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Account Setup
Group Features
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Account Setup

Upload and sell
To sell on Tradebit you need a valid paypal account and digital products which you have the right to sell.

You can upload smaller files (< 60 MB) via the web browser using the upload wizard. If you want to upload larger files, you would have to use an FTP client like FILEZILLA. The address to connect to is and your web login data works as well.

Do not forget to setup your layout for the free subdomain you get with your account.

Group Features

Setup a group
Setting up a group on Tradebit is the most underestimated sales feature. Groups can be used as member areas or discount groups. You assign a discount (if you want members to download for free, you can assign 100%) to a group and then you connect files and users to this group. If you user logs in, he gets the discount. Also supported a group memberships you get a payment for - weekly, monthly or a one time entrance fee.

Invite to your groups
The power admin section of Tradebit offers you an invitation link. Add email addresses you want to invite to your groups and fire out the email invitation to your fans, partners or friends. They will be assigned to your group automatically when they sign up (for free) on Tradebit!

Misc. Questions

How to get paid
Merchants/sellers are paid each Wednesday using Paypal. The payouts are delayed 3 weeks so payments are for all sales that take place 3 weeks prior to the payout. If we find suspicous activity on your account, payouts may be delayed.

Increase your sales
Tradebit ranks well on the search engines. But that is sometimes not enough to create more sales. You have to make sure, that you use good keywords in your titles and descriptions of the files. Unthoughtful or short descriptions do not attract potential buyers. Also you should do some online advertising for your files. You can always use your affiliate link to Tradebit - so you even get money, when users do not buy your file but pick something else from the catalogue.

Running an affiliate network with many people linking to you is a powerful thing. Yet it also is some work and not always easy! Consider affiliates as active resellers of your products. Take good care of them and offer them high rates for each sale. Once you have built up a solid amount of affiliates, your revenue keeps a steady level without the dependency on your own advertising.

FTP works
Remember: Tradebit offers bulk import features via CSV files. If you want to publish 100 or 1,000 files, the member area supports you with that. It is necessary that you use FTP to upload all these files before you bulk import them. The FTP address of tradebit is (in all languages) - your standard login works!

How we handle refunds
Refunds might be an annoyance for some but sometimes the buyers are unable to download their merchandise or find that the file is totally NOT what they wanted. Sometimes people try to trick us and pay with stolen credit cards or they even try to just come for a free ride. All these problems happen and there is not much we can do. We truly believe that acting in favour of the buyers is the way to go for a long term online success. We try our best to prevent refunds, but that is not completely in our hands!