar line that gives it a fusion jazz feel. Mr. Sith’s authentic ending commentary coupled with some vocal samples from movies and phone messages, makes this track complete. Middle-Americans have typically been somewhat offended by this track…thus, you may be also…play at your own risk.

https://www.tradebit.com Knows…Ladies, ladies, ladies. This joint is about women and how they think they know (everything) but really don’t. Another beat that showcases A-seven’s production skills at choppin’ those old soul vocals to make choruses and verses. He kicks this one off speaking on a flaky female he encountered, while Mr. Sith speaks on a female that’s out 4 loot and material ish. They both end the song speaking truthfully on past relationships.

*10.X-TAH-C…The hidden track! This one uses a well-known vocal sample that’s chopped A-seven style. The drums, of course live, are ripped by Mr. Sith and A-seven in a back-n-forth verbal onslaught. This is a very energetic track that highlights Mr. Sith’s and A-seven’s ability to trade off rhyme for rhyme without hesitation or pauses and breaks in between verses. They combine their rhymes with the vocal sample in an innovative way. This is a highly liked track that has been featured on some underground mix-tapes.

Innovative. Independent. Cutting Edge.
All of the above describe the two man ensemble known as
DEMENTED BEAT APOSTLES (DbA). The essence of mid-1990''s hip hop
has been reformed on STRADOM!! Sithlords & More...the second release by DbA with DeeJay Aluwi7''s production, as well as his more than capable abilities on the M.I.C.
and Mr. Sith''s (a.k.a. Furious) barrage of verbal arsenal and wit. It''s an energetic and tightly produced album with clever rhymes that touch on subjects ranging from relationships to politics.

Mr. Sith''s Bio: Little is known of this Sithlord whom came to existence in the human form of an emcee in the early 1990''s. A fierce lyricist, Furious derieved his styles in the Southern California area crushing mortals from L.A. to the I.E. It was''nt until 1997, when the Sithlord met Aluwi 7, that the 2 began spreading
the deadly virus of DEMENTED to the masses with the debut album Who is DBA?(circa 2000). Few have been left alive long enough to relay the details of destruction and mayhem caused by enticing verbal warfare with Furious. Eventually, Furious tired of the hapless evolution of the hip hop culture on planet earth. Some say he returned to his birth planet of Naptron, tapping into and mastering the spiritual realm known only as the "Ultimate". Eager to release this new power to earthlings, he returned to Southern CA in Riverside (circa 2002). It was''nt long before mankind was alerted to his arrival to their planet. Witnessing the "Ultimate" in action, Furious realized his capabilities(optimum power being achieved), essentially elevating to the one known as Mr. Sith. This deadly agent of hip-hop continued to spread the teachings of the Sith on the latest DEMENTED project STARDOM! Sithlords and More ( all tracks aranged, mixed,and produced by Aluwi 7). There is word from the DBA camp that Mr. Sith will be releasing a solo project (of course solely produced by A7) winter 06, early spring 07. God have mercy on those who oppose the one and only Mr. Sith.
"Soon the world will know of my existance/like non-zero digits/my style''s significant" From the single "Mr. Sith''s Revenge" on the soon to be released DBA album STARDOM! Sithlords and More…

For more information on Mr. Sith visit:

Aluwi7 (A-seven) Bio: A-seven the Naptronian beat Producer/Dee Jay/Emcee has been around vinyl and turntables since his phonographic warp to Earth through the gynecological-portal. His transfer from Naptron (Native Planet) was never to be permanent, and his mission first lie in returning to Naptron to heighten his auditory perception. His creator and native Nigaliens gave him the necessary materials and faculties to seek out other Naptronians that were placed on Earth to revolutionize all forms of rhythmically audible sounds. He connected with several Earthly-Naptronians over the years, first surrounding himself with a highly regarded expert on collecting good vinyl (Eddie T.). His Earthly father’s knowledge of breaks necessary to change the watered-down existence of the future’s muzik was passed down 2 A-seven through a continuous and infinite process. He also learned firsthand the techniques needed to beat match from his Earthly cousin sharing the same Deoxyribose Nucleic Acid (Kelly Pickett) during the birth and peak of Chicago ‘House Music’ (84-88). Equip with these skills, a knowledge of B-Boying and some ‘writing’ experience, A-seven joined his first emcee crew, but was later alienated by journeys to Southern Illinois and the Middle Tennessee Region where the cultivation and growth of his knowledge about the ‘breaks’ was furthered through direct and indirect current transfers with unknowns and other Earthly-Naprtronians (Joe, DK, J-Bazz). While in the Middle Tennessee realm, A-seven captured his first personal pair of tables and production devices. He met up with Tron (Socio) through the process of verbal and herbal transfers. Tron, a fellow Naptronian that constructs audible engineering wonders, added on StickiJo & Furious (Mr. Sith) which formulated I.T.I.M.S. in the years 1996-1997. The constant beat making, shredding and performing embarked on by I.T.I.M.S. helped sharpen the skills present in A-seven, thus giving him the energy needed to branch off from I.T.I.M.S. into a smaller more Naptronian centered Demented beat Apostles featuring Furious Styles (Mr. Sith/DARKLORD). They have been slaughtering wack emcees and commercial ideologies since the year 1998 with the release of ‘The Sithlord Tape!’. Other projects have been “The Sampler was Broke Tape!’, ‘Who’s DbA the EP’ & ‘STARDOM!!! Sithlords & More…’

For more information on A-seven visit:


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